Real Problems, Frank Talk

Join Victor Davis Hanson as he explores the current crime wave and pandemic pandering by policy elites with cohost Jack Fowler.

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14 thoughts on “Real Problems, Frank Talk”

  1. I understand what you are saying about schoolchildren and masks. However masks at school had nothing to do with child health and everything to do with teacher protection.

    To protect vulnerable teachers as a workplace requirement.

    I disagree with policy. But that was the driving force.

  2. Victor’s off the cuff remarks on mask protocol need some refining. N95 masks remove 95% of particles .3 microns and larger from the air the wearer inhales. These particles maycontain viral molecules. These molecules are generally on the order of 100 nanometers, which corresponds to .1 microns. Thus N95 masks are designed to remove most of the particles of concern, provided they are properly fitted. So far, so good. But they do not filter the air the user exhales. If the wearer has a respiratory virus, that virus will be communicated to others with the same efficency as a person who wears no mask at all.

    And wearing an N95 mask outdoors makes no sense at all unless the air is contaminated, as in smoke or some chemical release.

    Fauci’s real advice on masks was revealed in one of his email to a colleague in Feb. 2020. She asked if she should wear a meask, and Fauci said don’t bother.

  3. Sounds like, to borrow language from Ta Nahisi Coates, both the Black and White elite don’t care how many Black Bodies it takes to buy absolution for their sins against Neo Marxism. Following Ta Nahisi Coates, we could add how many Scotch-Irish and Irish Bodies too (Appalachia).

  4. Victor, I listen to you talk for about 10 minutes, and could not continue anymore. The talk was very academic and theoretical. I don’t buy the argument that guilt made them do it. It’s about fear for some, but mostly about keeping, and accumulating of power and wealth.

    Regardless, no one in the ghettos care or know about identity politic, or whatever you wish to call it. It’s a jungle, and only thing that matters is survival of the fittest. No democrats or republicans or any politicians ever visited my ghetto town. Police presence was weak, afraid. There was no deterrence. We were on our own. If you see a big guy walking towards you, you cross the street. If he chase you, you run for your life. If a group of gang come after you, and your mom’s lunch bag and pull out a gun on you, you hold on to her belongings and pray because there is something more valuable than your life. Police will not come.

    Tragically, I no longer have to describe my ghetto town experience, you are experiencing or watching it first hand. When law and orders are restored (I hope it will soon), please kindly don’t forget the ghetto towns of USA.

    1. I would bet it took you longer to compose this diatribe ( against the professor? ) than you spent attempting to absorb his comments. Please expand your horizons a bit, and maybe read a bit more. I grieve for your attention span, sir or madam.

  5. Thank you Prof. Hanson and Jack for creating a forum of open conversation. You have inspired me to search out articles to continue learning. I hope you continue suggesting how we can go forward with truth in government.

  6. I taught adult education in a California maximum security prison for 25 years. Nearly 100 percent of my aides and students were either Hispanic or black. I never met one who thought of himself as a victim of white racism, or, “the system.” Often they would comment that the leniency they received in their own homes, neighborhoods, schools, etc. contributed to an attitude of contempt that led to even greater crimes as adults. A routine commentary often went like this: “My sister in an officer in the LAPD and my brothers work for Google. I was the screwup in my home. I put myself in this place.” Thanks for reading.

  7. Victor I applaud you for saying what almost everyone else is afraid to say but I would caution you to “watch your back” as I’m sure you are well aware. The policy of not mentioning race when describing crime perpetrators has been going on for at least 20 years. It’s past time to get out in the open then disparity in numbers of who commits crimes. Discussing it is the only chance we’ve got in returning to a safer, more stable society. Keep up the great work. How about running for president?

  8. Barbara Humphreys

    We still have no consistent, reliable data on who died from Covid, with Covid, or from neglecting medical attention because of the lockdown and now, we know that the mRNA vaccines are not safe and would not be cleared for general use under normal FDA protocols. And, if we had just protected the most vulnerable (rather than deliberately exposing them), there would have been zero need for the vaccines. Just think, we have a CDC, and FDA, and an NIAID, funded in the billions, and we have no system for collecting reliable data on a pandemic in the 21st century. What in God’s name are these agencies doing with our tax dollars?

  9. Once again, Jack Fowler illustrates why he’s such a poor host for this forum….he sometimes takes 2 full minutes to tee up a question: 49:31 to 51:30 just to ask a simple questions about CDC mask guidance. STFU and let VDH talk!

    1. I like Jack, and his “tee up” is a cultural quirk as well as often providing needed context for the question he’s asking. Do you honestly think it will change anything to tell him “stfu”? You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

      1. Attached Victor…The republican party needs a favor
        Please advise republican listeners that unification of some type…between maga and establishment Republicans will be needed if any elections in Nov should be won. Many dem operators are visiting internet conservative sites and inciting conflict between maga and establishment Republicans.
        Advise your listeners asap to vote republican or dems could win again by doing nothing(just splitting republican vote)
        We can’t have another basement victory…

        This is very important.

        TY…Wisconsin friends.

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