Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas

We should dispense with the tired narrative that four conscientious state and federal prosecutors—independently and without contact with the Biden White House or the radical Democrats in Congress—all came to the same disinterested conclusions that Donald Trump should be indicted for various crimes and put on trial during the campaign season of 2024.

The prosecutors began accelerating their indictments only once Trump started to lead incumbent Joe Biden by sizable margins in head-to-head polls. Moreover, had Trump not run for the presidency, or had he been of the same party as most of the four prosecutors, he would have never been indicted by any of them.

Yet now they are in a doom loop of discovering that the more they seek to rush to judgment before the election and gag Trump from speaking publicly about these star-chamber proceedings, the more he rises in the polls.

In truth, each succeeding cycle of corrupt leftwing lawfare that ends in failure—the Russian collusion hoax, the weaponized first impeachment, trying ex-president Trump in the Senate as a private citizen, the laptop disinformation set-up, the Alfa bank ping caper, the pathetic attempt to erase Trump from state ballots, and the unfolding Fani Willis moral debacle—does not return things to zero.

Rather, they serve as force multipliers for each other. Each overreach geometrically increases the dangers to democracy, ever more turns the public off, and ironically cascades sympathy and poll numbers for the very target of their paranoias.

Some of the prosecutors have colluded with White House lawyers and congressional liaisons. Some had run for office, offering campaign promises to get Trump convicted for something or other.

Now, after years of delays and deadends, all four are rushing to synchronize their trial dates to ensure that the front-running Trump is on the docket daily and not out on the 2024 campaign trail.

Do we recall when leftist legal eagles claimed that of all the iffy Trump indictments, Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis had the best case against Trump?

The phone call, we were told, was proof of “election interference.” It was Willis who got the first Trump “mug shot.” It was Willis, we were assured, who got Trump with the goods on tape, begging election officials to “find” the requisite missing votes that would prove his victory (note that he did not say “invent” the votes but to look for a supposedly existing trove of them).

And now Willis’s signature case is in shambles.

We learn, allegedly, that 1) Willis hired her stealth boyfriend Nathan Wade as a special counsel, the day before he filed for divorce (whose records were then mysteriously sealed by the court); 2) that Wade so far has received over $650,000 as special counsel, reportedly including a miraculous ability to charge for 24 hours of continuous legal service in a single day; 3) that Willis and Wade allegedly have used her greenlighted windfall to him to go on a number of pricey junkets and cruises; 4) that to try an ex-president and the leading candidate in the 2024 presidential election, Willis picked Wade who had never tried a single felony case and was previously a “personal injury/accident” lawyer; 5) that the supposedly apolitical Willis had consulted with the January 6 partisan congressional special committee, while Wade had met for marathon meetings with the Biden White House legal counsel (and apparently billed Georgia taxpayers for receiving such federal tutorials).

The legal community’s initial dismissal of this sordid prosecutor’s office is reminiscent of the immediate efforts to downplay Claudine Gay’s plagiarism. But the charade will eventually end the same way, in this case with the resignation and likely indictment of the prosecutor, along with her boyfriend, who concocted quite a scheme at the expense of the taxpayers. Both have made a mockery of their indictment of an ex-president and, if the allegations are true, will be disbarred and prosecuted.

The other three indictments are even weaker. Alvin Bragg claims that Donald Trump’s efforts a near decade ago to enact nondisclosure agreements and payments to remain silent about embarrassing behavior constituted “campaign finance violations.”

If so, what then defines campaign violations when Ms. Clinton brazenly destroyed nearly 30,000 subpoenaed campaign-era emails, ordered subpoenaed communication devices smashed, illegally hired a foreign national to find dirt on a campaign rival, and used three paywalls to hide her hush payments to British subject Steele to concoct a smear dossier—with help from Russian sources—to destroy her 2016 rival?

Letitia James, apparently for the first time in New York history, believes a bank was somehow wronged when its seasoned auditors viewed Trump’s assets, approved a loan to him, profited from his timely payments of interest and principles, and lodged no complaints against Trump or his company.

