Means and Methods of the Left

Join us. Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about the war in Ukraine, protestors of our Supreme Court justices, the exasperated Americans, and the failed “Women’s Health Protection Act.

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5 thoughts on “Means and Methods of the Left”

  1. Roni and Steve Wilbur

    Dr Hansen
    Thank you so much for all your insight and wisdom. We were at the Tulare Agra Center when you spoke at the California Ginners and Growers meeting on May 11. We are faithful followers of you and always gain so much knowledge from your insight.
    We are dairy and nuts farmers in Tulare,
    Thank you again for all you do to give the truth of information to us.
    Hope your feeling better..
    Roni and Steve Wilbur

  2. Dr. Hanson, You come ever so close to calling out the Poisonous and Treacherous Cadre of Elitist Professors at Stanford, most notably Michael McFaul.

    McFaul has been a threat to Democracy and has led inspired and Designed Revolutions and Turmoil during the last 30 Years, punctuated by His Path through the Obama/Biden Destruction of Domestic and Foreign Policies.

    When You Call out this Extreme Ideologue for His Actions and Beliefs as was the Case presented this past week during the Munk Debate, the Legitimacy of Your Criticisms will be resounding.

  3. hi from honolulu , hawaii. i am the same age as you are but not as well spoken or as good of a writer, as you are. lol. i have not, had covid but i enjoyed listening to your experiences , having it i am “GLAD YOU SURVIVED IT”. i haven’t heard anyone else in the media , talk honestly about their covid experiences, which is sad. THANK YOU FOR THAT!

    i have tried to read all your books on modern warfare and modern times. i have trouble visualizing the days back in BC or AD. i am not a college graduate, i have cooking degree but had a business providing medical implants to orthopedic and neurosurgeons for more than 15 years. your writting challenges me but i learn stuff from reading them. please continue writting and speaking the TRUTH..

    i am lucky to be alive. my dad fought in WW2, with the 100th battalion

    jay morimoto

  4. In light of the fact that you often have adverse reactions to vaccines, you may want to think twice before getting another one. In fact, you may want to do some research on reversing the damage vaccines may have caused you. Check out what Dr. Peter McCullough says about “new studies that show how the COVID vaccine could damage the brain and vital organs by producing a dangerous spike protein that invades the blood stream.”
    You have many fans, me included, who don’t want you to f**k up your brain!

  5. Suggest you hit the vitamin D3 hard. It should help according to Dr. Malone and others. Best wishes for complete recovery.

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