Our Broken Kaleidoscope

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the recent diplomacy of Turkey, India, and Ukraine. Then they examine transgendered activism and current cases of black-on-white violence.

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5 thoughts on “Our Broken Kaleidoscope”

  1. I gave a homeless man one of my McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches before I got on the freeway. He thanked me, and ate it right on the spot. That brought me joy.

    I don’t watch the news, or TV. I just watched a bunch of random videos on youtube, including Mr. Beast. He is brilliant. I listen/watch all of Victor’s repetitive material so I won’t forget how the Communists from the government, military, academic, entertainment, and big business destroy America.

    You can’t blame people for dropping out when the whole country’s centers of power are committing suicide.

    1. You know, in all honesty Phil, giving away your sandwich does more to fight Communism than all the words we can throw about. There’s a reason Lenin went after the charitable folk who weren’t Bolsheviks first: they undercut his whole program. There’s a whole school of thought that says England didn’t have a French Revolution because of the Wesleyan Revivals convincing the middle class and rich to cough up and focus on making life better for the poor and oppressed.

  2. You didnt mention that after the speeding black psychopath hit the handsome white ER doctor, who was thrown 60ft into the air, he got out of his car and while stabbing the doctor, he was yelling at him about his white privelege and other anti white and filthy names. Whites are being attacked all the time. And then there is the white family who settled a lawsuit with the Mall of America in Dec 2022. A white mother was standing with her 5 yr old boy in front of a cafe on the 3rd floor in April 2019. A black man came up behind them, grabbed the boy, threw him over the railing to the first floor. Thank God he survived. He received extensive medical care. Endless savagery.

  3. Victor – I listen intently to you, as I did with Rush Limbaugh. Long ago Rush said that multiculturalism would destroy the country. He was certainly right. He also used to say that dividing people into these groups would separate us even more. To this day all I hear is African-American, Latino-American, Muslim-American and on and on. Whatever happened to good old American? Just American! Democrats started all this divisive language long ago and they have been successful. This last 2022 election is a good example. Their constantly repeated words were abortion, democracy and transparency. The media and democrats repeat their favored words and it become engrained in people’s minds who don’t think for themselves. Maybe you could start a trend by pointing this out. By the way, is it transparent to run a campaign from your basement with no public appearances?

  4. Victor’s position on Ukraine in his Hoover Podcast is very different from his take here and on Megyn Kelly which are both different from his longform essay on the website. I know he’s trying to offer alternative takes, but he gave that pro-interventionist Strategika article pretty short shrift compared to the first one. Will the real Victor please stand up? (Just curious. No menos. That has been publicly unsaid!)

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