James apparently believes that Donald Trump is the first and most egregious real estate baron in New York history who inflated the value of his holdings. Her indictments thus supposedly have nothing to do with a left-wing political activist who ran for attorney general on promises to get Trump.

As far as Jack Smith, he supposedly was to be focused on Trump’s removal of classified presidential files to an insecure location at his Mar-a-Lago home and Trump’s “insurrectionary” actions on January 6. But he seems way beyond that now and is trying to put a gag order on the presidential frontrunner and to ensure Trump is in court during the 2024 campaign—challenging the very administration that appointed Smith in the first place.

In truth, Trump was the first ex-president in history to be indicted for a dispute with archivists over the status and security of removed classified files. Such disagreements were historically adjudicated bureaucratically rather than criminally, and certainly not with performance-art FBI swat raids into an ex-presidential residence.

Moreover, true insurrectionists do not instruct protestors to assemble peacefully and patriotically. Insurrectionists themselves do not try to overthrow governments while unarmed and accompanied by bare-chested buffoons with cow horns and slow-moving septuagenarians draped in American flags. And during an “insurrection,” unarmed “rebels” are usually not invited into the government quarters by supposed government doormen, among them perhaps 150-200 FBI informants. They are usually not shot and killed for the crime of entering a broken window while unarmed. And governments need not lie about the violence of insurrectionaries if they are truly insurrectionists.

Jack Smith’s problem—aside from his similar previous effort as special counsel to bankrupt and destroy the life and career of former Virginia governor Bob McDonald, a conviction overturned 9-0 by the Supreme Court—is that his indictments are so asymmetrical as to be surreal.

If the Department of Justice really wishes to prosecute insurrection, then it should concentrate on 120 days of arson, looting, killing, and violent protests that destroyed $2 billion in property, led to over 35 deaths, injured 1,500 law enforcement officers, and saw a federal courthouse, a police precinct, and a historic church torched by protestors, months of violent chaos planned and orchestrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and enabled by leftwing inert mayors and governors.

The future Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, sought to organize bail for violent rioters. She boasted on television that the protests would not stop, should not stop, and would continue beyond the 2020 elections. Could she have at least suggested to the rioters to protest “peacefully and patriotically?” And just last week, President Biden praised that months-long violent summer of looting, violence, arson, and destruction, calling it “the historic movement for justice in the summer of 2020.”

Or Smith could investigate the well-orchestrated and increasingly violent pro-Hamas rallies. These are “insurrections” that have stormed the California legislature, occupied the Capitol rotunda, defaced and defiled iconic federal monuments and cemeteries, shut down key bridges and freeways, attacked law enforcement, and led to violence and assaults.

If Trump is guilty of removing files that he had the statutory right as president to formally declassify, then what was senator and subsequent Vice President Joe Biden guilty of when he stealthily and unlawfully removed hundreds of files, kept the removals secret (until his administration went after Trump for the same offense), and sloppily stored them in his insecure garage?

At each juncture of these extra-legal efforts, past precedents, former customs, and accepted traditions are being destroyed by the Left, whose endless miscarriages of justice are the real threats to constitutional government. And the more impotent these serial and unending gambits become, the more strident and desperate they appear.

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80 thoughts on “Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas”

  1. Donald E Gehrig MD

    well their tank is not on empty…and if lawfare is not working for them to get to their ultimate ‘destination’, then what will they do?

    1. Michael, Haynes

      What do you think? All I can add is pray very diligently for God’s divine protection over DJT! Force is the last desperation of tyrants and cowards!

    2. Before the Kalorama Klown Kommitern answers, they should find Obama’s 28 ga. O/U quail gun. They’re going to need it!

  2. I would add that the whole Carroll affair (30-40 years ago, the changing of statute of limitations, her whacko behavior) seems overwrought with fraud as well.

  3. Thank you Victor for an excellent account of the blatant disregard that the progressive marxists have regarding our judicial system specifically and impartial justice in general. This is an unapologetic assault on American citizens and our constitutional rights. How will these injustices end?

  4. I always appreciate your clear understanding and statements of the political climate and of justice (or lack there of).

