How Left-wing Conspiracies Work

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

Since 2016, there has been a clear pattern to left-wing conspiracies—beyond the obvious fact that they traffic in lies, stereotypes, and paranoia to serve precise political agendas.

We now know that the conspiracy to cook up the Russian-collusion hoax—Donald Trump allegedly conniving with Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 vote—was perpetrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Its funding was hidden by the Democratic National Committee, the law firm Perkins Coie, and Fusion GPS.

The Russian “disinformation” laptop hoax—the notion that the same Russians four years later created a fake Hunter Biden laptop to smear the Biden family on the eve of the first 2020 debate—was jumpstarted by the Biden campaign’s then-chief foreign policy advisor, current Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

There was never much evidence that a wayward bat or pangolin in a meat market birthed the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the efforts of China, Western and international health officials, and Dr. Fauci’s health bureaucrats to spread that lie.

The January 6th riot was certainly wrong and buffoonish. But the idea that it was an insurrection aiming to violently overthrow the U.S. government was also a left-wing myth fueled by the Democratic House leadership and the media.

All these schemes have their commonalities:

1) They are aimed at achieving political objectives.

False claims of Russian collusion likely drained millions of votes from the 2016 Trump candidacy.

A later conservative poll found that Russian disinformation may have swung enough voters to ensure a 2020 Trump loss. It certainly saved Joe Biden in the first debate when he faced the American people and flat-out lied about the laptop, quoting “experts” that his own team had rounded up to legitimize his obvious untruths.

The last thing the global health community wanted was to confront China about its culpability for killing millions worldwide. And what the Fauci health conglomerate most feared was the airing of the truth that U.S. “scientists” had helped fund and enhance quite-dangerous, understandably-outlawed, viral gain-of-function research at a Chinese lab soon to be run by the People’s Liberation Army. These functionaries’ clear hatred of President Trump was a subtext to their distortions and lies that only a complete shut-down of the U.S. economy could save America from millions of unnecessary deaths. In other words, for well over two years, anyone who dared suggest a laboratory origin for COVID was pilloried, while the accusers privately knew that it was likely true and that they were complicit.

The January 6th myth—that conservatives were violent insurrectionaries—led to the greatest militarization of Washington, DC, since the Civil War. Barbed wire and fencing around all the major tourist spots helped advance the myth of a besieged nation that Joe Biden, that old moderate, would heal from the existential threats birthed by the soon-to-be-impeached-twice Donald Trump.

2) These conspiracies involved the most powerful U.S. government agencies.

James Comey’s FBI altered a FISA warrant. Comey himself misled the president of the United States, lying that the latter was not the target of an FBI investigation while leaking confidential, if not classified, documents. The FBI hired foreign national Christopher Steele to compile dirt on a presidential candidate. The FBI’s Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, and James Baker were knee-deep in efforts to leak the dossier and other disinformation to ensure Trump was not elected. The CIA’s John Brennan and the Department of Justice’s Loretta Lynch were well aware of their own agencies’ involvement in fueling the slander.

Fifty-one former “intelligence authorities” brazenly lied in 2020 when they signed a letter claiming that the Biden laptop—then in the possession of the FBI, which knew of its authenticity—had all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation. Grandee signatories like James Clapper, John Brennan, Michael Hayden, and Leon Panetta had no evidence that the laptop had anything to do with the Russians. Lots of contacts in the FBI confirmed that it did not. Yet they signed their names and, in doing so, ruined their former agencies’ credibility, all for the short-term agenda of getting Joe Biden elected.

From 2020 to 2023, at the height of the pandemic, the main players in the U.S. health apparat—the NIH, the CDC, and the NIAID—all created narratives that were obvious lies, or at least had no evidence to sustain them. There was never clear-cut evidence for the bat/pangolin theory of COVID genesis, for state-imposed mass masking and social distancing as scientifically-proven effective tools to control the pandemic, for the assurance that a national quarantine would do far less damage than the virus, and for the idea that experimental mRNA coronavirus vaccinations and their serial boosters in the long term would prevent the vaccinated from being either infected or infectious.

