Muddling, Befuddling, Fetterman, Trump, and Fauci

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine Biden’s performance from SOTU to Super Bowl talk, Fetterman‘s recent political moves, Fauci’s mea culpa and the history of the Yalta conference.

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11 thoughts on “Muddling, Befuddling, Fetterman, Trump, and Fauci”


    As a Pennsylvanian, I am deeply ashamed of my fellow Keystone Staters, that we elected that radical, incompetent, foolish blockhead as Fetterman as our second Senator. The stroke makes no difference, just as Biden’s senility makes no difference. Fetterman, Biden, were exactly what they are now, as people, before they suffered any physical decline.

    It was another case of “Never Trump”, and independents voted against Oz because Trump endorsed him. Those people should have their franchise taken away, because they are too irresponsible to exercise it.

  2. Everytime you guys talk about Trump, you put him on a pedestal. The guy fights to win. If you are his opponent, he will try to decapitate you before you even have a chance to step onto the stage. That’s why we love him, and his opponents and dictators fear him. In your heart of heart you hated the fact that he made you choose between him, and a Leftist. You wish you had a better choice. I get it.

  3. VDH, I do not understand why those with public voices on the right do not remind the Democrats of historical facts when they are attacked by them. Here are two examples of what I mean:

    When the Dems say conservatives are racists or we should all pay reparations, Conservatives should be saying it was not America that was responsible for Slavery but rather the Democratic policy, and contrary to their contrived mythology, they never did redeem themselves from it.

    Likewise when the Dems accuse conservatives of wanting to do away with Social Security and Medicare, conservatives should remind them that it was Barack Obama that took $600,.000,000,000 from Medicare so he could make it appear that balanced the books on Obamacare.

    1. You’re dead right. I think it’s probably the belief that those historical facts will seem too foreign and take too long to defend in light of the pervasiveness of the Progressive historical narrative to be effective in a soundbite world.

      1. The reason these facts will at first seem foreign is because the right has been silent for so long. Why let the left control the narrative, especially when it is a false narrative? Rather, as I stated, conservatives need to speak up on this and put the left on the defensive. Why should we let the left distort history? They need to be challenged –challenged loudly, and often.

        Donald Trump was the first president to have the guts to call the media what we (i.e. those who follow politics) have long know it to be–FAKE! And thanks to him it no longer has the credibility it once had.

          1. We are in agreement, James. It just occurred to me to express this view a different way, and VDH I hope you see this.

            There is a reason morbidly obese people do not tell “fat jokes”. Yet, conservatives with a soap box allow Democrats with a soap box to call us racists. My head is spinning. I simply do not understand.

          2. Oh! No problem, Thomas! I figured you were just amplifying your point and I wanted to give a verbal nod of agreement. Thanks for checking!

  4. In the darkness of the times we are in I am deeply grateful for you, VDH. For your vast knowledge, deep understanding, and your willingness to disseminate a viewpoint that so many of us share. Thank you for being a lifeline to the TRUTH. I pray for you to stay strong and continue to reach us, the truly disenfranchised …. The Citizens of our beautiful USA. Thank you, Sir.

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