  5. This post covered all the bases, lengthy but not verbose.Trump’s position is improving and I’m sure you are very well pleased, especially since Aristotle argued happiness is the ultimate good. If I had the opportunity to vote for Ron DeSantis as POTUS, I would consider it more more pleasurable than voting for Trump while holding my nose. You should recall a saying from Aesop’s Fables: “Be careful what you wish for, least it come true!

    1. You seem scorned that a man who never stood a chance lost. DeSantis got his ego bursted. Had he waited until 2028 he may have had a chance. He’s done now. DONE!

    2. Pepe Sobreruedas (Miami, FL)

      It has become increasingly incomprehensible and annoyingly boring to have to continuously listen to the perpetually emotionally traumatized and aggrieved patients of “Trump-Derangement-Syndrome” publicly and serially display their deep necrotizing wounds (you should recall necrotizing comes from the Greek word “nekros”, which means “corpse” or “dead”) while refusing to take the all curing medicine of judiciously evaluating, comparing, and contrasting the recent past with the present…In the alternative refrain, stop ignoring reality least your fantasies will never come true…

    3. Desanctimonious over Trump?
      Let’s look at all the good things Trump did in 4 short years… the reasons why that wasted and uninformed vote on your part would be silly….no, too many to list for this echo chamber…go do your own homework.

  6. Why does my otherwise intelligent wife can’t get enough of these hoaxes and injustices against Trump? That is the real question.

    1. The problem is once the emotion of hate takes over, continuously reinforced by 24/7 MSM propaganda, reason goes out the window. Reason, is a fire extinguisher for hate. These people are continuously stoking the fires of hatred. The last thing they want is for someone, anyone to put it out.

    2. If people would take a moment to think about it, they would realize that the woman’s vote has destroyed this country. And especially it empowers the democratic left through The murderous crime Of the slaughter of holy innocents in the womb. One might imagine that your wife is pro choice.

  7. Obama purposefully infected the DOJ, IRS and FBI with Liberal Progressive Syphilis. Obama-Soros Criminal Cabal has done the same with their Pimping and Pandering Progressive DA’s and AG’s around the country. I’m not sure there is a painless cure at this point, however I do believe President Donald J. Trump’s return to the White House, will make a valiant effort to facilitate a cure. Most likely start with Massive Violent Enema’s in those organizations.

  8. Laura G Bulliard

    Thank you again Professor Hanson for talking points – and all laid out for the using! Clear, succinct and strong!! I do so appreciate you.

    Laura G

    1. Well said Laura G. I hope professor Hanson’s students realize how fortunate they are to be educated by one so brilliant, truthful and timely.

  9. Thanks for keeping the issues coming professor. While many of us have heard these time and time again, it is imperative that these truths be repeated and presented to the masses.
    If any of these indictments gain ground and Trump loses the 2024 election, we will hear the immortal words of Harry Reid repeated in an effort to justify what the left is doing, “He lost didn’t he”!

  10. You say “force multipliers”.

    I say “farce multipliers”.

    How will we get retribution? It will never stop until the bad guys pay for their sins.

  11. Everything VDH says about these is confirmed, but Trump will probably still be convicted.

    Conservatives think what is happening to Trump is an aberration and a misuse of the justice system. The truth is more sinister. This is how the justice system works every day. In this case, the prosecutor’s motive is political, and the case has a lot of media coverage. But this is how the system works daily against less famous or less influential defendants.

    Seven years ago, many conservatives thought there must be something to the Russiagate stories. They never imagined that the intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and media would fabricate the whole story. Now they know better.

    I hope that after Trump is convicted, they will look at law enforcement and the judicial system with the same jaundiced eye.

    The first step to fixing a problem is admitting there is a problem.

    1. Patriotic citizens might well wonder why the Congress and the Supreme Court do not take control of these malicious prosecutions. It is apparent that the deep state has permeated all levels of our governance. Unfortunately, that Lisa’s only two options. Total collapse under the malfeasance of this governance. Or force of arms.

