Do We Even Know We Are All Socialists Now?

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

Sometimes when you are in the midst of a revolution, you do not even know it.

I doubt all the Germans who voted in National Socialism quite foresaw what quickly was to come. Those who overthrew the Bourbons or the Romanoffs had no real idea that they had sown the wind and were soon to reap the Jacobin and Bolshevik whirlwind.

Socialism With a Whimper
So it is with our “woke”—a euphemism for the socialist revolution we are in and do not fully appreciate or even understand.

Socialism is variously defined. The Merriam-Webster dictionary emphasizes the role of the state in near-communist terms: “Any of various egalitarian economic and political theories or movements advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.”

The Cambridge Dictionary more accurately notes that socialism is “the set of beliefs that states that all people are equal and should share equally in a country’s money, or the political systems based on these beliefs.”

The latter definition perhaps best sums up much of the operative ideology of the new Democratic Party, the Biden Administration, and its subordinates, both elected and administrative.

But perhaps socialism in America 2023 is even better described as something like “the doctrine of enforced ‘equity’ by government redistribution of money and power from one ‘oppressive’ group to another ‘oppressed,’ with the caveat that the elite redistributors have the right to supersede the law based on their own self-professed superior morality, and the assurance that they will never be subject to the baleful consequences of their own unnatural ideology.”

We have been drifting into such a socialist system for decades, but it was accelerated by the eight years of the Obama Administration and has arrived at near fruition with the Biden Administration. Note first that the more socialist we become, the greater the resistance grows, and the more desperate and cruel the socialists become to force down the throats of the public something they otherwise would vomit up.

Under the woke socialist model there are no longer any absolutes, laws, or customs. We are left instead with mere constructs deemed illegitimate and arbitrary, in need of systematic dismantling in the interest of the proverbial people.

Such redistributionist, compensatory and reparative efforts to make us equal on the backside have in common a war against all meritocracy and indeed any accomplishment deemed singular and beyond the abilities of the masses.

The Surrender of the Campuses
Socialism has become not just economic, but political, cultural, social, and even military. Take universities. Most are dropping the SAT and ACT entrance exams not because they fail to calibrate both past achievement and the likelihood of future aptitude, but because too many do too poorly and thus find themselves unequal to those fewer who do too well.

Grade point averages are losing significance, since the achievers succeed supposedly only by advantage and not by hard work, preparation, and talent. Free speech is nonexistent; racist and hate speech is protected if voiced by the “marginalized.”

University admissions increasingly have little to do with talent. Or rather talent is described not so much as the ability to think analytically and computationally, to have mastery of language, spoken and oral, or some acquaintance with the referents, historical, scientific, and literary, of our civilization. Instead, qualifications are becoming more a matter of “life experiences,” or “community service,” or “activities,” or commitments to hopey-and-changey “diversity, equity, and inclusion” as the traditional one-third of the application packet absorbed the other two-thirds of grades and test scores.

Under academic socialism, entrance, of course, is merely the first step.

Courses are watered down, grades inflated.

The D and F grades have all but disappeared. The A? It’s become inflationary to the point of being utterly meaningless, like a German mark circa 1923.

Everyone knows that current courses on comic books, movies, and social media, interspersed with the proper adjectives, black, queer, and feminist, promulgate not just for ideological reasons of indoctrinating impressionable teen fodder, but to ensure that almost anyone admitted to university can pass such “courses.”

In socialist campuses, graduation is almost assured upon and indeed equivalent to admission. “Flunking out” is an anachronism.

A Stanford, Yale, or Harvard Law degree is not synonymous with mastery of American jurisprudence—a fact as known to all as it is out of politeness unspoken.

In the Biden years, the elite socialist universities have done the near impossible: they 1) made it almost impossible for working class white males to go to top schools based on their proven achievement, 2) have taken us back to the anti-Jewish quota years of the 1920s and ’30s by radically and deliberately curtailing the presence of high-achieving American Jews on Ivy League campuses, and 3) have reinstated an entire neo-Confederate, unconstitutional set of discriminatory rules to accommodate those admitted without competitive test scores and grades, from racially segregated graduations, dorms, safe spaces, and workshops to one-drop, one-sixteenth Old South notions of racial purity.