The reaction to the January 6th riot was likely politicized by the Speaker of the House, the Pentagon and the Capitol Police on the theory that the small number of violent rioters, if left to run amok and then severely punished after show trials in federal courts, would do lasting damage to the conservative cause and Donald Trump in particular.

3) The media conspired with government agencies to spread the hoaxes.

On the eve of the 2016 election and in its aftermath, Buzzfeed, CNN, the Washington Post and other news outlets all rushed to leak the most salacious made-up smears from the Steele dossier, fed to them by the FBI and other government officials. Their unsourced yellow journalism soon ensured the ill-fated Mueller investigation that was designed, quite successfully, to derail or slow the early Trump administration agenda.

In 2020, top members of the FBI partnered with social media companies, especially Twitter and Facebook, to censor news that contradicted the yarn that the Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.

While Anthony Fauci and his team, along with officials at the CDC and NIH, were furiously corresponding to tamp down any suggestion of a lab-leak origin for COVID or that their own policies were scientifically unproven, the media was fed their heroic stories and spread them as gospel.

As a result, the nation was assured that Fauci et al. stood for “science,” and their skeptics were little more than ultra-MAGA, Trumpist yahoos. The old time-tested, safe, and life-saving Ivermectin, well aside from the debate over its actual efficacy in treating COVID, was rendered a dangerous “horse dewormer,” while the mRNA vaccines were deemed perfectly safe for young, healthy men, despite being in little danger from COVID but susceptible to vaccination-caused myocarditis.

So effective were our bureaucrats in using the media in their propaganda that ancient canons of medical science—viruses can indeed provide valuable natural immunity; vaccines are of only temporary efficacy against the quickly-mutating coronaviruses; complete nationwide quarantines would lead to untenable social, economic, and political damage; viral pandemics are unlikely to be of direct animal origin if the virus has never been observed in an animal prior to human infections, etc.—were often mocked as self-interested pseudoscience.

The media ensured that reports of numerous FBI informants present on January 6 were suppressed. They also smothered evidence that the loaded January 6th congressional committee was manipulating evidence, suppressing testimonies, and deliberately not interviewing inconvenient witnesses.

Instead, the media ran with wild lies of violent and often-armed “insurrectionists” who had long planned a systematic takeover and who had succeeded in killing “five law enforcement officers” (only one, Brian Sicknick, died—a day later on January 7, from natural causes). The media smeared the name and reputation of the unarmed Ashli Babbitt, killed while going through a broken window into the Capitol, and then hid the name of the Capitol Police officer who had lethally shot her.

4) Few, if any, in the media or the government were ever punished for their conspiracies to create and spread such complete fabrications.

Few at CNN who spread the Russian collusion lie were ever permanently punished. No Pulitzer Prizes for such false coverage were revoked. James Comey (claiming amnesia 245 times while under congressional oath), James Clapper (previously lying under congressional oath), John Brennan (previously lying twice while under congressional oath), and Andrew McCabe (lying repeatedly to federal investigators) were never formally charged—unlike those who went to jail after falsely being indicted for collusion. All instead used their liberal notoriety to land lucrative network consultantships or book deals—and to persist in the Russian collusion hoax.

None of the 51 intelligence authorities who lied to the nation and thereby helped warp an election have ever retracted their statements, much less apologized. All knew then, and are currently without a doubt after the conviction of Hunter Biden, that his laptop and contents were not just authentic but proven to be so by the FBI. Barring apologies, the assumption remains that they believe their misinformation and disinformation led to the election of Joe Biden and, thus, that their noble ends were properly justified by any means necessary.

Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Fauci and his lieutenants, Peter Daszak and a string of others have never been formally disciplined for their efforts to spread misinformation that likely contributed to tens of thousands of deaths from the unwarranted national lockdowns. Even to this day, Dr. Fauci insists U.S. funding for Wuhan had nothing to do with gain-of-function research and still does not concede that it is almost certain that the virus originated in the lab.


