Trump Booted From Colorado Ballot

On this episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Sami Winc on this news roundup as they discuss former President Donald Trump being removed from the ballot in Colorado, a record number of illegal immigrants coming across the border, the shocking sex act in the Senate chambers, New York considering reparations for decedents of slaves and more.

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10 thoughts on “Trump Booted From Colorado Ballot”

  1. The Pope says he is willing to bless the sodomites in the the Senate video if they are married. Maybe blessed couple can then re-create their star-making “Performance” for the Pope and his new Doctrinal staff at the altar of St. Peter. DC and Rome are falling along with the rest of the World.

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  3. The Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves now. This is another clearly illegal act by the leftist pinheads to keep POTUS 45 from running for office again! It almost urges me to pick up a .45 to defend #45. Of course the left with their two brain cells that are fighting for lebensraum will try to argue that it’s a legal move however, Trump was Never convicted of anything in a court of law regarding “insurrection “, he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Democratic led Senate’s investigation into the matter. And this illegal act was done by 4 Obama (i.e. the skinny Marx lover) appointed jurists using the time tested NAZI propaganda method of telling a big lie often enough to where it becomes accepted as truth. Lastly this supposedly “factual” episode occurred 2000 miles away from their jurisdiction. But they’ll have all the delusional idiots in the Denver/Boulder area screaming that this is legal! This zone is more commonly referred to as “150 square miles of fantasy surrounded by reality.” The fake news will push that lie. They can all be summed up in one word “LOSERS”, and they are not worthy of the freedoms that so many good men have shed their blood for. But as long as they can snort cocaine in the White House, fudge pack in the Senate Chambers, and keep the Godfather of the Biden Crime family as POTUS they’ll be contented enough so they can keep working to try and strip us of our God given rights. These are recognized by the gummint in the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

  4. Victor, it’s clarifying that you acknowledge you are a historian and not an advocate.

    You are certainly not a Trump advocate that comes across very clear. Anyone who is empirical would conclude we will either win or lose with Mr. Trump. But not you. Thanks a lot.

  5. The system in Colorado is truly broken, principally because it is owned and operated by the broken. I wonder if a new Tea Party is now not fully justified. If I can’t vote for the man I know who might best address what ails this nation, why should I fork up so much of my hard-earned income?

  6. That some 14 or 15 other states were now considering doing what Colorado did indicates the condition of justice across the US now – it has been hollowed out with no small thanks to George Soros. IF the SCOTUS does not soon correct this travesty, its misfeasance will serve to hasten the decline.

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