Men of Faith and Family and Our Hallowed Institutions

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Jimmy Carter’s life and legacy, destroying meritocracy in our institutions, and how Ron DeSantis should shape his campaign agenda.

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6 thoughts on “Men of Faith and Family and Our Hallowed Institutions”

  1. Victor and Jack, thank you for an excellent podcast. It is so sad and worrisome that our woke society is trading in meritocracy for mediocrity. We will all suffer in countless ways, and ultimately lose future generations.

  2. James the Verbose (psuedopigraphal)

    The inner junior higher in me giggled at the horse bit. Uictor’s mom was a saint.

    This is Uictor’s best take on Ukraine. He’s getting clearer and sharper every day at articulating his perspective. He and Jack are wrong on Zelenskyy. The guy has to talk to everybody. They need to distinguish what’s red meat for the homefront, bravado towards Putin, his openness to China getting on board for a peace deal (something Uictor wanted ), his wife’s need to schmooze the Paris elite by being known in the capital of a unitary government, his frustration with promised arms that won’t arrive for 2 years, Biden’s duplicity, etc. He has to be all things to all people to do his job. Also, please remember that India has ALWAYS been friendly with Russia and owes them for massive investment and support during their war with Pakistan. We also have numerous allies in the Pacific who are rearming and untapped who care more about an independent Taiwan than we do. Otherwise, spot on!

    1. P.s. it was Danilov, not Zelenskyy, who made the Red Square remark and I can only find mention of it in the Sun.

  3. Victor takes at face value that DeSantis’ popularity was reflected in his results in the recent election. Has he not considered the fact that DeSantis was the sole governor across the entire country who created an electoral system in which cheating was impossible? It is likely that, if same-day voting and paper ballots were universal, the predicted “red wave” would have materialized and DeSantis would not appeared so effective.

    1. And so I ask myself: why was DeSantis allowed to win by the Uniparty election thieves? I smell a set up.

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