From the above, we can assume that conspiracies successfully achieve left-wing goals. The hoaxes are used by bureaucracies against conservatives and Republican candidates. They are spread like wildfire by a corrupt media and, when exposed and refuted, rarely lead to legal culpability or disgrace rather than publicity-driven lucrative post-scandal employment.

One chief common trait is projection. By accusing others of high crimes and misdemeanors, the conspirators become exempt from criminal charges.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign were never charged with illegally hiring a foreign national to draw on Russian sources to smear their 2016 campaign opponent.

The Biden campaign was never held accountable for conspiring to organize so-called retired intelligence experts to formally lie to the American people to influence an election.

High officials of the U.S. government lied under oath with impunity about their role in funding gain-of-function research after conspiring to circumvent U.S. law prohibiting such research.

U.S. elected and bureaucratic officials deliberately suppressed the use of law enforcement on January 6 despite the ensuing lax security, warped a U.S. House committee investigation, and used the Washington D.C. court system to convict hundreds for dubious crimes in order to use their convictions and prison terms for political agendas.

No wonder, then, that we should expect some sort of similar hoax to arise before the 2024 election. Do not be surprised when told of a “secret” Trump plan uncovered to round up critics in 2025 and send them to “camps,” or lurid revelations about “evidence” that Trump is in worse physical and mental shape than is a debilitated Biden, or some fantastic MAGA plot to implement “voter suppression,” or allegations that the Trump campaign’s “dark money” involves “collusion,” “disinformation,” and “sinister foreign actors.”

When we hear such things in the months to come, remember that these mythologies are usually a warning: what the left is alleging is, quite often, precisely what the left is already doing.


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58 thoughts on “How Left-wing Conspiracies Work”

  1. So very true! VDH’s grasp and recital of the facts is a truth bomb that will explode like a dye bomb all over the faces of the leftist liberal elites!


    Excellent summation of the bases for this word of warning to the wise (will the gullible finally catch on?).

  3. Craig Jenkins

    We need to turn out the vote in November and monitor these elections for unverified mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting & ballot dumping, then return to same-day voting like most other democracies have done.

  4. VDH, absolutely the best summary yet!!! How do we get this on every news channel and media outlet so the whole world is on the same page? Love your work!

    1. Colin Philips

      Even were all this nonsense partially true it ain’t gonna be enough to get your orange colored Donny back in the White House. Most Americans know he’s a chiseler, a lying windbag and a pervert. Republicans have better people and they damned well know it.

  5. VDH, I’m sorry you are suffering from another bout of covid.

    Can you comment on the future combination of mRNA into seasonal Influenza vaccines? If the CDC plans to combine SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID-19), trivalent flu vaccines (an A(H1N1) virus, an A(H3N2) virus, and a B/Victoria virus) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) into one maga shot, then that is worrisome. I am not anti-vax, but I am against the short-term and long-term affects of mRNA. I feel sorry for all people who were forced or tricked into getting covid-19 vaccination and its subsequent booster shots. I believe vaccinations are a personal choice based on the person’s health and lifestyle, and no government agency or employer should mandate its use.

    Thanks Victor and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  6. Roger Hutflesz

    Interesting that Jake Tapper is one of the June 27th presidential debate moderators.

    Jake Tapper is among the 51 former intelligence officials who signed the letter dismissing Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation. The letter, published just before the 2020 presidential election, claimed that the laptop had “all the classic earmarks” of a Russian information.

    1. I agree! It is excessively irritating that he was kept hidden for months in a palatial apartment reserved for visiting generals at the nearby base, with all services including meals, laundry, etc. I think he should be hung for the murder.

  7. Without proper punishment and atonement, thieves, liars and conspirators won’t stop. When those same people are rewarded for their behavior, they will redouble their efforts.

    When observing which group of people is rewarded and which is punished, new generations are shown how to succeed at practices that are supposedly wrong.

    How is it wrong if the majority is doing them?

