Some Positive Actions To Undo the Left’s Destruction

Victor Davis Hanson talks with Sami Winc about Elon Musk’s investigation of Twitter’s archives and California’s reparations task force. They then discuss some things we can do to fix our country.

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4 thoughts on “Some Positive Actions To Undo the Left's Destruction”

  1. Relative to what Dr. Hanson said about the Marine Corps, in the mid 80’s I was in a position to access Marine Corps personnel statistics and found that it was 54% Catholic. Lots of Hispanics but some Irishmen, Italians and Poles in there too.

  2. I wish he would name names and actually call people out.
    Especially all those senators who want to run for president.

  3. Cali Reparations = recruiting blacks to re-populate?
    Bowles – Simpson = you can’t solve a problem using the tools that created it.

  4. Rose-Marie Fiske

    Victor I just heard your podcast with Sami and you said you got Covid again.
    I just received this email and knowing that you are quadruple vaxed thought you might find this interesting:

    People who have received mRNA Covid vaccines are at least twice as likely to be infected with the coronavirus as unvaccinated people, according to two new papers from researchers in Indiana and Ohio.

    Worse, the newer of the two studies, which covered Omicron this fall, found risk actually rises with the number of shots.

    People who had received three or more shots were more than three times as likely to be infected as those who hadn’t received any.

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