Houthis Terrorists, Trump Chasers, and Rare Moments at Davos

In this Friday news roundup, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss governor Brian Kemp avoiding charges against Fani Willis, Houthis terrorism, two Navy seals lost off the coast of Somalia, rhetoric about Trump and the post-Iowa caucus game plans, Davos dignitaries talked to by Javier Milei, Jamie Dimon’s truth-about-Trump interview, and false information on the border drownings.

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7 thoughts on “Houthis Terrorists, Trump Chasers, and Rare Moments at Davos”

  1. Friday 1-19-24 Podcast “rhetoric about Trump and the post-Iowa caucus game plans”.
    Is this, Victor’s message available in print so that I can remind al my left friends and family that the demo’s have already done what the dictator demo deceivers are projecting onto Trump.

  2. Hi Victor. I was just thinking about 1933 USA and now. FDR was left wing and started govt programs of spending and isolation policy and seemed weak on foreign matters. Did Hitler and Japan sense weakness in a left agenda and strike? Not unlike now with Iran and an ever belligerent China? FDR then had to harden up

  3. I have question for victor maybe a podcast. How did Marshall control Eisenhower and MacArthur and what relationship did they all have ? Who was senior given all 5 stars. ?

  4. thebaron@enter.net

    “It would be better to take these kids back to slates and chalk.”

    No, it wouldn’t, Sami. It’s the content, not the delivery mechanism. Laptops, paper, slate-it doesn’t matter, if the school is teaching DEI.

  5. MSNBC and CNN’s decision not to broadcast Trump’s acceptance speech is unacceptable. Their audiences would have heard a message of unifying the country. This is against their preferred narrative. The only way to stop this from happening is for people to disconnect their video subscription services. These channels depend upon the basic network packaging being charged to everyone even if they don’t use the channel. In CNN’s case they are paid on 70 million subscribers even though their prime time audience is 600,000 and MSNBC is also paid on the same 70 million subscribers and their prime time audience is 1 million. Given 2-3 audience members per household then 69.5 million subscribers are charged for a channel they never use. Please disconnect!

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