  12. Thanks for this article Mr. Hanson. I think one by one these cases against Trump will be dismissed before going to trial.

  13. We see incompetency everywhere now.

    The left has ensured that merit means nothing when it comes to hiring, elections and job performance ratings.

    In a world with no standards, it is easy to use the courts to implement your unfair and diabolical plan. It does not matter if it is wrong or right, just that it serves your biased purposes.

    Each of these cases is run by totally unqualified people. We can see that, yes? They have no pride in themselves, no sense of justice, no sense of historical jurisprudence. Plus, they all feel entitled to press the preposterous charges without fearing any pushback from the captured legacy media.

    This is what happens when you put dumb people into positions of power. They destroy the American justice system. They destroy America. With a vengeance.

    Isn’t that what is really going on here?

    And then there is Jack Smith. Hit man Smitty has quite a record of destruction. He’s your man if you need an aggressive implementation of frivolous and one-sided lawfare. His reputation precedes him in blaring Technicolor.

    When this is over, they all need to be tried, convicted, and put behind bars.

    However, that is just a pipe dream. We all know that.

    VDH, nice aggregation and summary.

  14. Key language of Donald Trump’s speech on January 6th almost mirrors the language of the First Amendment.

    Donald Trump: “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD (my caps).”

    U.S. Constitution: “Congress shall make no law…prohibiting the free exercise thereof…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Merrick Garland, in an election year, is now casting a massive dragnet to arrest anyone for criminal trespass who was peacefully standing outside of the Capitol on January 6th. Meanwhile he does nothing to punish pro-HamaSS supporters who illegally stormed the Rotunda and who recently tried to push down the security fence outside of the White House during a violent protest.

    It is going to take a miracle to roll back the totalitarian assault on our government and civil institutions.

    1. I have a lot of issues with RINO Mitch McConnell, but he has my undying gratitude for not allowing Merrick Garland to come before the senate for a vote to the supreme court.

  15. They are pushing to ignite the spark of a new Un-civil war. There are a great majority of veterans who are getting more pissed off with each new ploy to keep Trump from getting elected. The pinkos know that Krusty the Clown is a non starter for this next election and they fear losing power if he runs, look for more shenanigans from the lefties. If they’re not careful, they’ll get what they’re pushing for. And it’ll be a hell of a lot more than they bargained for!

    1. The Globalists/Dems pushing for civil war, have so much money, they can literally buy their armies of opposition, not to mention all the weapons Obama and friends have shuffled off to the IRS, CIA, and the rest of the alphabets. Then of course, there are the border hoppers, they will take the money and/or do the mayhem for nothing. Educating the public by providing proof of what gov has done, coupled with the results for the average person, is exactly what VHD does so eloquently.

  16. The case against Trump regarding the removal of classified documents may actually have legs… Everyone seems to focus on whether Trump was authorized to declassify and then possess these documents, and it seems pretty clear that in the end it will be decided that this was not a crime.

    However, the elephant in the room is that Trump is actually being charged with taking and keeping “National Defense Information”. Under this law, NDI is just about anything that the government wants to categorize as such. NDI does not even need to be something that was ever classified to any level, and can still apply to documents or other information that was previously and properly unclassified.

    The nature of NDI, and the actions that can be considered as crimes regarding NDI are so extremely broad that the law may very well be unconstitutional, but it is the current law, and Trump has a serious risk of being convicted pursuant to it.

  17. Even more than the lawfare, the Claudine Gay thing seems to have gotten the attention of the still-duped folks we know.

  18. This pathetic, angry and dangerous presidency deserves an OVERWHELMING LANDSLIDE DEFEAT at the polls. This country needs/deserves that outcome to bury the awfulness that started in the Obama terms and carried through to today. (There is ample evidence that Deep State existed, even thrived, during Trump’s 1st term)

    Following that, truthful and accurate accounting of what these presidencies shoved upon this country need to be recorded in the history books of grade schools, high schools and beyond so that we can learn from this dark chapter in US history.

    1. Agree, but by all means these histories need to be in hard copies, and law passed that forbids the alteration or removal of publications on the internet by ANYONE, and that should include research papers and presentations.