From Taxes to Voting
The tax code is socialist. About one percent of households pay 50 percent of federal income taxes—and are damned as greedy for it. That asymmetry is true of most state income tax schedules as well. The antithesis of Reagan’s “Starve the Beast”—limiting revenues to force cuts in superfluous spending—is now “Gorge the beast”: spend so much indiscriminately, run up such astronomical multitrillion budget deficits, and inflate debt to GDP to over 130 percent, that redistributionist higher and higher taxes become perpetually necessary.

Voting is now socialist inspired. The old idea that each citizen chooses or not to participate in democracy by showing up to vote and presenting identification is considered discriminatory. The socialist answer in many states is to require no identification, and fast-track same-day voter registration, automatically mailed out ballots, and ballot harvesting and curing. The common theme is that if not enough of those deemed oppressed, victimized, and marginalized choose to vote, then the system must be warped to ensure somehow with minimum or no effort their ballots are cast.

Equity Jurisprudence
The law is socialist, or worse in the sense of Lavrentiy Beria’s “show me the man, and I’ll find the crime.” It now operates on the “critical legal theory” idea that most American laws are the manifestations of the powerful and wealthy.

What is illegal is only so because the wealthy never need to break such laws. So why not steal—or rather redistribute—a hair dryer or smartphone that a rich man never does, but makes illegal?

Thus smash-and-grab, looting, shoplifting, and even violent assault increasingly either do not lead to arrest, or to indictment or to conviction or to incarceration. The socialist mind insists laws do not represent natural and ancient ideas of morality—such as thievery is always wrong and assault endangers society—but simply a particular value system of the oppressive rich and increasingly in America the so-called rich white population.

The idea of deterrence is taboo. Socialists do not believe law, order, and calm exist because those who would disrupt them fear the consequences more than the advantage of taking what you want or hurting whom you please.

We talk about “George Soros” public prosecutors. But the nihilist Soros’ genius is always to be one step ahead of the game, applying what made him an outlaw in France to our popular culture.

No one anticipated that he would quietly flood rather obscure big-city prosecutorial races with hundreds of millions of dollars to elect hard socialists who were to use their ensuing power to engage in lawfare against conservatives and the prominent and make laws and target enemies that legislatures could not. Without a Soros-funded Letitia James, Alvin Bragg, and Fani Willis, the nation would now be reduced to speculating whether former president Donald Trump’s two-year unauthorized storage of some classified documents at a secure Mar-a-Lago was a worse infraction than former Vice President Joe Biden’s unauthorized storage of classified documents at three locations, including his garage, for six years.

Defunding the police is based on the implicit assumption that greater criminality and violence, mostly directed against the most vulnerable, is a small price to pay, given a) the stigmatized criminal is given exemption, and b) the architects of defunding have mechanisms to ensure they are exposed to inevitable spiraling crime rates.

Ditto gun control. The socialist point of neutering the Second Amendment is not just to disarm the populace, much less to prevent shootings. Rather, the aim is to ensure the government has a complete monopoly on arms, so that it can calibrate both the degree and nature of law enforcement, and thus render the citizen compliant and obsequious in order to ensure his protection from both criminals and the state.

Socialist Corruption
One key element of socialism we often forget is its innate corruption. The Castro family, the Chavezes of Venezuela, or the Ortegas of Nicaragua all became rich by taking large bites out of the transfer of money from the rich to the poor, taking bribes from the rich to win exemptions, or doling out concessions of the “people’s resources.” In other words, they were self-appointed gatekeepers. Socialists are often the very rich or at least become the wealthy when they achieve power; paradoxically, they despise those who make money legally apart from the mechanisms of the state.

Not a moment goes by that Joe Biden does not demagogue about “those who don’t pay their fair share”—even as the Biden syndicate is emerging as one of the most corrupt political families in U.S. history, specifically in gathering millions of dollars that apparently were not reported to the IRS. The family leveraged Biden’s vice presidency and future likely presidency to win lucrative payoffs from foreign governments, the majority of them hostile to the United States. Just as Hillary Clinton sent soon-to-be National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to push the phony “Russian collusion” hoax among the media and deep state, so the Bidens enlisted soon-to-be Secretary of State Antony Blinken to contact former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell to round up 50 former intelligence cronies to lie that the incriminating Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation.” Neither has nor will face consequences for attempting to warp two elections, given they are designated among the “good people.”