  8. Joel Savransky

    The murderer of Ashley Babbitt name is Lt. Michael Bryd! He needs to stand trial for Murder, A Capital offence,with no statue of limitations!!!

  9. This is all true.

    Question is, how can this be corrected?

    Seems like we’re heading toward 1 of 3 possibilities…

    1. It’s not corrected and we sink deeper into an illegitimate tyranny
    2. There is violent unrest
    3. Trump wins

    Let’s hope Trump wins.

  10. Cecilia Curtis

    One way to punish the video media industry is to cancel your video subscriptions with your cable, satellite, telco or Youtube provider. MSNBC, as an example, is paid on 70 million subscriptions even though their prime time audience is 1 million “viewers” equating to 500,000 subscribers. 69.5 million subscribers don’t watch the channel. If MSNBC’s affiliate fee is $3/subscriber/month then they make $210 million per month just from affiliate revenue this doesn’t include their advertising revenue. If people disconnect by the millions then that is the punishment. Cut their revenue by disconnecting your service.

  11. Another excellent summary.
    Thank you.
    While there is likely a 99.999+ probability that Trump would NOT send these true ‘deplorables’ to a concentration camp as punishment for their insurrection, i, nevertheless, would like to see them placed in one and lose their fat federal pensions and bennies while Milley should be made to walk the plank for his treason and gross mismanagement.

  12. James Carlyle

    Brilliant, Dr. Hanson. Thanks for elucidating this complex compilation of lies, corruption of the truth and systemic projection.
    Yours aye,
    Jim Carlyle

  13. With their historical subterfuges so openly displayed, can you imagine the schemes deep within the crevices?

  14. Amazing that so many people are so gullible & uninformed. Unfortunately they vote.
    Do you think there will be some way to keep Democrats from cheating?
    We watch for your articles & saw you 1st on Fox News. We watch Newsmax now.

  15. The left is so predictable; but so ruthless too. If we, the people, don’t wake up and smell the coffee, the Republic will be lost forever.

  16. Shirley B Gohner

    I’m wondering if VDH might some consider the unintended consequences of all these conspiracies:
    – Broader base of Americans not trusting medical authorities after Covid
    – Broader base of Americans not trusting traditional media after “Twitter Files”
    – Broader base of Americans not trusting the Justice system – DA’s lack of enforcement etc
    – Broader base of Americans fed up with open borders
    There are even more but you get my point. A percentage of voters that were Democrat & Independent are shifting away from the left-wing and over toward the new bright-wing point of view.

  17. “The January 6th riot was certainly wrong and buffoonish. “ By whom?; the patriotic, permitted, innocent protestors, OR the coordinated effort to create a narrative of “Insurrection” and provoke the protesters through physically violent attacks.

  18. Trump 2.0 is a scaring the blob to the core. If our government and media friends used all those hoaxes above to dismantle and purge Trump 1.0 you better believe there will be some HUGE hoaxes and illicit tactics to stop this newer version of Trump that now has improved knowledge of their inner workings.

  19. Peter Patterson

    The Dems have ‘Projection’ down to a fine art. If you’ve ever seen the clip of Pelosi running through the game plan on CNN.
    It’s incredible. But the art of the lie is another thing. Like the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Investigation, after the fact, they are prepared to cough up complete nonsense and lies in the official inquiries. The Government is quite happy to lie officially. The difference with conspiracy theories is the opposition theories are often true and correct. The art of projection is well used and is first thing to reach for in the Democrats kit bag.

  20. Rebecca McKenna

    I am beginning to believe that our founding fathers’ “great experiment” is a failed one. When corruption and take-over of Constitutional powers are met with utter silence or sheepish weakness of the Congress and Supreme Court, the people are the biggest losers. It is a dereliction of duty to allow ongoing elder abuse of this puppet President AND failure to use Amendment 25 to immediately remove him since a viable President’s absence places our nation at grave risk. Thank you for your courage in calling the problems what they are in these dangerous times, Dr Hanson.

