New Hostage Releases and GOP Contenders

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for this week’s news roundup: hostages released by Hamas, New York City school teacher assailed for pro-Israel views, “Napoleon’s” numbers and Disney’s blunders, GOP presidential candidates, and California school get “media literacy” classes.

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9 thoughts on “New Hostage Releases and GOP Contenders”

  1. Thanks again Victor (and Sami) for a cogent wake-up call to action… if the mainstream of our conservative people were politically active and voted etc, things would be different. May there be an awakening as was predicted by Victor as a revolution against the dei/woke insanity in our culture.

  2. Last week my wife and I made a rare visit to Seattle. There was a Hokusai exhibit at the SAM she wanted to see, and we had planned to meet some friends. We arrived early, so decided to walk up to the Pike Place Market to look around and get a bite to eat. It was a beautiful sunny day and lots of people were enjoying the holiday spirit.

    As we were leaving the exhibit a couple of hours later we noticed traffic was stopped on First avenue. A mob of darkly clad people who, frankly, looked like they were about to rob a liquor store had formed near First and Pike. They held signs demanding an end to Israel’s “bombing” of children and were deliberately blocking traffic. I learned later that they had ruined the annual tree lighting ceremony at the Westlake Center.

    Since this incident, I have noticed a lot of anti-Israeli/pro-Palestinian propaganda on various social media. There seems to be a well coordinated effort to ignore the October 7th atrocities, or at least neutralize and downplay them, and instead focus attention on Israel’s reaction. From the incessant cries and anger of these HamaSS apologists you would think we were witnessing a modern redux of the Guernica bombing.

    I am praying Israel can defeat these sub human pigs before the manufactured outrage being used against them finally succeeds.

  3. Nobody likes this administration according to Victor? If you listen to this guy on his political predictions, you will sorely be disappointed. Sami, you need to push back on this old man.

    1. Phil,

      What other administration has eviscerated immigration law and allowed 10 million illegal aliens to enter and reside in our country?

      What other administration via its DOJ has targeted concerned parents protesting at a school board meeting the Marxist political indoctrination of their children?

      What other administration has had as corrupt of an 81 year old president as Joe Biden who at any given time may be unable to tell you who he is, what day it is, where he is, and why he is there?

      1. Yeah, and debts, inflation, crime, etc. What is your point, Ron?

        You think Mr. B and company will just hand over their power? Think again.

        You think all the GOPs are good people?

        Only one man can turn this country around. But the intellectuals and talking heads with a “c” in front of their names don’t seem to get it, or want to accept it.

        Even Tucker capitulated for NEO (the one). I sound crazy right? But, what do you call the people who think the lady from SC is viable? Time will tell.

    2. “Everything is up for grabs” does not sound like a political prediction. Professor Hanson offers his analysis and opinion rather than predictions. I felt for some time that VDH was backing DeSantis but now seems like Haley should Trump falter or a possible VP pick.
      I am still wondering how anyone except a leftist ideologue could like the current administration. The facts speak volumes regarding the corruption. Biden’s obvious mental frailites lends the obvious question of who is actually running the Oval Office.

      Granted the only poll that counts in politics is the voter poll on election day, sans election fraud, but if the past 3 years of failure is not enough to oust this administration, this nation is screwed!

      1. Victor is a historian/teacher, not an advocate. If you look to him to lead, you will sorely be disappointed.

        The country is already screwed. LOL But it is still better than most. If you need any proof, just look at the sheer number and diversity of foreigners crossing our border. Maybe it’s an invasion. But they aren’t the ones burning down our country, but they and everyone who looks like them will surely get blamed for it.

  4. Hi victor, I’m still waiting for you to talk about who would lead us in WWlll, do we even have anyone like patton or Eisenhower, or are we screwed? I think we’re screwed. Thank you and keep the podcasts coming

  5. Regarding the MSM emphasis on mass and targeted civilian killings and nuclear bombing equivalency (1.5x Hiroshima). I performed simple math calculations that illustrate the exact opposite. I took different events from WW2 and computed the # of deaths per bombing tonnage dropped.

    Israel/Gaza 2023 – 0.6 deaths/ton
    Tokyo Firebombing 1945 – 55 deaths/ton
    London Blitz 1940/1941 – 4 deaths/ton
    Bombing of Dresden 1945 – 12 deaths/ton
    Hiroshima Nuclear – 7 deaths/ton

    Clearly, should Israel have dropped the 25,000 tons of bombing in the form of a single nuclear bomb equivalent, the # dead would not be ~15,000 but the entire gaza population!

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