In fact, socialism has now almost permeated every aspect of our lives, disguised as it is by the rhetoric of “marginalized people” or “people of color” or particular interests who justify their war on rules, customs, meritocracy, and achievement by claiming the greater victimhood, past or present.

Tidbit Socialism
In California, a bill passed the Assembly mandating that power bills be massaged by income levels. The initial—but by no means the final—rewards and punishments schedule seeks to add a flat fee onto energy users, based on their income. The idea came from the power companies themselves both to ingratiate themselves to left-wing California legislators but also to find cash to cover their massive losses incurred by forced adherence to madcap wind and solar mandates. In sum, the more one is liable not to pay for the energy he uses, the cheaper the power bill, regardless how much power he consumes. Fail in business, get cheaper electricity; succeed and pay more.

Indeed, the unelected are the most effective socialists since they can achieve by administrative fiat what a legislator would have to otherwise enact by open debate, media scrutiny, and voter approval. On May 1, new rules governing home loans will go into effect that were advanced by the bureaucrats at the quasi-public Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae lending agencies. The Federal Housing Finance Agency is punishing would be homebuyers with excellent credit ratings by forcing them to pay higher mortgage rates and fees.

These surcharges supposedly will subsidize those with bad credit ratings who will pay less per month on their home loans.

Note the socialist ahistorical logic. Aside from the fact that no socialist regime has ever worked, we in America have the 2008 subprime meltdown to warn us what happens when massive home loans are taken out by those without the means or the track record to pay them back. That shock almost destroyed the U.S. economy and wrecked millions of American lives as we went into recession for a near decade. No matter, socialists must break eggs to achieve their supposedly perfect omelets.

Popular culture from publishing to Hollywood to awards are now T-ball socialist in nature. Thousands of gifted authors are denied book contracts because they are deemed a part of the oppressive white male class. Ditto movies as well. Few believe that the Tonys, the Oscars, the Emmys, or the Pulitzers reward the most talented achievement, but are rather predicated on spreading the awards around to the underrepresented and do not necessarily represent the merit of a song, play, film, or book.

Note how socialism despises unauthorized excellence. In our sick world, that means any singular individual who is not committed to the principles of the woke revolution. He is giving hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free Starlink satellite internet to the Ukrainians, without which they certainly would lose the war. His Teslas sparked the entire notion of a potentially viable electric car. His space projects, not NASA’s, are America’s best chance to obtain parity with the Chinese in space. He lost $40 billion to reboot Twitter into something the 1980s American Civil Liberties Union would have applauded. And yet he is despised as a leftist apostate, a crime greater than the sum of all his good left-wing deeds.

Any talent who is deemed an enemy of the socialist project by any evidence of apostasy—a Tom Brady, J.K. Rowling, or Matt Taibbi—is transmogrified from hero or genius to Leon Trotsky in a nanosecond.

A final note: the Orwellian police state is central to socialism, since the ideology is contrary to innate human nature and when fully implemented quickly ruins all that it touches and is commensurately despised in its fruition. So to force compliance is a 360 degree, 24/7 project that transcends all our institutions and culture.

That is why the woke FBI goes after counter-revolutionary parents at school board meetings or traditionalist Catholics rather than Pentagon leakers or Islamic terrorists.

That is why the FBI and the CIA respectively tried to warp the 2016 election with the phony Steele dossier and in 2020 probably did so by suppressing the truth about the “bombshell” evidence found on wayward Hunter Biden’s laptop.

That is why news disappears off Facebook and the old Twitter. That is why the order of Google search results seems bizarre. That is why Disney or Budweiser suddenly virtue signal their nihilist politics, or why Nike makes the mediocrity Colin Kaepernick a multimillionaire, or Stanford University attempts to purge vocabulary such as “citizen,” “immigrant,” and “American.”

Once socialism takes hold, every mediocrity, every ossified bureaucracy, every constipated careerist, every hack writer and nobody actor, comes out of the woodwork to find his socialist “fair share” of what he lacked in talent or accomplishment.

In the end, perhaps the best definition of socialism is simply “The endless war against merit.”


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36 thoughts on “Do We Even Know We Are All Socialists Now?”