  21. Robert J York

    Great analysis of the situation. 👍
    All Republicans ought to put on their analytical hats and read, digest, & memorize all the major parts & conclusions. 🧐

  22. Shirley B Gohner

    I’m wondering if VDH might consider the unintended consequences of all these conspiracies:
    – Broader base of Americans not trusting medical authorities after Covid
    – Broader base of Americans not trusting traditional media after “Twitter Files”
    – Broader base of Americans not trusting the Justice system – DA’s lack of enforcement etc
    – Broader base of Americans fed up with open borders
    There are even more but you get my point. A percentage of voters that were Democrat & Independent are shifting away from the left-wing and over toward the new bright-wing point of view.

  23. Until we get a new DOJ and prosecute people for blatant malicious lies that cause great damage….it will continue. They only get more bold.

  24. Walter Brooks

    You’re correct Victor. The left’s only playbook is cheating. I’m not sure Biden will be the democratic candidate. I also wonder if they’ll even be an election in November.

  25. Republicans in Congress need to respond to accusations that Trump is on a vendetta if elected this November. They need to state that investigating and charging those federal officials/appointees and career bureaucrats who misused their positions, tax dollars and law enforcement tools against a political opponent is not vengeance but justice and an effort to right some serious wrongs.

  26. That is a story every Republican politician should be required to read. There is too much truth for our corrupt, self-serving, Republican Politicians in Washington, DC to absorb at one time. The conflict between good and evil inside their heads would be short being as they would stab Good in the back and side with evil. Some examples would be Markowsky, Collins, Romney, McConnell, Graham, Johnson, Comer, Heck, most of the Senate and at least half of the House. Our elections will not be secure because no one in Washington, DC wants them to be secure, and President Trump will not see the inside of the White House because most of the Federal Government and Corporate CEOs do NOT want him back in the White House and they currently control all of the levers of power.

  27. Reinhard Mirkovich

    Dr, Hanson, back in the runup to the 2008 election, by listening to the accounts of Various AM radio commentators and watching the news- most notably the arrogant but newsworthy Jay Severin – that then candidate Barack Obama was patently unqualified to be POTUS. His utter lack of any previous political or personal achievements, his Muslim upbringing and communist parenting, led me to the conclusions that Barack was merely a gifted actor capable of swaying the inattentive – often willfully ignorant masses – a worshipful media, swooning celebrities and by fully taking advantage of an ongoing deep state sedition that had been in progress for some years, if not decades.

    Rising to the acme of a well entrenched, unelected bureaucracy and its quiet color revolution, the only one of Barack’s empty promises and lies to come true was his warning that he would fundamentally transform our nation – of course taking full credit for the sedition that had been festering since long before he hit the political lottery.

    Seeing these developments and noting that the main, if not only reason he ascended to the White House was Barack’s racial profile, I often referred to the opportunist as The Manchurian Candidate.

    With these trends and developments, I became strongly suspicious then, as now amply evidenced by our current situation, that the United States of America was transitioning into a tyranny.

    Well, here we are.

    Can we vote our way out of it? Extremely doubtful.

  28. 30 Media Hoaxes:
    1. Russia Collusion Hoax
    2. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Hoax
    3. Jussie Smollett Hoax
    4. Covington Kids Hoax
    5. Very Fine People Hoax
    6. Seven-Hour Gap Hoax
    7. Russian Bounties Hoax
    8. Trump Trashes Troops Hoax
    9. Policemen Killed at Mostly Peaceful January 6 Protest Hoax
    10. Rittenhouse Hoax
    11. Border Agents Whipping Unlawful Immigrants Hoax
    12. NASCAR Noose Hoax
    13. The Georgia Jim Crow 2.0 Hoax
    14. Trump Assaulted Secret Service Agents and Grabbed Steering Wheel of Beast Hoax
    15. MAGA Assaulted Paul Pelosi Hoax
    16. COVID Lab Leak Theory Is Racist Hoax
    17. Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Russian Disinformation Hoax
    18. Joe Biden Will Never Ban Gas Stoves Hoax
    19. COVID Deaths are Over-Counted Is a Conspiracy Theory Hoax
    20. Mass Graves of Native Children in Canada Hoax
    21. The Trump Killed All the Fish Hoax
    22. Trump Told People to Drink Bleach Hoax
    23. Hamas Hospital Hoax
    24. If Reelected, Trump Will Execute People Hoax
    25. The 900,000 Kids Hospitalized with Coronavirus Hoax
    26. Dozens of Environmental Hoaxes
    27. The Alfa Bank Hoax
    28. Libs of TikTok Murdered Non-Binary Teen Hoax
    29. The Aaron Rodgers Sandy Hook-Truther Hoax
    30. The ‘Bloodbath’ Hoax

