How Many Straws on Hillary’s Back?

She is the star of the Democratic party — and for Democrats that’s a big problem.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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12 thoughts on “How Many Straws on Hillary’s Back?”

  1. One democrat here who won’t stomach her. Insanity like ‘yes means yes’, patriarchy theory, mind numbing misuse of statistic to promote ‘wage gap’ theories, insulting lecturing all men about domestic violence (reality is women are as likely or more to perpetuate). There couldn’t be a worse moment for her to attempt to be the first female president. I wont even go into the insanity of climate change….
    Republicans could slay the democrats on these men’s issues, but they will likely prove to tricky to utilize. Any display of the facts inevitably will end up with cries of misogyny, which is, of course doom.

  2. This is why they will push for her coronation at all costs. This will be the dirtiest campaign rife with 3rd world thuggery in the history of America. Democrats have no plan B so they’re committed to Hillary or Death! Maybe a little bit of both, depending on those secret blackmail emails. But I’m still not convinced that Obama hasn’t decided to hand pick his own successor outside of the normal party primary machine. I think this is why they leaked the email story to the New York Times when they did. Now they’re hoping to keep the Democratic Civil War in house and limit themselves to both sides threatening each other with documentation of each of their criminal forays into government bribery. But you can’t shame the shameless so it won’t end there. It will be interesting to see the country’s first female President in waiting under Federal indictment while she’s running for the coronation though. Well, at any rate, liberals have screamed for years they wanted America to be ‘more like’ other countries. They were pitching us Denmark but they gave us Guatemala.

  3. Disk Morris is of the opinion that the Clinton lustre is fading and there’s growing demand for Elizabeth Warren to declare.

    Much then, depends on who the Republicans run. The usual Republican mistake is to think the Democrat option is so awful they can run whoever they want….Which is how Obama got his second term. The Clinton scandals come to the fore much more easily if the opponent is talking sense.

    I think the American people are tired of smears for smear’s sake, which is why Clinton scandals don’t stick. But run someone who’s well spoken and makes sense, the comparison becomes stark.

  4. Retired Federal Judge Napolatono (sp) said today that as Sec of State she was a gov’t employee, signed when she took office and when she left office that she would turn over all gov’t correspondance.

    And that it is the gov’t who decides which emails are private and which are not. It is not Hillary’s right as a gov’t employee to decide which emails are gov’t and which are private.

    Her comment today in response to the emails…that it was about convenience!

    I was not aware there was a convenience clause in working at the cabinet level.

  5. “” U.S. sends over 100 tanks, armor to latvia….”” out today from zero hedge. Unified, freedom loving democracies…….. Need to woo India into the shock and awe matrix. The Titanic turns slowly, no time to waste. Oh crap—– Obama !!!

  6. “Hillary’s nomination will require the greatest amount of lying and suspension of disbelief in modern political history” – well, Hillary is up to it! Lying is her principal skill!

    Beyond that, exactly what a Hillary presidency would be like is stringy hard to say. Her ideas on diplomacy, set forth in “her” memories, are somewhere between inane and dangerous.

  7. Hillary lies easily, and for “convenience”. She set up her own server (had it set up) probably because she did not want Obama’s people snooping on her. The notion that she did it for “convenience” is absurd. She probably had an IT group in State that would have fallen over backwards to do anything she asked. Having your own private server is NOT convenient!

  8. You know at the last I just cannot fathom Hillary Clinton as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. She’s like bringing in one versed in quantum mechanics…always working under ‘uncertainty’ principles. Hope the U.S. doesn’t run off the rails there when it comes to selection. I think the country is asking for trouble.

  9. By my reckoning, we’ve been “in trouble” since 2008. Hillary would be the final nails in the coffin, I fear.

  10. VDH

    The notable hallmark of Clinton’s presidency and his wife’s dealings was his failure to address the festering issue of Islamic terrorism, whose practitioners were gearing up to carry out a series of spectacular, high-impact attacks against the United States and its interests. On February 26, 1993, the al Qaeda organization (which ultimately would carry out the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon) struck the World Trade Center (WTC) for the first time. The terrorists’ truck bomb created a crater six stories deep, killed six people, and injured more than a thousand. It was the first major terrorist act ever to take place on U.S. soil. The planners’ intent had been to cause one tower to fall and topple the other, killing tens of thousands of people in the process.

    Six Palestinian and Egyptian conspirators responsible for the attack were tried in civil courts and were given life sentences like common criminals, but its mastermind — an Iraqi intelligence agent named Ramzi Ahmed Yousef — escaped. Yousef’s Iraqi identity indicated to U.S. authorities that the WTC attack involved more than individual terrorists; it involved hostile terrorist states. Nevertheless, the Clinton administration’s response was to absorb the injury and accept defeat. The President never visited the bomb site or tended to the victims. Instead, he warned against “over-reaction” to the incident. He also vowed that there would be vengeance, but there was none.

    In October 1993, eighteen American servicemen who were engaged in a humanitarian mission in Somalias were ambushed and killed, while another 80 were wounded. The body of one of the dead soldiers was dragged through the streets in an act calculated to humiliate his comrades and his country. Under Clinton’s leadership, America made no military response to the unprovoked carnage.

    Al Qaeda groups thereafter made unsuccessful attempts to blow up the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels and other populated targets in the United States. A scheme to hijack commercial airliners and use them as “bombs” (in a manner similar to the 9/11 attacks) was thwarted in the Philippines in 1995; the architect of that plan was the aforementioned Iraqi intelligence agent Ramzi Yousef.

    After Yousef’s abortive plot, Clinton assigned Vice President Al Gore to work on improving airline security. A commission was formed, but under Gore’s leadership it focused heavily on protecting the “civil liberties” of terror suspects and eschewed any form of “profiling,” thereby diluting any effort to strengthen security measures.
    Caruthers, Ca

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