Hillary’s Campaign Has Already Begun to Derail

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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13 thoughts on “Hillary’s Campaign Has Already Begun to Derail”

  1. Proudly Unaffiliated

    Let the Hillary melt-down continue. Gun Owners of America (GOA) just made their presidential endorsement for Ted Cruz.

  2. If she manages to survive the primary process and ultimately wins the general election then we deserve her. Send home the band, lower the flags, burn the ships at mooring.

  3. It’s more evident than ever, today, how much harm a POTUS can willfully wreak on our country in just a term and a half. Thusly it’s more important than ever to soberly understand the importance of ‘defrocking’ the Clintons. It may be chancy but Hillary needs to go ‘full term’ on her quest for the office so as to be defeated absolutely, and finally!

  4. I can’t wait until the FBI finds dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of e-mails she sent and received from her boss in the WH!!!

    And then let us hear her pathetic lament, “I neither sent or received anything that was marked “classifed!”

    By virtue of her position over 4 years as Sec. of State & that of the President of the U.S., everything between them was IMMEDIATELY either CLASSIFIED or TOP SECRET!!!

    It’s a classic replay of “the dog that didn’t bark” scenario.

  5. The public will never know the truth from this woman. Her entire public persona has been to lie,cheat and steal .She never returned all of the furnishings she stole from the White rHouse as she and Bill left the premises.. The families ot the Ben Ghazi debacle will never know the truth about their loved ones who lost their lives. She, in effect is also protecting Obama by with holding the truth. I hope and pray the F.B.I can re-create the e-mails about Ben Ghazi and bring her to justice–Oh wait–any prosecution of Hilary’s criminality will have to wait for the next administration and a real ,honest and non-political Justice Dept.. We the people currently do not have a justice dept.

  6. stick a fork in her. she’s done. she has, of course, about $2 billion stuck away to tide her over in her “retirement,” so don’t feel too sorry for her. time for her to sit back in the rocking chair, and suck down whiskey and smoke cigars w/ bill, on the front porch.

  7. The faster the Clinton campaign derails, the better for all concerned, maybe even the Hillary. What she has done is unpardonable, and unbelievable in someone who has held one of the “great offices of state”, as the British would say. Unbelievable until she did it! When I was seven years old – 7 – I had my first lesson in security, to the effect that I must not under any circumstances to anything to compromise my father’s security clearance (he was a staff officer in the RCAF). And yet the Hillary compromises the security of the United States of America in regard to some of its most essential programs! And it gets worse – she has taken money from very dubious and probably hostile external forces, in return for favours done for them.

    It’s not very far from that, is it Dr. Hanson, to the E-word and the T-word? Even if Hillary’s services to foreign powers do not extend quite that far (but all too close) she has shown herself to have violated the public trust, and to have shown herself utterly unworthy of the public trust; utterly unworthy of the great office to which she aspires.

  8. I think you’re wrong. I think the Dim-o’s have their fingers directly on the pulse of the American people. We want a frumpy hag, with a voice so shrill it makes fingernails on a chalkboard sound like a babbling brook by comparison, in the Oval Office. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    The funny thing is, for all her “splendor,” the Dim-o’s realize that she will stand a much better chance in the general than either Biden or Sanders. It sure is fun to watch them squirm. I guess after the Messiah ascends, things aren’t always peaches and cream for the apostles who get left behind.

    The laugh on the mainstream Republi-can’ts may turn out to be that the Dim-o’s inability to field even a half-decent candidate becomes Trump’s final ticket into the White House, which is the last thing they or any professional politico wants.

    Might I humbly suggest suppuku?

  9. She’s trying to manufacture authenticity. She’s as phony as they come. Hopefully, people will see through her latest attempt to re-introduce her to the voters. My goodness, she’s been around for 35 plus years. There is nothing new here. We get that she’s a liar and has only her own self-interest at heart.

  10. Gary Aldrich “Unlimited Access” a Secret Service agent at the WH during the transition and the early years of the co-presidency of the Clintons. He was responsible for the background checks for security clearances of all WH staffers that the Clintons were bringing onboard. You think her present security breaches are new…this is a deep set pattern of disregard of the law by the Clintons, as presented in this book.

    Another book worth reading is Whittaker Chambers “Witness”. I’ve just finished this marvelous book along with the Verdona Papers. Hillary Clinton is Alger Hiss reincarnated, the torch bearer of those who know the best way: liberalism, progressivism, communism.

  11. “Verdona Papers”?? You read them? All? Pretty long and arcane read. And you can’t even spell “Venona”?

    C’mon, man…

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