So Many Outrages and Some Wisdom

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss foreboding Sierra snowpack, the matrix of the Democrat’s scandals, Asians and Jews in the Democratic Party, billions to Afghanistan, and DeSantis-Trump divide.

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13 thoughts on “So Many Outrages and Some Wisdom”

    1. I believe because the democrats played identity politics and pondered to them. And then a majority of the Jewish were liberals, coming from communist leaning countries.

      1. Yes, that’s exactly it. They “pondered” to them. When one “ponders” it one realizes the Republicans are braindead.

      2. Thomas O'Brien

        I would think that coming from communist leaning countries, would be all the more reason not to be liberal. Look at the Cuban immigrant population in Florida, for example.

        1. Agreed, several from other communist countries across Europe have also voiced warnings about the direction they see here.

      3. For a time, Marxism also provided a parallel set of institutions that European Jews could advance in without facing discrimination. While the facts didn’t last, (see Stalin) it left a rich tradition that could be easily tapped into. The IRA and PLO embraced Marxism for similar reasons. That legacy still impacts the policies of Sin Fein, for instance.

        Many Jews in Europe and the United States embraced the “model minority” strategy of pursuing education, medicine, law, and the arts as a way of advancement and self-help. These fields, in the U.S., are traditional Leftist fields. Many devout U.S. Jews also believe that pursuing philanthropy is a substitute for the Temple sacrifices of pre-A.D. 70 Jewish worship, and that feeds back into Jewish advancement through arts, medicine, law, and education.

        p.s.- I’m not Jewish in birth or religion, so I welcome correction on the above. This is an outsider’s perspective coming from a life spent in proximity to diaspora communities in N.E. and Southern CA.

    2. Thomas O'Brien

      I believe it is a collective guilt for their prosperity and a also desire to deflect criticism for this prosperity from the Left.

      It was gained through talent, focus, high expectations of themselves, and sticking together. Compare the number of Nobel laureates that are Jewish to the number that are Muslim. It is not even close. Their contributory achievements to our greater society has been breath taking.

      The conservative Jewish talk show host, Dennis Prager, once said that “Jews need to preach what they practice.”

      I believe he hit the nail on the head.

  1. Robert J Stewart

    @22:50: “Up to the job.” Victor congratulates our Republicsn congressmen for their investigations. I think this is premature. Until the Republicans demand individual agency budgets, these investigations are nothing but window dressing that is only viewed by their supporters. Instead, my expectation is that we will once again be presented with an omnibus budget, which means that you have to shut down the entire government if you wish to discipline a few agencies.

    It’s a well defined game. We must change the ground rules and get back to a government that has three equal branches. Anything less is a surrender.

  2. On China: Our elites are hamstrung 1 because they have bought the lie of inevitable American decline 2 they want to BE the CCP and have no interest in attacking their role model.

    On Ukraine: 1 Putin’s invasion scared them sh-tless 2 they’re angry as hell that appeasing him didn’t work and are punishing him for not accepting their magnanimity while Joe Biden drags his feet because he’s a Vietnam-traumatized non-interventionist (as opposed to other kinds).

  3. Robert Rentschler

    I accidentally came out of the shoe about a quarter the way though. I see no way to fast forward to the spot I was at. Sad. I do not want to re-listen to what I have already heard.

  4. Everything Dr. Hanson said DeSantis should run on, Trump already accomplished in the face of treason, lies, and spying against him. Trump did more good for our country and the free world than any president since Reagan. He is the one who must win in 2024. He would immediately clean up government, our Justice Department and all the rest. His election was stolen from him and it must not happen again.

    I am curious why it is rumored that DeSantis is seeking support among the Bushes and other establishment Republicans. Does he not want to have the support of conservatives?

    I love DeSantis, but it must be Trump in 2024.

    1. Thomas O'Brien

      Why would other younger candidates want to get into the 2024 race when Trump did so much in his first term even though virtually every faction wanted to hamstring him? Two words explain it: Personal Ambition.

      I know that everyone is shocked that such a thing would play a role in a presidential candidate’s decision to run. Ha Ha. No doubt Trump has a little of that as well. More Ha Ha.

      But all these guys, DeSantis especially, will only be more primed for the job in 2028. In the meantime he can set out a blue print for other governors to follow.

      Trump in 2024 — he has so much more to do for America.

    2. Marge Desiderio

      I’m glad to see someone feels as I do, Dr. Hanson says he is not taking sides but then proceeds to spend minutes saying all that DeSantis should do and as for Trump (per Jack he is too busy talking about himself). Let the primaries decide, I will support whoever is nominated. If it is a RINO, I’ll hold my nose and pray for the best.

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