California Water and the Biden Files

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about California water during a very wet year, Biden at the border and his classified documents, and the renaming of military bases.

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10 thoughts on “California Water and the Biden Files”

  1. Dr Hanson, today’s podcast was one of my favorites. Your passion filled summary of how the reservoir systems are mismanaged and your assessment of why old Joe was forced to go to the border were priceless. One of the highlights of each day for me is having lunch while listening to your podcast and then reading a VDH ultra. Always learn something new and get validation many times for my position on a topic. I would love if you could do more sessions where you bring in other Hoover Institute colleagues for certain topics, eg Scott Atlas to discuss COVID policy. Also, I am relatively new to the site (since the Fall), so would like to hear the story for why it is called the blade of Perseus. I suspect there is a very interesting reason linked to the Perseus myth.

    1. Pete (Lakonian or Pillar of Autumnian?) There should be a couple interviews with Scott Atlas in the archives from this past summer. This blog is Victor’s “harpe”, with which he plays “Perseus” to Progressivism’s “Gorgon”. Sami is Athena, Daughter of Zeus, and Jack is Bubo. Rumor has it that Mrs. Hanson is played by Maggie Smith.

  2. In one way it is good that nobody was interested in Joe Biden’s tenure as VP in that the classified documents were likely not seen by anyone. But on the other hand the fact that few were following Biden’s career closely we ended up with lying Joe in the Oval Office.
    In retrospect it appears the chain of custody for classified documents is on par with some of our states chain of custody for election ballots.

  3. I cannot praise Victor Davis Hanson enough for his outstanding books, columns and podcasts. I am honoured to be a supporter. In Hebrew we say ‘Yasher Koach.’

  4. Thank you, Mr. Hanson, for another hour well spent. I truly appreciate your dedication and fortitude. Great content, as usual.

  5. Prof. Hanson-

    Thank you for the podcast on the re-naming of bases.

    I liked your point how some of the present-day generals, like McChrystal, jumped on the woke bandwagon.

    Thank you again for the great podcasts and articles.😊

  6. Your comments were spot on regarding military base (re)naming. Over my home office desk I have a picture of my grandads WWI regiment. He trained at Camp Forrest, built on Chickamauga Park in Georgia. The irony is his grandad was captured by Forrest at Thompson’s Station and the picture is taken about 200 yards from one of the positions his other grandfather held under George Thomas during the battle in 1863. I picked that spot to hang it because previously that space was occupied by the West Point diplomas of Simon Bolivar Buckner and Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. I bought the house from the grandson of Simon Jr. It seemed fitting. Was stunned to find them there on the first walk through. One of those “so your grandad fought my grandad” moments. Somehow we muddled through that discussion without any “woke” guidance.

  7. – Some Bay Area reservoirs are 100% full, as Oroville rises 97 feet
    – Since Dec. 1, California’s 154 largest reservoirs have gone from 67% of their historical average capacity to 84%, adding roughly 4.7 million acre feet of water in six weeks — or enough for the annual consumption of 23 million people.
    – Lake Cachuma, the largest reservoir in Santa Barbara County, was 37% full. By Wednesday, following a pounding atmospheric river storm, it was 80% full.
    – Despite the rainfall, the 5 largest reservoirs are still below their historical average as of Jan 11.
    (Shasta 42% vs 70%, Oroville 47% vs 88%, Trinity 28% vs 43%, New Melones 34% vs 61, etc….)
    – The state should build more stormwater capture projects, as Los Angeles is doing, fund more projects to flood fields and orchards to recharge groundwater, and construct more off-stream reservoirs, Mount said.

    More water coming to California. Raining now…forecast to rain for the next couple more days.

  8. Global Warming makes the extremes of weather and temperature worse, it’s not supposed to blanket make things hotter or dryer except in the global average. I don’t know anyone who says that, other than some right-wingers.

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