Activist judges, Remembering Kissinger and The Iliad Continued

On this weekend edition episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Sami Winc as they discuss activist judges fighting Trump, Henry Kissinger’s passing and other news. Victor and Sami also continue their in-depth look at The Iliad.

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5 thoughts on “Activist judges, Remembering Kissinger and The Iliad Continued”

  1. Dr Hansen, thank you so much for your insight and wisdom. You are a much needed salve for our national ills. Is this beginning to look like Caesar at the end of the Republic? The bear (Trump) baited by the dogs to the point of attack? The scenario is Trump elected, Trump assassinated by the Left and the old Republic can no longer stand. In comes Augustus and the Empire is able to consolidate and fight off the external threats from the east. I’m not calling for the end of our grand experiment, just wondering if it is inevitable.

  2. Hi victor, can you talk about the Lebanese civil war that started in 1975, I was doing some Research for a book I’m writing, and I found something Fascinating. When a population cannot blame the evil people in the beginning for oppressing them (it was civil war + the Israelis) they don’t blame them for continuing to oppress them when the reason goes away. But in Iran who excepted the evil in 1979, now they hate them, and in Gaza where they don’t have anyone to look to, and they see Israel, they actually support the evil men.
    Thanks for the podcast, it is my second religion

  3. Regarding the MSM emphasis on mass and targeted civilian killings and nuclear bombing equivalency (1.5x Hiroshima). I performed simple math calculations that illustrate the exact opposite. I took different events from WW2 and computed the # of deaths per bombing tonnage dropped.

    Israel/Gaza 2023 – 0.6 deaths/ton
    Tokyo Firebombing 1945 – 55 deaths/ton
    London Blitz 1940/1941 – 4 deaths/ton
    Bombing of Dresden 1945 – 12 deaths/ton
    Hiroshima Nuclear – 7 deaths/ton

    Clearly, had Israel had employed 25,000 tons of bombing in the form of a single nuclear bomb equivalent, the projected death toll would not be approximately 15,000 but rather 250,000!

  4. Dr. Hanson,
    A day in my life does not go bye without me listening to your podcasts, guest news videos, Pepperdine University interviews, Hillsdale College courses & interviews etc. , as well as reading the multitude of articles that you write. Thank you for your inexhaustible knowledge and wisdom.
    On one of your recent podcasts you mentioned you were taking time off from producing podcasts and articles after Thanksgiving til the end of the year?( I believe) I am certainly happy to see that your hiatus has not materialized at this point!!!!

    Thank you again for your insight!!
    Russ Hogg

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