Political Engineering and Public Cynicism

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler banter about replacing Feinstein, public cynicism faces off with mainstream misinformation, the second Republican debate, and if only Fauci had been honest with the American people.

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12 thoughts on “Political Engineering and Public Cynicism”

  1. Jack take care of yourself pastina (lemon,parmesan,chicken broth) is Italian penicillin hope you feel better soon..

    Professor- dont kill yourself trying to reply to everyone we all know how incredibly busy you are and we appreciate all the work you and Team VDH do

  2. One clue as to why the establishment Republicans don’t speak about election integrity is their continued use of the word “insurrection” when describing the J6 riot. The only question is whether the candidates that use this term are bought and paid for by the swamp, or whether they are simply mentally incapable of understanding that words should be used to convey meaning. In the latter case, these mental midgets have no capacity to critically evaluate reality as revealed by their own eyes and ears. Definitely these men are not the right sort to fill any executive or legislative position. In the former case, those who are well compensated slaves to the elite narrative, well, we’ve seen only too often how the electorate responds to these cardboard men.

  3. Interesting Gavin had to go to a Delaware citizen to fill the vacant Senate seat. Underscores that under his administration, there are no qualified candidates living in California.

  4. Gentleman!

    Heavy Metal has been in existence since the Beatles song Helter Skelter. People will debate me on this. The song was released in 1968 on the White Album and was grossly misinterpreted by Charles Manson. As was the entire White Album, by the Manson family.

    Please listen to Metallica albums: Kill Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, & the aforementioned Injustice for All. An entire generation (& maybe more generations), have listened
    to this music by free thinking, questioning outsiders for the people of any generation who are rebellious, questioning, free thinking, aggressive & refuse to take their daily dosage of Soma.

    For Heavy Metal music that will make you feel good, give you hope, make you laugh, and put you in a party mood and still piss off your illegal alien neighbors, please listen to the albums of Van Halen: Albums 1, 2, Women & Children First, Fair Warning, Diver Down, 1984. Nix the Sammy Hagar area. (Any of the music made after 1984)

    As good academics, this is your assignment for the rest of the year. Stream the music for free on Youtube. Enjoy!!

  5. What would it take to pass a law that disqualifies any illegal alien under any circumstance or legal declaraton and their children born in the United States from voting in an American election?

  6. New subscriber, just today. There is so much good and pertinent information applicable to the news from VDH that I needed to become a “clerk”. Just like those fortunate enough to clerk under a justice, I feel the same need to delve into VDH’s writings and talks. I have the Dying Citizen and Hillsdale course. Here begins the education.

    I especially appreciate the “memory lane” walk that VDH often takes when referencing a current issue. The far-left likes to dismiss these “what-about-isms” as a term to dismiss and simply a distraction irrelevant to the topic at hand. I find myself remembering these forgotten historical truths and frankly, I joined so I can do a better job of notetaking key records to improve my ability for dialog with those who are blinded by todays fourth estate.

    I will be listening to this podcast again, and again, and again… to document key historical recalls of truth and previous leanings. It is really hard to keep up! Right?

    Much Regard, Joe

  7. thebaron@enter.net

    The disappearance of white people from ads isn’t a gesture of good will, it’s a gesture of fear, on the most part, and Leftist mental masturbation for another part. It’s propaganda-depicting a world as they would have it be. It’s not just that white people are gone-except for pickup truck commericals-but the world in ads is a hip, urban, upscale one, with street cafes, fashionable dress, cutting-edge technology, and everyone living and dancing without a care (again-except for pickup truck commercials). Because the white people are gone. It’s like some 50s science fiction short story-one day, people of color woke up, and the evil, oppressive white people had just-disappeared.
    Note, too, that the prejudice against men is still there, it’s just that now the goofy dad who has to be told what to do by his all-knowing wife and his super-smart kids is now usually a black man.
    There are still some white people left, but they are always now the comic foils or helpless doofuses who need the wise black lady or Latina to set them straight on cleaning products to buy, or insurance, or health care products.
    Yep. It’s fear, and living out a Leftist/progressive fantasy.

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