  19. Stephen Leonard

    Of course you are 100% correct, as always, Prof Hanson. The dangers are that the half of the population who only get their “news” from TikTok and Instagram will never know the facts as you have laid them out, and that one of these juries will actually convict Trump on one of those ridiculous charges, and one of those judges will order him jailed. (Will John Roberts have the cojones to stay that order — or even to grant cert to the appeal?). In a sane world, none of this would be happening, of course. But in a world where Buttigieg’s DOT is now pressuring the FAA to hire more intellectually and psychiatrically impaired employees, how far do we have to go to get back to “sane”?

  20. At this point, Trump practically does not need to make public appearances. The Legacy Media’s breathless reporting of every bow and turn of the four trial processes (which the media cannot refuse to do) will be all he needs to stay in the pubic eye. Better in some ways because Trump can sometimes sound like a total ignoramus. Being tied up in trials means fewer chances to sound like one again.

  21. Sorry, but the secretly pro-Biden NeverTrumpers at PowerLineBlog will negate every effort of Victor David Hanson.

  22. Oh, and STOP USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARTWORK!! It’s atrocious; have your local eight-year-old do something if you feel you MUST have artwork!

  23. It seems to me there are no limits on leftist efforts to destroy Trump and completely ignore traditions, regulations, laws and even the Constitution itself. Just look at what has been happening throughout the country over the last several years.

    The country is at a crossroad. Either a return to the things that made America the place it has been historically, or a continued drive to destroy these things to create something that is truly frightening, personal freedoms being the first casualty.

    Do not kid yourself, the state of the country is dire. With the possible exception of the period leading up to the Civil War, the country has never experienced tribalization and division like it is now. These problems are perpetuated by the ruling elite. These people strongly believe as long as the people are at each other’s throats, they will be able to not only remain in power, they will be able to take action that will enhance their power to the point where they can never be dislodged.

  24. They rule. The do as they please. They own all the institutions which produce little of real value, just money and false ‘narratives’.

    Yet, as it were a miracle, a still small voice pierces the chaotic noise. Singing a song of hope, measured by the collective heartbeats of the meek, the ruled, the solid flesh & blood foundation of society, upon whose shoulders they stand or fall, as willed.

  25. Michael, Haynes

    Mr. Hanson, once again, you have nailed it! I could not have summed up this mess any better than that. It’s like you and I were born with the same brain! Politically speaking, of course. Keep up the outstanding work, sir!

    1. We see the unraveling. The Left does not and never will. They love the feel of the lies that they are told on a regular basis. Having your biases confirmed daily is like a drug you can’t stop using.

      They love to hate Trump and all of the people on this site.

      They have no idea who VDH is.

  26. After all that, at this point I would have to call them simpletons. They have no common sense, are foolish, have no concept of consequences to themselves, others and their country. Hoodwinked simpletons.

    1. A lie told over and over becomes truth. That’s pretty much what Goebbels said. It works. That’s why they have something called “my truth”. It does not need to stand up to any real assessment.

  27. Fantastic writing. One of the best yet. I suppose because we’re now talking about all of this maddening nonsense falling apart. Nobody could word it better or more completely. But then we must not leave reality. We must remember that there is nothing they won’t do. Criminal activities including the worst are not beyond the pale for these thugs. They already have condoned and instigated civil unrest. It was disturbing for me to listen to Robert Kennedy explain the assassination of John Kennedy on a video earlier today.

  28. Chaplain Dreya Bundy

    Bravo: thank you Victor Davis Hanson for your excellent summation of the Left’s lunacy which is gloriously backfiring.
    Thank God for answered prayers.

  29. Not all attacks are intend to win the particular engagement, some are intended to position the target for further attacks; bracketing maneuvers to fix the target in place for annihilation by remote indirect fire.
    Conservatives are strategically disoriented. If we don’t change our situational awareness of the political warfare battlefield we will continue to lose.

