EXCLUSIVE: Victor Davis Hanson talks FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago

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8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Victor Davis Hanson talks FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago”

    1. Holy****! A masterclass from Professor Hanson in 18 minutes, respectfully, I have no clue who the geopolitcal novice hosts running the podcast are, but I will be sending this spot to every leftist friend I have. The biggest challenge is the cognitive dissonance my leftist friends have to even listening to facts that don’t align with their misunderstanding. Its dumbfounding. I didn’t vote for Trump. As a southern Californian, I gave up long ago (yes, I’m part of the problem). I’ve never been political even though I’m well read, trying to get my college buddies to read unrestricted warfare or Thucydides is a lost cause so I sit biting my tongue when they retort mainstream media talking points, but thank god for Professor Hanson he is not easily dismissed and is one of the few that can bridge the gap for those that have an inkling for the whole story…

    2. thebaron@enter.net

      Same here.
      I did a search on “broeske & musson” and found their podcast page at Apple Podcasts, and trying to run the clip there, I get a modal popup with the message, “Playback error”.

  1. Hi Dr. Hanson, In case you didnt read about the following: 1) An FBI agent pled guilty to destroying evidence in the furtherance of framing Arkansas state senator Woods, who is a supporter of President Trump.

    2) A Capitol Hill officer was torn apart under cross examination by the defense attorney for a victim of the kleptocracy during the Jan 6 trial for Mr. Fitzsimmons, who was thrown in the hole for some nonsense.

    I’m sure you are aware of these items, just cited them anyway and for your viewers who may not be aware.

    The people siphoning our Treasury, making dirty deals, breaking laws and the rest: they dont matter. Their careers and futures dont matter. America matters. When we win in November, I dont want lame Senate/ Congressional hearings. I dont want empty tough talk and measured theatre that goes nowhere. Without President Trump ❤ guiding things, nothing would happen. Our country has been rotting for decades. Eroded by thieves I want trials for treason. If not, America is finished.

    1. Who’s going to do the dirty work?
      Left to their own devices, a victorious GOP will most likely sweep everything under the rug and assume the role of the new parasites. Exhibit A Mitch McConnell.
      The current rot is compounded by the fact that 45% of Americans believe uncritically everything vomited up by the propaganda machine.
      I’d prefer a pound of flesh to a drop of blood, but I doubt the blue vermin will make it that straightforward.

    2. We supported Mr. Trump long before most the the so-called intellectuals did, including Victor. Then one by one the Nevertrumpers, Romney, Mccain, and now the Cheneys revealed their true rotten self. The hatre they have for Trump, and for “US” are truly shocking. I agree, nothing will change until Trump is back in the office. I always say this with some sadness. How a great nation of 300+ million, only one man can resolve America’s decay, and help move this country forward? Victor has said Trump is like chemotherapy, but I think he is more like the antidote that makes the enemies of the people go crazy and self-destruct. He is not a “tragic”, but a great American.

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