  1. Absolutely the best article I’ve ever read. I will definitely pass it on to my daughter who is paying attention, and to my son who is not.

    What I would really like to see is an in-depth analysis of Soros, where he came from, what he has done in the past to other countries and why he hates the US. Rush used to touch on this now and then but right now we need to know about him and where his power lies. He is as dangerous as the Chinese.

    1. Linda, such a great question and one i have pressed for many years. I am certainly no expert but, nevertheless, this is my little experience on the subject. Of course, we have read many times his behavior as a young boy assisting the Nazis confiscate art treasures of the unfortunate when the Nazis came to dominate. Also, we know Hungary would like to get their hands on him. Good friends (MDs and gov people) in China have advised me that Soros once tried one of his “scams” in Hong Kong. Apparently, he came close to getting the upper hand so, Hong Kong principals called Beijing. Reinforcement was sent to Hong Kong and Soros was sent away licking his wounds. About a year or two later, he tried again. This time HK and Beijing were ready and quickly did away with his game. Apparently, he had not tried further schemes there. My wild guess is that IF the Central Committee could get their hands on him, he would finally get what he so richly deserves. But that is strictly a guess. Otoh, I would not want to be in his shoes the day he meets Xi. Soros hides here under the protection of our law while seditiously funding much of the decline. Actually, he is a brilliant fellow and showed some of that brilliance in his university study of economics and finance. In that field he has a great mind. Beyond that, however, he suffers a personality disorder and works under a delusion of grandeur. He is recorded to have referred to himself as a god.

    2. The George Soros story, including a biography, has been well documented for at least 30 years, and many well written and documented books are readily available. He is no mystery.

  2. from Ayn Rand Lexicon

    “Meritocracy” is an old anti-concept and one of the most contemptible package deals. By means of nothing more than its last five letters, that word obliterates the difference between mind and force: it equates the men of ability with political rulers, and the power of their creative achievements with political…

  3. Academia point 1 is the story of my life. I did sneak in for a semester at Oxford, which got me into my MA program.

    I know two Stanford Law grads. The one who went through 12 years ago found it a good program and open to conservatives. The one who went through 6 years ago found ot a good program and hostile to conservatives. That’s at least anecdotal evidence of how quickly things have changed. My friends who did their BAs at Harvard 14 years ago said their set had trouble finding the usual jobs and all had to go back for advanced degrees.

  4. “He who will not work shall not eat.” Captain John Smith. “He who will not woke shall not live.” The progressive left.

    1. Being a writer of the sort that VDH is, by its very nature, more observational than hands-on. They write about trends, developing or ones that have already occurred, but rarely do they write to direct actions by some force or group to organize the other like-minded to overcome the trends that are have, or are, describing.

      Thomas Paine wrote, Common Sense in large part to, as Wiki described it: “to catalyze(d) the call for independence from Great Britain“. There was already a movement afoot that he felt was foundering and needed help, his pamphlet did that.

      Vaclav Havel wrote The Power of the Powerless as a means to “buck-up” the democracy movement in communist countries, using words to propose a prescription for action against the tyranny faced in communist countries.

      Both Thomas Paine and Vaclav Havel wrote for different reasons than today’s writers, they already had a movement that they believed in so deeply that they were trying to find some way to keep their side in the fight.

      Today, we have nothing like the movements in the other two author’s times but, while I’d wish for something more prescriptive out of VDH maybe the missing ingredient is that he is not writing to support a real ‘movement’ like those that existed before. But, I suspect, that if he had those types of movements already in motion that you’d find his writing just as helpful to them as Paine and Havel were.

  5. Brilliant! The maddening question always remains: why do Americans elect fools? Why when given the chance to get rid of Newsome, did they keep Newsome? How bad does it have to get before Americans wise up? Is is that most people simply don’t know or don’t care what history teaches about staying on the path we are on. Politicians and the media serve up a steady stream of garbage and Americans eat it willingly.

    1. I agree. With Newsom there was a huge push to recall him, but he kept changing the recall rules, and pushing the dates for voting for it further away. Don’t understand why that was legal. Still, was fascinated as I watched the election results. But also don’t trust our elections anymore, regardless of what Dominion says. lol

  6. Wow, you put all that together so cogently and powerfully (and depressingly). Do put together some time the emergent other counter-voices and pushbacks for sanity (DeSantis, Haley, Shapiro, Prager, certain Supreme Court decisions, certain House initiatives, the Wall Street Journal editorial board, etc.).