  30. What is the real target? I’ll give a hint, it’s not Trump.

    Not all attacks are intend to win the particular engagement, some are intended to position the target for further attacks; bracketing maneuvers to fix the target in place for annihilation by remote indirect fire.
    Conservatives are strategically disoriented. If we don’t change our situational awareness of the political warfare battlefield we will continue to lose.

  31. I have huge appreciation for Mr Hansen’s work.
    I am a South African citizen, following the US polical situation for the last 8yrs or so.
    To me the judiciary system of the USA is the biggest disappointment of all I have learned about your country.
    One would expect that the leading democratic country in the world would feature a completely unbiased judiciary, implementing the Constitution and laws of the land, but that is not the case.
    In certain aspects of your judiciary I believe you are worst of than this banana republic of South Africa. May God help America!

  32. Attack after attack Trump has endured, like a beaten rug that refuses to shed its threads. The underdog in the boxing ring, bang-bang-bang – who can’t seem to go down. Trump is a symbol of America, the rebel who refuses to be handcuffed for crimes not committed. Last night the America people spoke at the Iowa primaries as he won at 51 percent. Americans want restoration of their country, a secured border, low crime, and a prosperous economy. The only person who can bring this swift balance back to America is Trump.

    The democrats know Trump will win. And instead of ensuring they have another candidate to offer the democrat party, they have decided to stick with the Big Guy. Biden who only spouts divisive words to the American people and offers no peace. Biden calls Trump a dictator, when it was Trump who brought peace to the middle east with the Abraham Accords uniting Israel, Bahrain, and UAE. Trump who was the first US president to visit North Korea and met with Kim Jong-un, to stand at the demilitarized zone. America was not at war during the Trump administration. Weakness does not ensure deterrence of an enemy; it does the opposite. A ripple effect that encourages Hamas to attack our closest ally, Israel. Biden has weakened the image of America globally and has broken foreign relationships. Democrats are turning their heads to Trump, who finds a way to connect with the American people while appearing in court.

  33. If the “people” don’t put the death penalty on the table for the ringleaders, and very hard time for their seconds, it will happen again and again.
    We should have public hangings in the White House grounds of the top four or so offenders for insurrection or whatever a bloodless coup is called now a days.

  34. Willis may be disciplined by the Bar Association, but don’t look for her to resign or be prosecuted. Democrats are shamelessly corrupt and usually immune from prosecution.

    OTOH, her actions might affect the case. If the allegations are true she and the boyfriend enriched themselves by prosecuting Trump and company. He was picking up about $50k a month on the case. Nolle prosequi months ago would have cost him (them?) a pile.

    Obviously, this is a huge conflict of interest and substantial motivation to prosecute without cause.

  35. It doesn’t matter who the democrats put on the ticket.

    It doesn’t matter how much Trump leads in the polls.

    We all remember what happened in the middle of the night last time.

    Do you think that they will be more effective, or less effective, four years later? Do you think they have not worked feverishly to improve the perverse and “unfair” mechanisms they employed last time? Why do you think 2022 did not go as expected for the red team?

    What specifically have the tech-challenged republicans done to change the game?

    Are they still bringing a knife to a gun fight?

    The person with the most honest votes wins. What a quaint, mid-twentieth century idea.

    Any disagreement here?

    1. Entirely correct. Nothing has changed from 2020 other than the organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic Party has become emboldened by their ability to steal elections with impunity.

  36. Richard James Borlik

    It takes a World History historian, like Prof VDH, to compress 8 plus years of DNC legalistic insurrectionism and treachery, into a keystone cop comedy of errors. Truth need only be defended once – that is DJT’s strength. The real “quislings” have hidden behind privilege and nice suits for far too long, and their gazes of angry frustration give them away. They won’t go quietly, without at least a few embarrassing tantrums, “…amid howls of execration.” But they will go away, and the constitutional republic, under God, will remain. Let us pray and work for that.

  37. It still blows my mind. How the communist got control of my government, congress, pentagon, judicial system and most corporations? Now it seems there is no way of getting these folks out of office and in prison where they belong. But what to do when they send their foot soldiers to lock you up for no reason? Lay down and jump at the chance to go to prison or stand up and be an American?

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