Landmines and Reckonings

This weekend episode Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc devote to the various landmines that may trip up the Biden Administration. He then talks about the Never-Trumpers dilemma.

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17 thoughts on “Landmines and Reckonings”

  1. Let’s pretend for a second that Russia destroyed NS2.
    Apart from the non-existent upside for Russia, why would they choose a spot so close to Germany? They could have easily done it in their own waters.
    And what does it say about NATO’s vulnerability that the Russians could sneak into German or Danish waters and destroy a pipeline?
    So people are left to either believe something ridiculous on both obvious and more subtle grounds, or they can believe something considerably more plausible.
    The bad news is half the US population already believes in mostly ridiculous political propositions, and even worse, lacks the intellect or at least the memory to reconcile current information to what they were told in the past.
    This isn’t the behavior of zombies, but of computers, where their enemy variable is overwritten almost weekly, with no inner sense of contradiction.
    Maybe we can explain their behavior by assuming they have observed the behavior of their so-called allies and fear the worst should they fail to comply.


      “… why would they choose a spot so close to Germany? They could have easily done it in their own waters.”
      As a more effective demonstration of their reach, perhaps?

  2. Poor Sami had a Biden moment with Colin Powell. Forgiven for that mea culpa.
    VDH’s quick, matter of fact response, was priceless.

    1. This is The Great Sami Winc we are talking about (who laughs not at the mention of Hunter since infiltrating his powdery donut lair!). Maybe she just knows something we don’t…

  3. As depressing as this podcast may be, better days are ahead. Here is to the land of the free, and home of the brave. I know of at least 3 brave men, Trump. Musk, Hanson, and they are still free.

  4. Always informative, but when you put it all together, it’s very depressing. I’m with Sammy, always the feeling that ‘they are going to get away with this TOO!’ You just want them to see them get justice but it seems always elusive. Our media is shameful. Thanks for your thoughts every week! barb


    @27:08 If it is true that Biden’s regime blew up NordStream 2, it’s completely believable, and completely understandable.

    Completely believable, because the regime is made up of some of the least talented, most incompetent people every to hold positions of power in our government and military, the most radical, and with the worst judgement. Biden himself is the most incompetent, mendacious, foolish and corrupt individual ever to be President. So it’s “near-fetched” (nod to George Carlin) that his regime would undertake a de facto act of war.

    And given what a liar he is, demonstrated over 50 years of public life, it’s no surprise that he and his regime lie about it.

    I can accept the account Hersh describes as true. It’s almost a case of Occam’s Razor.


    If it should prove true, that the CIA was involved in the sabotage, then here’s what we do:
    We arrest Biden, Harris, SecDef, SecState, Chairman of the JCS, and head of the CIA, and hand them over to the Russians, to be tried there. Speaker of the House takes over as President, according to the constitutional succession.

  7. Thank you so much Victor for your voice of incredible reason! Sammy and I are in agreement:
    we doubt anyone will be held accountable for their unethical and illegal actions, ever. No matter
    how damning the evidence.
    As a child in the 60s, we always heard how the COMMUNISTS would take America over from
    THE INSIDE. Sure is looking more and more likely….God bless us!

  8. You would think with all these land mines, Biden would step on at least one or two of them. Loved the podcast! I just joined today!

  9. Sir, wishing you health and recovery from Long Covid. Thank you for your truthful presentations of current events. Your commentary on Hunter & Joe Biden, Nord Stream Pipeline and the other topics was perfect. Thank you.

  10. I too am of the same skeptical position as Sami whether these land mines will come to fruition. As long as we have the swamp in Washington, the land mines will remain, long after Professor Hanson drives his Tesla into the sunset!

  11. Funny thing is, they planted that minefield themselves, forgetting that some very intellectual folks are mine detectors at heart.
    Making sure I have enough popcorn on hand. It’s going to be a chain reaction after the first goes boom.

  12. The Republican party is kaput.
    As broken as the gas pipe line.
    Trump is as VDH described, a tragic hero who now stands in the way of recovery and reunification of the disunited states.
    He has placed a landmine for himself too.
    Its name is C19 response.
    The removal is in his hands, but is ego won’t allow him to diffuse.

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