Illegal Immigration and Eric Cantor

Photo of Eric Cantor via Wikipedia
Photo of Eric Cantor via Wikipedia

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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4 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration and Eric Cantor”

  1. Comprehensive Immigration Reform was done once already, 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli. Mr Schumer (and others) promised it would “fix” our problems and not be necessary to do similar again in the future. The “broken” system is in fact the system that was set up then, and never enforced.

  2. How about this for Immigration reform, we simply annex Canada and all of Central America down to the Panama Canal, then our border security would only have to protect about 50 miles…lol…surely we can secure 50 miles? Yeah, you’re right we probably can’t. Nevermind. How about we just use Mexico’s immigration laws? Nevermind, that’s just racist. Hmm, I know, how about we just enforce the laws we already have on the books? Oh wait, thats racist again. I give up.

  3. John Lockwood

    Although you would never know it from most of the media,
    Mexico is building a border fence on its own southern
    border, to keep out illegal IMMIGRATION. India is doing
    the same thing with its border along Bangladesh.

  4. As a Brat voter in VA-7 I think immigration was not the issue that doomed Eric Cantor. It was just another log on the fire. Rep. Cantor had a longer-term problem with his base. At first he was a good, conservative representative. Then he seemed to be compromised by Washington establishment thinking. Finally he became a leader of the Chamberlainesque GOP establishment. When you go from being proud of your representative to having to apologize to out-of-town conservative relatives for his behavior it is time to look elsewhere for someone to represent you.

    Dr. Hanson is quite correct about Cantor and his ilk failing to answer questions about immigration and other issues as well. It is that failing rather than the issue itself that fostered the disillusionment and ultimately the rejection of Cantor’s leadership. In the absence of answers to the most basic questions, such as why immigration reform, from Republican leaders in Washington the message to the base is “trust us.” Well, I and 36,000 of my neighbors do not trust them, including Rep. Cantor. Cantor’s ad campaign only magnified that distrust by blatantly attempting to mischaracterize David Brat as a “liberal college professor” 50-60 times a day. So in the end we didn’t trust him and he thought we were gullible morons.

    I have been amazed at the reaction to David Brat’s election, often humorously so. I wasn’t trying to shake up Washington or resurrect the fortunes of the tea party. I am not a tea partier. I was simply voting for a candidate that I believe will better serve VA-7.

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