Stephanopoulos “Shocked” and the Moral Appraisal of WWII

On this weekend edition, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Sami Winc as they cover George Stephanopoulos being shocked at a recent Trump vs. Biden poll, the construct of President Biden, the state of France at the end of World War II and the moral appraisal of the war, and diversified vs. monoculture agriculture.

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10 thoughts on “Stephanopoulos "Shocked" and the Moral Appraisal of WWII”

  1. Only an American Bosworth Field and the rise of an independent moderate leader will end this American War of the Roses. If not, the this political and cultural civil war will end this nation. What might this American Bosworth Field look like? Possibly a decisive political attack of a corrupt king from all sides and the acquiescence of the popular pretender in the name of renewed unity.

  2. Victor mentioned Professor Geoffrey Blainey. I am pleased to report he is alive and well, in his 90’s and still in the public debate. Recently he had an op-ed in The Australian newspaper regarding the fictionalising of our indigenous history by proponents of the culture wars and in particular by those supporting the impending referendum for an indigenous voice to parliament. For his trouble he was ridiculed and patronised by the wokists, none of whom would hold a candle to his scholarship. Latest polls say the referendum will fail which if true would be a bullet dodged but will not be the end of attempts to denigrate and discredit Australia and undermine our democracy. Best wishes to Victor and all his team.Jim Wheeler, Agnes Water, Queensland

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