Rhetoric’s Edge

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about current news and look at the cutting rhetoric in the recent Biden speech in Philadelphia. There seems little truth and far less reason for inciting citizens against MAGA supporters or Trump.

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5 thoughts on “Rhetoric's Edge”

  1. Victor, I know that you don’t give financial advise but how do we protect ourselves & our assets.
    In that you are a farmer what do you think of farmland REITS such as farmland partners ( FPI) or Gladstone land( LAND) along with precious metals? Thanks for being a voice of reason & decency

  2. Just joined. Professor, you are a voice in the darkness. I am north of 60 and “OWG” and have seen quite a bit even though not as well educated or as well traveled as you, but hope that we can still turn the ship around before my time on this little blue rock is finished. I’m in Oil & Gas in Texas and travel to California quite a bit and like when you talk about your State. It is very sad. Cali is beautiful and has just about everything. Mountains, oceans, valleys, agriculture, livestock, big cities and even oil & gas. Similar to my great state. Cali could be a shining example of success. God bless and will continue to tune in.

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