    1. Tim,

      Thanks for listing a great many of the hoaxes perpetrated against We The People.

      You left out the most important hoax:

      “2020 WAS THE SAFEST, MOST SECURE, ELECTION EVER.” stated by Chris Krebs, an attorney who served as Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in DHS.

      Nothing could be further from the truth!

      There is an astounding amount of evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately for We The People, the Department of Justice has turned a blind eye (for the most part) to the election fraud, and has been working to destroy those who seek the truth and try to expose it.

      Also, those – including VDH, who I admire in many ways – who continue to call the January 6th protest a “riot” or “insurrection” do We The People a great disservice. They were the patriots who cared enough to stand up against the known election coup and supported President Trump, the true 2020 election winner.

      I pray that people wake up sooner than later. Obama’s fundamental transformation is gaining speed as we head to the point of no return from tyranny.

  29. Pelosi's Hammer

    The left is going to keep pushing until there remains no place for the right to back up. Then, all hell is going to break loose and the left is going be wondering why they are getting their @$$#$ physically kicked.

  30. You’ve heard that leftist meme about “No justice, no peace”? Well, that cuts both ways. If Trump wins and DOES NOT seek justice against the treasonous left, there will be … “consequences”. Put it this way, Trump will be SAVING the leftists by ensuring proper adjudication of their crimes, and imprisonment to appropriate terms. (No, I’m not describing the decades long terms that J6 patriots received for committing in the worst case, misdemeanors. That wouldn’t be justice, either.
    Capital punishment for a few perhaps, but most would receive “normal” prison sentences to non-violent criminal prisons.)

    Why would Trump be saving them? Because if the American people don’t see justice dealt to those who have murdered them, imprisoned them, stolen their citizenship franchise, spent their country into bankruptcy, and imported terrorists and felons from around the world to replace them, they will pursue justice by themselves. The citizens may run out of lamp-posts and rope, in their zeal to ensure justice is done to these leftist, Democrat traitors and would-be oligarchs. Yes, Trump would be saving the leftist Democrats, by ensuring justice.

  31. The DC District Court needs to be abolished so we can have reasonable expectations that jurors will be rational.

  32. Dr. Hanson,

    Agenda is the plural of the singular agendum. Agendas may be a modern concession to the public not knowing the difference. Similarly, data is the plural of datum. So, when folks use the word data it rarely has a plural verb, again due to sloppy form.

    I enjoy your insights and your confrontation using truth against strength. Van Fletcher, MD

  33. This is a masterpiece summarizing the events from 2016 election all the way to 2024. Short and right on point.

    Thank you for this article.

  34. What has been orchestrated by the democrats since 2020 is criminal, destroying our beautiful republic,purposely ruining our nation and is senseless from my perspective. Justice has to respond and eliminate the lying,sick,liberal destroyers of our nation and its people. I can only pray that a leader can step out and turn us loose on the sick psychos.

  35. John Wayne Betchan

    Once again, VDH hits the nail on the head. Whatever the democrats accuse you of, is precisely what they are doing themselves. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  36. George Walruff

    In regards to the Wuhan Fauci virus, I ask why was it not subject to investigation by The Hague or appropriate world court body as a violation of the Biological Warfare Convention in terms of gain of function research that obviously caused the development of a variant that attacks humans?

    All of the above mentioned individuals throughout both governmental agencies, political parties, and news media need to be brought forth for investigations and charged if found to be suspected of criminal conduct.

