Dangers of the Deep State From the Inside Looking Out

This weekend Victor Davis Hanson interviews Kash Patel on what to do with Iran, Biden’s policy of appeasement and its fickle policy toward Israel.

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20 thoughts on “Dangers of the Deep State From the Inside Looking Out”

  1. Dear friends, It’s game over – Trump will be the next president if God willing. Lets move on to the old adage – what’s going on in your house is more important than the white house.

    Introducing the next great author who has always been around, but more needed now than ever. Tucker seems to be one step ahead of the curve.

    Javier Milei @WEF

    God bless.

  2. Yikes, forever-Trumper mythology overdose. Over four years gone, which is akin to a lifetime in national and geopolitics. I won’t rant. Rather, I’ll quote F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby. “And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

    DeSantis was the responsible choice and now, if the race is deemed to be already over – absurd! – we are all going to suffer….

    1. Abandoning Trump is folly. Although I think DeSantis is worthy we cannot give the Deep State this victory because that is what they are banking on with these phony charges. Trump knows the deal!

    2. Joseph Bernstein

      You are delusional. What the heck is “forever-Trumper mythology overdose?”
      Open your eyes and mind. I don’t care if you like DeSantis or not, that’s not the point of Mr. Hanson’s interview with Kash Patel. Stick to the subject! Don’t be delusional!

    3. (Sigh) DeSantis deciding to enter the race after an obviously stolen election AND during a Soviet persecution of the president from whom the election was stolen AND running a campaign against aforementioned president instead of the coup’s puppet – while shilling on a book tour – should have told you something. DeSantis signing HB 269 on foreign soil AND getting rid of Sunshine laws that would tell us his donors should have told you everything else. DeSantis never looked happier than when he gave his speech after folding. Ask yourself, what did his candidacy accomplish? Sh!t all over everyone, including him, and an acrimonious split in the America First base…that wouldn’t exist without Trump. Willful cognitive dissonance is not pretty, and neither is the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    4. It’s as simple as this. You can’t reward the deep state apparatus for their Opus Dei work against Donald Trump and his suporters. The consequences of not electing DJT far too great. The system is set against Trump has set the narrative of Trump versus a corrupt system.

  3. This was without a doubt the very best interview on foreign and domestic policy. Great job professor in asking such pertinent questions and for one of the most intellingent and informative subjects.
    I may be going out on a limb here but I think it is a strong limb and I did look up some facts before making this prediction. I believe Kash Patel will be Donald Trump’s VP.

    Sebastian Gorka sort of let the ‘kitten’ out of the bag on a podcast the other day when he said it would be ‘he’; a name not mentioned before and that he would be doing many things to assist Trump rather than just be a figure head VP. Upon listening to the VDH interview, it struck me about 10 minutes into that I was listening to Trump’s VP. Gorka also said it would not be a virtue signal but Kash has so many positives and the left hates him that I don’t see Trump choosing Kash based on skin color.
    I have thought about people like Kristi Noem, Devin Nunes, Ric Grunnell, even Doug Burgum who appeared on stage with Trump in Iowa. Now I would make a bet it is Patel and I think an excellent choice.

    1. I agree, greatest interview. Great questions I really wanted answers to.
      Thank you.
      I would love for Kash to be the vp. I have always trusted him and loved how he is so loyal to Trump and he is so intelligent and an awesome communicator.

  4. Kash Patel is a Hammer, a brilliant forged Patriot, who’s strike commands respect fear and resonance in the illiberal leftist managerial class mind. Thank you for this great interview.

    *additionally to whom it may concern, Ive been sending clips from a Youtube page under the name of Victor Davis Hanson it has 86k followers,I never hear sammy/jack talk about it, is it official it says it is but wanted to check? By the way your video editor is talented great work I will keep platforming those videos as the cuts have helped me reshape many of the ” i hate politics they are all corrupt” im not voting types in my circle.

  5. Victor, I love your content and never miss an episode of your show or essays. Can you please consider using video? Also, the platform on X is exceedingly frustrating. Every time you go to break, the app disconnects and I have to start over and spend time finding where it left off.

  6. I now await you guys starting to tout WEF/Globalist simpleton Haley as a viable alternative to your dreaded Orange Man. Haley is Biden in drag, and as unbelievable as it may seem, dumber. Con Inc has its own Kamala, and her name is Nimrahta…oh, sorry…”Nikki”.

  7. Kash knows too much about ET for the deep state to allow him that high up in an administration.

    Trump, if he makes it to the election alive and survives the Enormous amount of cheating/mailing/lockdowns we’re going to endure, must put DeSantis or Carlson as VP.

    This to protect from the almost certain attempt on his li*e.

    À la GHWB having a family friend shoot Reagan. Yes not only a family friend but a friend who’s brother was scheduled to attend dinner at the disgraced Neil Bush house.

  8. Change will require firing all people in admin positions because the rank and file are protected by the civil service union. Trump would need to fire all in admin. Promote from within then fire those until he has cleansed the admin agencies of all the Marxists. He needs to do the same with the Pentagon. He needs to fire everyone down to colonel, promote the remaining then fire them. Does Trump have the courage?

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