It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson discuss with cohost Sami Winc the conditions and prospects of our youth as they prepare to graduate, Boeing HQ leaving Chicago, the French elections, and the death of Norman Yoshio Mineta, RIP.

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9 thoughts on “It Doesn't Have To Be This Way”

  1. “Read More”? Any chance you could update how you list items and ones that are audio you could for example use “Listen”?

    VDH, I enjoy hearing about your home overhaul and hope you will continue your pace even after it’s paid off. Most people at one time before they die say the regret spending too much time at the “office” but what you’re doing is bigger than you.

    I will go to Israel with you the next time you go.

  2. James Harrington

    Ok. Hold muh beer. Imma go into this.

    I’m in Jen Psaki’s age cohort and I grew up in Fairfield County. If you want to understand someone like her, you can’t look at the West Coast elite. First thing to know: I did not know any woman who was less than omni-competant until I moved out of CT. Second Thing: these girls grow up playing lacrosse. East Coast lacrosse isn’t like West Coast lacrosse: it’s blood sport. Third Thing: you’re raised to serve. Doing your duty was seen the price of privilege when she was growing up. Fourth thing: being devoutly religious was synonymous with being a Branch Davidian Terrorist in 90s CT. Fifth Thing: CT education was still largely classical, especially in the upper educational tracks, in 90s CT. Except for the cities, and a few places like Windsor, 80s-90s CT was demographically a white wash. Sixth Thing: the entire state of CT is the size of Houston, with about half the population. Finally, the entire state is a museum and nature park. I’m keeping this as brief as I can, but I hope it helps a little.

  3. What is your explanation for why Biden (as Obama) is doing everything he can to weaken, impoverish, divide, and otherwise destroy America?
    Obama never concealed his hatred for our nation, so I understood him; but what’s behind Biden’s agenda?

    1. Voldemort did Great Things; Terrible Things, but Great Things. Joe doesn’t care about the pain so long as he can claim that he dared greatly -even more so than his former boss.

    2. “…what’s behind Biden’s agenda?”

      Greed, pure and simple. He has always been, is, and always will be a grifter, a shakedown artist, to whom public office is just a platform for enriching himself. He peddles his influence, and not too subtly. Add to that, that he is a nasty person, as Professor Hanson has pointed out, but which also was obvious to many of us, ever since Biden stepped into the public eye.

      He probably does believe some of the Leftist/progressive platform, but more importantly to him, it’s a means of holding on to power. The ideology is important only insofar as it lets him hold on to power.

  4. Question for VDH. I am also Swedish; my Great Grandmother was Sami, from northern Sweden. She was housekeeper for railroad magnate James J Hill. I am wondering if I could use these bloodlines to qualify for “native” preference. Sami are part of circumpolar Inuit. I am small business owner in Alaska; thereby related to northern Alaskan Inuits.

  5. Donald Tucker

    Message to the Gender Studies Graduates;
    1) If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…
    then you don’t understand the gravity of the situation,
    2) Sincerity is the most important thing…
    Once you learn to fake that you’ve got it made.

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