  7. We are doomed. We either did nothing but complain about it ( I have maintained my own tiny site for a decade ) or ignore it for too long. What is “it”? The collapse. Now that a significant portion of simpletons have rubbed the “sleepies” out of their eyes and realized where we are, what difference does it make? Pardon the Hillary quote, but we’re absolutely f!cked, my friends, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Tucker is gone as if today. VDH next? Then on to nobody’s like myself?

  8. Thomas O'Brien

    VDH, if you ever made available a non-garish (I suspect your taste would not allow them to be otherwise.) “Victor Davis Hanson” hats, I would buy one, and enthusiastically wear it.

    My red ,Trump 45-47 hat just arrived in the mail today, and I am wearing as I type this post. Already it has sparked productive conversations with strangers. It is nice to get the reinforcement that others feel as I do.

    I often promote you and your website verbally. It would be nice to also have some apparel doing the same

    1. I think they should have Uictor’s face drawn in the Obama “Hope” poster style with the word “Judicious”. Then we could have bumper stickers that say “Who is Sami Winc” and “Do you know Jack?”

  9. Robert O'Brien

    Paraphrasing VDH: “…at first it happens very slowly…but then very quickly!…”

    Thank you VDH…for continuing to scare the hell out of us!

  10. Daniel Knowlton

    More than any other book, Atlas Shrugged opened my eyes to the lies of the Leftists and continues to help me not fall for their traps as so many do today. It’s hard to argue against the Left because most of what they suggest sounds good on the surface. You can’t help support it bit by bit without knowing what they are really up to. More of us need to take the Red Pill like Neo in the Matrix and then see what’s really happening.

  11. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. I wish I had Prof. Hanson as a teacher. I had some good ones that I’ll always remember, but none that would’ve opened my eyes and mind to the issues that VDH so observantly discusses.
    Secondly, I don’t know how you do it Prof. Hanson; the time it takes to write the amount you do, your farm, your many podcast interviews, your personal time, your TV appearances [although with Tucker’s disappearance from Fox it eliminates one host and I wonder about the limitations the network [I mean net-woke”] might put on you when appearing with other hosts. But, personally I’m done with that organization.

  12. “we are all …”?
    speak for yourself.
    Because I exist here doesn’t mean I agree.
    Do I have a choice but to put up with it?

  13. Thank you professor Hanson.
    Your name will become a significant part of the classics.
    Your books and essays may well be burned, but they will survive somewhere to become the most accurate historical information about how liberty was lost before it was regained.
    Our beloved country is not alone in this struggle. Europe is already much further gone down this dystopian slide into tyranny.
    At least we still have the 2nd amendment and as such at least a fighting chance.
    We all should realize the hopeful signs that your writings are still accessible and bee grateful for the voice in Florida where woke goes to die. I will forward this essay to the man in charge.
    Thanks for your ongoing education of us all.

  14. The axing of Tucker reminds me of the assassination of Japanese Prime Minister Korekiyo in 1936, the last leader of reason-driven, western-style democracy in Japan. As a Christian and anti-militarist, Korekiyo was deeply disturbed by the shift in Japanese cultural attitudes of the Millitarist promoting Shinto nationalism and Japanese Zen Buddhist retro-samurai values over ones introduced by Western Christendom. It was all downhill from there for Japan after 1936. Make no mistake, Tucker was fired because he called Woke/LGBTQ+ the return of the old pagan religion of self-deification. Good Christians I pray we do not ignore evil in favor of self-preservation. God bless you Tucker and Dr. Hanson.

  15. The head of the Biden crime family Joe Biden is a corrupt and a disgrace to this country and is doing a great job of destroying it . He needs to be impeached and executed for treason along with the whole corrupt family for starters and then the same thing needs to happen to the Clintons and Obamas and the Sozos family. The Sozos are Jewish and made there money working with Nazi Germany ! That piece of garbage should not be aloud in this country! Off with there heads .


    It’s very interesting to see how remarkably prescient Kurt Vonnegut was in some of his stories.
    In this case, let’s consider his short story, “Harrison Bergeron”, written in 1961, which opens with this:

    “THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.”

