Scott Atlas: Ordeal and Triumph

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson interview Scott Atlas on his struggles with the Left, the administration and Stanford faculty during the Covid crisis.

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14 thoughts on “Scott Atlas: Ordeal and Triumph”


    My fellow listeners, fans of Dr. Hanson, conservatives-share this podcast everywhere and anywhere you can, with anyone and everyone. People need to hear it.
    And to those who say, “Oh, I can share it, but no one will listen!” that may be so, but on the other hand, at least we’re exposing them to the content, and they might not otherwise even be aware of it.
    Due diligence.

  2. Charles Kaufman, Ph.D.

    Much of the hateful denier , anti science crowd centered around President Trump and nothing else. And this will continue to contaminate any effort to correct the record. So dont hold your breath. You really can fool most of the people most of the time especially if you own most of the media. But good luck .

  3. The general public, who are the ones who decide elections have been maligned enough already.
    The reason why they re-voted for the dunce, through the election of governors, is because they absolutely did not want
    to have a Kamala take over. The left warned that they would go along with the dunce’s impeachment.
    The actual problem, as I see it, is that the President should not be the one to choose the Vice-President.
    There have been numerous lesser-brains chosen as V.P. who became a problem rather than a help for the President. The top guy does not want somebody who could take over for him but that is exactly what the country needs. Is one man’s ego more important than the perilous outcome of problems such as are being thrusted on the population nowadays?

  4. Dr. Atlas must update his Wikipedia page (and probably other online presences.) Lies and half-truths permeate it based on what I have heard and read directly authored by him.

  5. I enjoyed this interview very much. If you have a chance to talk with Scott Atlas in the future I’d be interested in his views on the suppression of existing therapies in order to justify the Emergency Use Authorization. The evidence is readily available to support use of hydroxychlorocaine (as just one example) or things as simple as Vitamin D3 supplementation. The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation has also pulicized the effectiveness of Fluvoxamine which was tested in a clinical trial of 152 confirmed CV-19 infections. Of the 72 who received the placebo, 6 experienced increasing difficulties. In contrast, all of those who recieved the therapeutic recovered with no set-backs. The odds that this was a random event are 1 in 99. In fact it is twice as likely that all 6 cases would be found in the group of 80 than that none would be found in the group if the results were simply random. In terms of identifiable harm, denying patients access to valuable therapuetics is surely as significant as ignoring the broad costs of the lockdown on all of society.

  6. This was a truly useful podcast. The host and guest had a great rapport and the questions and answers were equally interesting. Great job all!

  7. Prof. Hanson, Dr. Atlas: Thank you. I do not have a college degree. I worked for an orthopedist, who was an excellent diagnostician. I trusted his opinion. When I listened to Dr. Atlas and Dr. Bhattachyria early on in the pandemic, I felt they were giving more reasonable ideas. Having watched how some governors had lorded their power over the citizens of their states, it also amazed me when they were re-elected.
    The audio was much better Prof. Hanson.

  8. As for the messaging keep in mind it’s not a vaccine – it’s an experimental gene therapy. What does make sense and has never officially been refuted is: the product works exactly as intended as a measure for satisfying a population reduction quota — see the film DIED SUDDENLY for a graphic exposé of the mysterious rubbery blood clots found since 2021 by embalmers all over the world coincidental to the roll out of the “vax.”

  9. Barbara Humphreys

    This will be the second recent Scott Atlas interview I forward to friends who are confused about Covid, vaccines, and lockdown outcomes. Thanks, Victor and a big thank you to Scott for taking one for truth and competence. As always throughout history, there were far too few of you when the need was greatest. I do suggest that we stop using the word “trust” when discussing government or any other human institution. The best that can be hoped for is solid credibility through proven, demonstrated performance when the need is greatest. Our systems can characterized by the overused media term “epic fail”. What our institutions need to do is regain a modest level of credibility. Trust is a superlative. That horse was never in the public barn and for good reason.

  10. Barbara Humphreys

    Sorry for a second comment, Victor, but I need to point out that reelection of lockdown state governors is an example of two phenomena: the bifurcation of our society into political factions; and the inability of the public to reason in a country that has miseducated three successive generations and is actively working to miseducate the fourth. The public is awash in information but lacks the knowledge and understanding, as well as the inclination, to interpret that information. Dumbing down of the education system began half a century ago. That effort is now bearing fruit. You have to hand it to the other side. They had a plan and it is working to perfection. Ignorance begets fear and fear trumps reason every time. Scott is correct. Next time around, it will be the same but worse.

  11. Ha, the election results, that’s an easy one to explain as to why some people vote the way they do. It’s all about feeling good about “Yourself”. Need proof, electric cars, solar panels, reusable shopping bags, on and on. Vote for law enforcement you say, why I couldn’t do that, that’s systemic racism! as her/his electric car gets stolen. Ooh, here’s another thing, guess who’s been brainwashed to vote/think this way as well, two generations of young American adults.

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