Our Merry Band of Censors and Other Lawlessness

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler in a discussion of Southern Poverty Law Center’s influence and hate lists, “studies” educator’s censoring and indoctrinating, censorship of politicians on social media, and the politics of illegal immigrants.

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10 thoughts on “Our Merry Band of Censors and Other Lawlessness”

  1. I loved your talk as always. However I disagree with you on Ohio. The reason that the Republicans aren’t doing anything is because most Republicans are lazy, compromised or corrupt. And they hide this under the shield of incompetence.
    Desantis is one of the few exceptions. Where Marco Rubio wringing his hands complaining that if we take on disney then the democrats will do the same. Desantis replies will fight that fight too.

  2. I feel that Victor is living in a fantasy land. He said to get even, not mad (no idea what that means — except to mean anyone but Trump. Then he said we’re in the 11th hour. If someone believes it’s the 11th hour, wouldn’t they want to get mad, get even, get hysterical, get radical, and 100+ more adjectives? Most importantly by any means necessary? I don’t think Victor or anyone seriously believes it’s the 11th hour.

    1. Anger doesn’t help anything. It just hinders judgement. If I respond to someone online in anger , and they write back when i’m not in that mental state anymore , I rarely look back at what I wrote and feel like it was served any purpose other than petty satisfaction in the moment. A clear head and calm mind always thinks more effectively. Also, people who are angry can be controlled.

  3. Randal Hnizdor

    Oh my. So we are at the 11th hour for the survival of America and you two talk about the next election as a potential savior if all the voting stars align. Oh my the Constitution is being violated daily. We have a death toll from illegal drugs equal to two Vietnam KIA’s per year for the last two years and now in the middle of the third. When are you talking heads going to say we need concerted violent action to take our country back? Got courage? I suspect not. The up coming revolution will be fought by a similar small percentage just like our first revolution. Really sad

  4. I listen to VDH all the time. Every podcast is phenomenal. I used to think that open borders & the deficit were the biggest problems. Not anymore. WOKEness is now the biggest threat, because it is all encompassing. It’s in our schools, in the workforce, & it’s now in our laws.

  5. Thomas O'Brien

    VDH you mention if a strong conservative president again gets in office and Republicans gain control of congress they must forewarn officials that if they do the traitorous behavior that has been done in the past (you gave specific examples of this act) they will be prosecuted (17.00). They won’t get away with it, as in the past, you said.

    I say, if conservatives get control of the presidency and congress, as you say, previous transgressors should not get away with what they have already done! Then suffering the well deserved punishment is far more a convincing warning to others than verbal warning.

    Stiff consequences must be paid by those who have committed these past acts you mentioned. It is very important that the general public must be supportive of this. How do we gain this public support?

    Simply by exposing the public in detail to what has been done. This can be done through high profile public hearings. With Republican majorities in congress these hearings would be hard to ignore by the left leaning media. By indicting these high profile law breakers, the media itself would be “indicted” because they have been covering for them by ignoring their dirty deeds.

    The public must understand that this is not just payback time by the Republicans against the Democrats, as the Democrats and MSM will no doubt claim. but instead Republicans are truly trying to preserve our fragile democracy.

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