How to Empower Violent Extremism

Every time Obama “contextualizes,” Putin and ISIS grow bolder.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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16 thoughts on “How to Empower Violent Extremism”

  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction? This Ukrainian borshch has some flavors I recognize. There seems to be at least a hint of broken Washington promises …. a sprinkle of NATO expansion reaching into the Ukraine. And what’s with this center plate on the table? Smells familiar …. pilaf from Afghanistan …. seems to be doused with some sort of opiate topping but smells like Grandpa’s oil patch clothing after a hard day at the well heads. I can’t seem to digest it without a bellyache.

    Can we try this instead? I found a non-GMO organic new food not yet sanctioned for serving at the cafeteria in the Bohemian Grove. I wonder if we used this strange new recipe from the video called, “FREE ENERGY – Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bearden, US Army, PhD” … if perhaps we could devise a better way of serving up this meal so it is then digestible?

  2. Lengthly article, but accurate in many ways. My question is: If Putin is autocratic, disobeys law and order, make stiff decisions, the Russian people are not in full support of his policies. “as was the case of Hitler, and so bad as Victor describes/ What pray tell is the difference between Putin and what we have as POTUS and the two parties in congress,our corrupt, self serving banking system, Wall Street crony capitalism ? Look at ourselves, before criticizing others. At least Putin is fighting for Russia,good or bad, by our definition. What do we have? What we are seeing now, is right out of the playbook of the third Reich.
    When we praise our country, we are thinking of how our country “was” 60 years ago, not now.
    We drone bomb the middle east ,which kills people ,disrupts lives, destroys nations economy, carry war into their nations, cause millions to become refugees,and preach and claim we are bringing to these countries democracy, and freedom ! What a lie.

    1. does any one really believe ” polls ” from rusky land ? if you lived there and a ” pollster ” asked your opinion of putin, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY ?

      ” Can you please reserve me a room at the Lubyanka, I hear their treatments are half off this time of year ? ?

  3. Always an informative post. Keen insight into the mindsets of some Middle East Muslims, and, of course, the infinitely wise, that great friend of workers, Obama

  4. “by their own desperate attempts at magnanimity they earn from their enemies utter contempt, to the point that they encourage rather than deter aggression.”

    Nailed it! How can we get our nation to understand this? This nneeds to be said again and again until it sinks in.

  5. “”U.S military no longer able to fight two wars at the same time””, from washington free beacon. Russia, China and Iran are taking note. With the economic woes encompassing the world, start the countdown. More Muslim immigration into the USA, ordained by Hussein Obama — Jump for joy or kneel with the head on the floor, our community’s are enriched and most importantly, SAFE……

  6. Barry’s vision for a more just world—Massive, unrelenting dead-weight immigration into the USA, all the while killing full-time employment or employment in general. To try to counter the aforementioned insanity that is our beloved President’s trademark, Castrate the Military year after year- ensuring that when the brave and patriotic are called upon to sacrifice and defend, many will die needless deaths. And what is the fate of America if our Military falls short? How do we stop a flood with a few sand bags, with our man Nero in the Oval Office fiddling. The democratic enablers of this President have blood on their hands that only the greek God Nemesis can wash off.

  7. Wow. This piece is like a ‘no-doze’ prescription to the West’s apparent somnolent haphazardness in dealing with the dual threats of Putin in Europe and the brutal ISIS enclave in Syria.

    The current situation shows that it’s almost as if the West is conducting a sort of ‘Fabian’ war strategy at these twin Hannibals threatening European territories. There’s almost no interdiction or overt challenge to their behavior. It’s like we are avoiding them and letting them get their ‘victories’.

    If history is a guide we can see that even Rome realized that that kind of strategy is really one of holding off the inevitable. It will be interesting when and where and what will it take before we bring these seemingly brash , haughty and confident antagonists to battle.

  8. If I recall correctly, the birth rates among African & Middle Eastern Muslims are the highest in the world. Throw too many people with too few resources shared amongst them, e.g. oil revenues or mineral revenues, and the ideology leading to jihad would be a strong motivator and factor in culling out the undesirable, locallly and globally.

  9. I wish our leaders had such capability for intuition. Instead of always been two steps behind the ball and muddled in sentimental foolishness.

  10. The supposed fictional gods of the Greeks played cruel games with men on earth. Watching Putin and ISIS brings the supposition of those gods’ nonexistence into question. Present and past history seems to reflect the actions of those Greek gods a lot more than simple reflections of an omnipotent singular one.

  11. Charles Gonzalez

    End of ISIS = 150,000 American troops + 100,000 NATO troops + 50,000 Arab/Muslim troops + US Supreme Commander + ignore Russia + ignore national boundaries + massive US air power/bombing + $1-2 trillion $$$ + 12-18 months + scorched earth and collateral damage ……..sounds like a freakin fairy tale to me but let’s be real and tell the truth – get rid of ISIS ? Pay the price above and it shall be done

  12. Most of the world’s people respect power and might. Under Obama’s leadership the US projects and image of being timid and weak. With the way things are going, I suspect that people like Putin and ISIS have little or no respect for Obama’s America.

  13. Obama, in my opinion, may not like his (our) enemies, but seems able to relate to them in a way that he can’t or won’t with a large portion of the American populace. His contempt for the country and its people is perhaps not historically unprecedented as American presidents go (see Wilson or FDR), but certainly the first to do so in such an overt way.

  14. I really think it is excessive to speak of Vladimir Putin and ISIS in the same breath. I don’t, for example, read of the Russian government as beheading American journalists. I know that Americans hate Russia and hate Putin but a certain degree of grip on these emotions is desirable.

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