    Regardless of whatever efforts may take place to investigate the malfeasance of the left and undo the damage they have done to victims of their schemes, the current path to a Convention of States must continue and proceed. There needs to be a limit to the usurpation of the Constitution by career politicians acting for their benefactors. Term limits for all elected officials, a balanced budget, and a cessation of the assault on the preordained rights of the citizens of this country must occur. We must insist that the government follow the structure of governance established by the Constitution. A thorough review of all laws and regulations is long overdue to assure that they are in compliance with the supreme law of the land. The roles of the federal, state, and local governments must be clarified, as well as the roles of the executive, judiciary, and legislative parts of each. Depoliticization and demilitarization of various agencies currently being abused must take place.

    1. I agree! It is excessively irritating that he was kept hidden for months in a palatial apartment reserved for visiting generals at the nearby base, with all services including meals, laundry, etc. I think he should be hung for the murder.

  37. What does the democrat’s projection of Trump refusing to leave office, if reelected, portend for January 20, 2025?

  38. Old Airborne Dog

    Professor Hanson:

    In short, what you’re chronicling as occurring since Obama came to power in 2008 is almost two decades of police state fascism running in conjunction with influence operations i.e. ‘psyops’ from government and media partnered together.

    Whether Jack Smith from the Obama DoJ in 2012 taking out the potential GOP candidate most likely to defeat Obama/Biden in their reelection bid, perjuring themselves to FISA courts and altering official documents to criminalize Carter Page, or treating traditional Catholics and parents opposed to transgender rapists in their daughters changerooms as potential domestic terrorists. And of course, Trump. Police state fascism and psyops.

    I spent 35 years in the military with a lot of deployments in that time, and my final position assignments was doing influence operations – psyops – overseas. I have had many opportunities to observe countries where police state fascism determines who will be government – and the propaganda and narratives those governments employ to justify their actions, make the population fear those who oppose them, and of course portray their opponents doing what they themselves are doing while in power.

    I didn’t for one minute believe our country would allow an American government to operate the same way, and that government, the media, academia, entertainment, etc would both allow it and celebrate it.

    This is a good time to be nearing the end of my lifespan – rather than at the beginning of it.

  39. steven jackson

    The government is now illegitimate and has no intention of releasing the reins.
    The next election is a forgone conclusion. It’s to late.
    The criminals are in control. Trump is who we need but he will never be allowed to govern.
    To many have swallowed the Dem parties cool aid. The experiment is over.
    The inevitable injustices will eventually lead to breakup and warlord rule.
    A thousand years of woe is in the offing. I pray Musk succeeds in starting a Mars colony.
    Such a colony should be separated by enough space to be independent of the failure that will be the Earth. Hopefully it will be able to carry on the proud traditions of the once great Western world.

  40. I am not saying Trump is good or the republicans virtuous but I am saying the other side is actually evil. There are real demons out there, and they may be driving our country off the cliff.

  41. Old Airborne Dog, thanks for your interesting comments with which I agree. Your last sentence especially resonated as I am now moving beyond age 91. I generally read all the comments which are posted in response to VDH’s Blade and find them mostly enlightened and intelligent. Then I wonder, are only intelligent people able to see and acknowledge the evil within the democratic party? No! I have an MD daughter who is one of the smartest people on this planet. She canceled my vote for Trump in 2020 and apparently will do so this November 2024. How can this be, I ask myself. She is too smart to fall for the evil democrat party propaganda and their agenda to destroy the America that stormed the beaches at Normandy and defeated the evil Japanese empire in the pacific to preserve liberty for mankind. So, I do not think it is a question of intelligence, but rather for many, it is a good heart falling for the insidious propaganda of the left. We may have a chance if these good hearted, intelligent but left leaning folks can be introduced to the comprehensive, intelligent truth of Victor Davis Hanson, Mark Levin, and David Horowitz. Maybe the scales will fall from their eyes. Thank you Victor, Mark and David. May your words save America!!!!!

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