Radio Free Hillsdale: VDH, Coupland and Swineheart

Scot Bertram talks with Victor Davis Hanson about the re-release of his book MEXIFORNIA and the current state of our southern border. Dan Coupland takes a dive into the children’s classic TREASURE ISLAND. And Anthony Swinehart shares with us his discovery of a new species of hickory tree.

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1 thought on “Radio Free Hillsdale: VDH, Coupland and Swineheart”

  1. Another way to listen to this great man, I am a junkie, I can never get enough of what has to say. God blessed me to find this holly place VDH. I am a new subscriber and hope to be a life long member. I never had parents, so I sincerely wish I were you son. Reading the Classics has become an obsession with me. God bless you Dr Hanson, remember when you speak it is us the citizen that you are speaking to.

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