Revolutionary Culture and Its Critics

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for a look at the Biden interview, the NY subway death, Budweiser’s advertising boohoo, counter-revolutions start to stand up, and Democrat’s gala affairs.

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11 thoughts on “Revolutionary Culture and Its Critics”

  1. I love you and your intelligent, beautiful and educated conservative comments, interviews and want to follow your podcasts and read your books. What of your books would you recommend I read first, that is most important to our current political and economic situation and the tumultuous climate of our times. I love history and literature, especially American history and the writings of our founding fathers.

    Thank you so much!

    Heber J. Trunnell, former teacher

  2. Christine41556

    I just tried to share this on Facebook – and I got a notification that it does not meet their community standards and is considered hate speech. FB is anti-free speech!


      Maybe the woke interns are tracking you. I just shared this to my Facebook page, with no problems. Shared to Twitter, too.

  3. Of course the asymmetrical application of the law and punishment makes sense.

    Government Terrorism

    It is done to make the conservative population terrorized because it is proof that the law is capricious and that conservatives will be hunted down and sentenced mercilessly by their government

  4. Vivek Ramaswamy may be the most eager to lead a counter-revolution. He seems intelligent, passionate and articulate. He may be bold enough to end affirmative action, the Department of Education, the FBI, the IRS, and unlimited government. He sounds interesting to me, and I would like to hear more about what he believes.

  5. Victor David Hanson is the most learned authority on the subject of the collapse of our society occurring now. If you want works to abet his – read also Mark Levin’s tomes – they supplement all and give us the information and ability to fight the horde of fanatics (the real faschistsa….)

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