Looking Ahead: Gaza War and UK Elections

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss the dog days of Biden, the political implications of Gaza War, Nigel Farage’s candidacy in UK elections, and comments on covid from a listener.

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4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead: Gaza War and UK Elections”

  1. Hi Victor. Just listening to your little exert with Jack on Kamala Harris. I remember watching the Kavanaugh hearings how when they opened it was absolutely chaos and among the chaos was Kamala Harris. She seemed at that time to me, I had previously never seen her, a very formidable opponent and a terrible enemy to have. Since that time she has involved into an absolute joke on the political and international scene. How do you think that happened? Did you think she was something to be dealt with back in the Kavanaugh hearings? Or did you know she was a joke from the beginning? Just curious.

  2. I saw Nigel Farage speak in Jackson Hole, Wyoming a few years ago. In the Q&A I asked him what could Americans learn from Margaret Thatcher and how she defeated the Looney Left of Neil Kinnock and Sir Michael Foot. He praised Thatcher for her tenacity, intelligence, and leadership, before ending with this solemn warning: Margaret Thatcher never dealt with the forces of globalism.

    I inferred that he meant beware of the many wealthy and powerful interests such as corporations like Microsoft that have their fingers in so many pies around the world. They prefer the cheap labor and totalitarian model of state run capitalism that maximizes profit to the less efficient system of our constitutional republic.

    A close friend told me during the last British election that he was voting Social Democrat instead of Tory because the social dems had more chance of winning in his borough of Hampstead with its “Champagne Liberals.” He said the chant was “anyone but Labour,” which is why the conservatives went on to win a massive victory, flipping boroughs that had been Labour strongholds for over a century.

    I’m hoping that with the recent conservative success in the European Parliament elections that Britain won’t turn back the modest progress they’ve made and hand the country to the Looney Left.

  3. You mentioned serotonin today in the lecture. Do you know that the LSD molecule fits neatly on 5-HT2a serotonin receptors in the cerebral cortex?

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