    He was on target.

  17. One of my Great Courses is titled, Hitler’s Empire and is presented by historian Dr. Thomas Childers. I’m not an expert on the Third Reich, but Dr. Childers’ survey does offer some food for thought on how a constitutional republic, modeled after our own, succumbed to totalitarianism in a relatively short period of time.

    In 1932, the Nazis actually lost some support, as their share of the vote dropped from 38% to around 32%. They used the parliamentary system to gain the chancellory and two important cabinet posts: (1) the ministry of the interior, headed by Wilhelm Frick; and (2) the ministry of the interior for Prussia (the largest state in Germany) headed by Hermann Goering. These appointments gave the Nazis control of the internal security apparatus and they quickly turned them into Gestapo.

    The Nazis had an organized private security force, the Brownshirts, which fought and intimidated their political rivals.

    The Nazis were skilled propagandists and organized political campaigners. They invented the never ending campaign and could easily tailor their message to appeal to whatever audience they were trying to persuade. They also were the first political group to use local phone directories to gather data for mail shots.

    Dr. Childers’ quotes Goebbels who said, “If will win ourselves to death.” What he meant was that coalition governments that kept forming wouldn’t give the Nazis the absolute power they sought. They needed a crisis to exploit in order to implement

  18. One of my Great Courses is titled, Hitler’s Empire and is presented by historian Dr. Thomas Childers. I’m not an expert on the Third Reich, but Dr. Childers’ survey does offer some food for thought on how a constitutional republic, modeled after our own, succumbed to totalitarianism in a relatively short period of time.

    In 1932, the Nazis actually lost some support, as their share of the vote dropped from 38% to around 32%. They used the parliamentary system to gain the chancellory and two important cabinet posts: (1) the ministry of the interior, headed by Wilhelm Frick; and (2) the ministry of the interior for Prussia (the largest state in Germany) headed by Hermann Goering. These appointments gave the Nazis control of the internal security apparatus and they quickly turned them into Gestapo.

    The Nazis had an organized private security force, the Brownshirts, which fought and intimidated their political rivals.

    The Nazis were skilled propagandists and organized political campaigners. They invented the never ending campaign and could easily tailor their message to appeal to whatever audience they were trying to persuade. They also were the first political group to use local phone directories to gather data for mail shots.

    Dr. Childers’ quotes Goebbels who said, “we will win ourselves to death,” by which he meant that the coalition governments that kept forming wouldn’t give the Nazis the absolute power they sought. They would need a crisis to exploit.

  19. That crisis was the Reichstag fire on 27th February 1933. Using the incident to their advantage, Hitler was able to persuade president Hindenburg to invoke article 48 and grant him emergency powers that suspended civil liberties (Wikipedia). The Nazis were then able to imprison their political enemies and gradually implement their sick agenda. This included the T-4 program that euthenized 200k mentally and chronically ill people. It was sold to the German people as being compassionate and was a dry run for the Holocaust which would shortly follow.

    Like the Nazis, the Marxist-Democrats have infiltrated almost every level of our government and social institutions.

    Like the Nazis, they are skilled at deception and propaganda and warping the rule of law.

    Like the Nazis, they have a well organized fanatical group of violent street thugs known as Antifa and BLM.

    And like the Nazis they demonize and target one particular ethnic group as being responsible for all of their problems and angst.

    If we can’t turn back the tide of woke ideology such as gender reassignment surgeries for children, defunding the police, elective abortion up to the moment of birth and a lawless open border what will be next?

  20. Absolutely brilliant! However, the editors missed inserting a “NOT” in the (circa) 29th paragraph under the Equity Jurisprudence article—it should read “to ensure they are NOT exposed to the inevitable spiraling crime rates….”. Having read this soaring piece, I wonder if the wife of the former president of Harvard College, Derek Bok, would enjoy it. Decades ago, she wrote a book called “Lying” or “Liars” or some such. Of course you know whom liberals lacerate when it comes to “lying”. GEN Z standing at the gates to reclaim America? We’re toast. The Left will never cease until they have ruined all the good things of culture and society and they have carved themselves inviable bastions of power and wealth. Time and people change, but not the verities of the ancient Greek philosophers.

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