Tucker Carlson and VDH on the next election

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9 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson and VDH on the next election”

  1. It’s a show trial.

    The whole damned government and most of the legal system is rotten to the core and has to be removed from office. And we all know there’s only one way to do it: the hard way.

  2. May God have mercy on us. With His Will, we might be able to self correct the system of Governance. Perhaps a focus on aiding US Citizens might straighten out the system. Thank you Victor Hanson and Tucker Carlson.

    1. Yes and also, we need to persuade others who normally vote democrat to vote republican to save the country from a leftist revolution.

      I know many people who traditionally vote democrat who are reasonable until it comes to politics. I think for some that they have a mistaken notion that the Democrat party is for the underdog and the Republican party is for the elitist. Victor Hanson has some telling statistics on the wealth of the Democrat voter versus the middle class of the Republican party.

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