7 thoughts on “Bunglers and Crackerjacks”

  1. VDH squeezes clarity from utter media mayhem & misdirection to bring me down to earth.
    We’ve conversed with you briefly at Hillsdale College at the Military Leadership CCA, read your narrative on savior generals & bemoaned with you the decomposition of American civics education to the detriment of our great nation.

    KEEP ON, KEEPIN ON kind sir .. we look for sanity & composure in your commentary while realizing our own civic duty to remain engaged, hold elected officials accountable & invest tangible energy into this ‘last best hope of earth’.

  2. Maybe we don’t nominate former National Security Advisors for President, but might we consider nominating professors of the classics who are simultaneously owners and operators of small family farm? If so, I know who I would nominate. At the very least, VDH should be a personal advisor to the next Republican President.

  3. The woke movement will end up like the L.A. City Council meeting fracas, because identity politics is perpetually fragmenting people into smaller and smaller conflicting groups. They are painting themselves into the proverbial corner. Intersectionality is one incandescently obvious example of this idiocy.

  4. A always, the most interesting thought provoking topics.

    We need to get your thoughts out to more people.

    One way if you send a small stack of business cards to your subscribers and viewers, they can pass them out to people that might tune.

  5. Hi Victor. In your list of publications that you read daily, you didn’t mention the Epoch Times. If you dont read it, I highly recommend that you check it out. Thank you for all you do!

  6. I’ll add a hearty “amen” to the Goodfellows” shout out! I’ll add people should check out “Pacific Century” and “Battlegrounds” too. As for the final comment about Victor’s taste in movies, it’s high time his love of American Westerns led him to look at the influence of Akira Kurosawa. He’ll love interacting with Kurosawa’s meditations on the self defeating nature of Ambition.

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