Our Gordian Knot: How the Left’s Agenda Hurts the Country

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about Hunter’s stunts and anger, Trump’s trial and campaign, Fani’s fraud and frolic, the other Trump trials, Mexico takes advantage of an addled president, and DEI and desecration of veteran cemetery in LA.

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13 thoughts on “Our Gordian Knot: How the Left's Agenda Hurts the Country”

  1. I hope Trump asks Victor’s advice and opinion regarding events arising during his next administration. The wisdom from understanding hustorical perspectives in much needed!

    1. thebaron@enter.net

      During Trump’s first administration, I got the impression that someone in the administration followed conservative online content, whether written or in podcast form, or live talk. I can’t think of a specific example now, off the top of my head, but I do remember on particular issues, there was a discussion online, maybe an interview on Hugh Hewitt, Seb Gorka, Dennis Prager, and within 24 hours, there were comments from the White House that repeated arguments that were made. That made me think that someone was listening or otherwise paying attention.
      It may have been Don Jr and Gorka. I’ll have to spend some time and see if I can find it.

  2. Trump dominates. Will check back in 4 years. Thanks, Victor, you were a great teacher.

    Now I need more financial and entrepreneurial education from other great teachers.

  3. Stop saying “reverse discrimination” and “reverse racism.” It sounds like a correction of forward racism and who would not want to reverse that? Call it what it actually is, either simple racism and discrimination or, where appropriate, anti-whitism.

  4. The Left has been hurting (and seriously damaging) our Country from the left’s inception. The left (Marxism-Communism in it’s any names) is a human failure that has cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Not opposing and fighting it is the real challenge that a free people must endure and prevail.

  5. “Trump Gets Huge Bounce In New Hampshire.” by Dick Morris on 1/17/24

    Two recent polls in New Hampshire — by the Boston Globe and Emerson University — show Trump winning by 16 points in a two-way race against Nikki Haley. The latest of these surveys was by the Globe, taken on the night of the Iowa caucuses and the night after, showing Trump destroying Haley by 50-36.

    Haley’s hope — that if she got Trump in a clean two-way race that she’d be within striking distance — has proven to be evanescent. Her assumption that voters who backed other candidates would swarm to her has not happened. (It turns out that most of the DeSantis votes would go to Trump if he is not in the race.) Her other hope — that she could entice enough Independents to vote in the Republican Primary to win it — is also a bust.

    Haley’s efforts do appear to have succeeded in attracting Independents into the Republican primary so that almost half of the voters in the primary are likely to be Independents, according to the Globe poll. But her tactic is backfiring since half of them will be voting for Trump.
    Her lead among New Hampshire Independents who intend to vote in the GOP primary has dropped to only six points, according to the Globe poll, a total easily offset by Trump’s fifty-point margin over Haley among Republicans.

    So, news flash for Nikki… It’s over, give it up!

  6. thebaron@enter.net

    Just calling balls and strikes – Whoopi Goldberg didn’t come up with using “disappear” as a transitive verb. George Orwell used it that way in “1984”. I think I read it in “Catch-22”, as “They disappeared him.” I think that usage has become relatively common since then.

  7. Thank you! Appreciate your comments and information about current events. Also thank you for piquing my interest in Roman and Greek history.

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