Super Bowl, Shmooper Bowl

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3 thoughts on “Super Bowl, Shmooper Bowl”

  1. Victor, you probably shouldn’t go on this show anymore. LOL Everytime you are on, you outshine these gents with your mastery of history, analysis, and numbers (yes the numbers…it’s so damn important to know your numbers!!)

  2. Great stuff! I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time! I only wish Victor had been saying what he says here for the last 6 months instead of spending all his energy attacking Zelenskyy and enervating Republican support for the war in Ukraine. Playing Eyore and catastrophizing has real consequences! The Republicans are the ones who could drive rearmament, but Victor has until this past month been throwing all his weight in on the side of Carlson, Walsh, Bannon, the Natpops and the Neo-Isolationists. Such talk doesn’t save Selma, but it does undercut our ability and willingness to do all the things he’s advocating here.

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