Obama Quits Afghanistan

Bringing Bergdahl home was useful for closing Gitmo and winding down the war.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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5 thoughts on “Obama Quits Afghanistan”

  1. Speaking of Iraq, reports are out today of Sunni Islamist insurgents marching toward Baghdad as Iraqi Army personnel quit their posts en masse.

  2. More casualties during this administration than under the Bush administration! That is a surprise indeed, only because somehow the MSM has managed to keep that disturbing statistic completely buried. My my how they change their tune based upon the occupant of the WH. During the Bush years we were treated to daily casualty roll calls on every network newscast. Today it is hardly ever mentioned if ever at all.

  3. Craig carpenter

    Dr. Hanson, you give me hope. I attended your presentation at the conservative forum of Silicon Valley. Please keep up the good fight. I live in Los altos & would be honored if I might ever be of assistance to you at the Hoover Institute. I grew up in Palo Alto &, as you have noted, California is a very different state than it was. My wife & I recently spent a week in Austin & San Antonio & , wow, Texas is a different world! We love California, & you, Thomas Sowell & others keep us here & give us hope. You are a good man.

    Best wishes, Craig Carpenter

  4. It seems to me that the people in charge of America right now are doing everything they can to destroy us. I live in the Seattle area and the barbarians are within the gates. Aided and abetted by the Ted Kennedy wing of the Democratic party.
    Unbelievable. But the population of America has only itself to blame. Believing the lies of communist infiltrated academia and the America hating press, they have elected scores of people who are either clueless or who want the downfall of our way of life. It is sad. We once had such great promise.

  5. Mr. Hanson,

    If you had complete control over the US government what policy or policies would you implement concerning the middle east?

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