Hazing Trump and Other Left Tactics That Lose

Listen in this Friday as Victor Davis Hanson looks at the recent state of Trump affairs, Don Lemon speechless, Sunny Hostin with foot in mouth, and Newsom doubling down.

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4 thoughts on “Hazing Trump and Other Left Tactics That Lose”

  1. Thank you so much for these talks, I greatly appreciate the effort and quality. I have one question: Is this the behavior of a government that fears elections? In the past, there would be some disingenuous moderation leading up to elections, but not now. Quadrupling down on state sanctioned child abuse, cultural collapse, and economic doom are the strategy in this, our Year Zero. I fear that there are great and terrible things ahead, and that much of our current system is an illusion, conjured out of the memory of what once was.

  2. Thank you for finally acknowledging Trump’s greatness. American people will not abandon him because there is simply no better alternative. See you at the ballot box! My last comment. Time to move on.

  3. No one is afraid of DeSantis. They are afraid of President Trump. DeSantis has been pushed into the spotlight by Trump. Guided. Grooming him. Where was he before? He could have spoken out like Trump. Never heard of him. Just another guy treading water. He is being guided and molded by Trump. But he isnt Trump and never will be. Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz. They have the same fire, guts and goodness as Trump. But they still arent Trump. The kleptocracy is desperate, doing everything they can to stop Trump. I dont hear Republicans screaming bloody murder over his treatment or our country being annihilated and stolen from. Because they are all in on it. Corrupt, treacherous traitors. Did you see Killary with her merchandise, hats, tshirts, etc. that have written on them, “”but her emails.” !! I want tribunals in the future.

  4. Trump said he was asked, “Are you a Conservative?”

    His Answer, “I am a person with common sense. Strong borders, energy independent, great education, strong military…low taxes…”

    That’s why he will get our votes every single time.

    Victor, I went to watch his interview on Fox and he did not look tired (he should be, but he is not!!), or soft spoken. I don’t know what you are talking about. Oh professor, you are killing me.

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