From One Unapologetic Media Hoax to the Next

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

Joe Biden lied repeatedly when he claimed he knew nothing of his son Hunter’s influence-peddling businesses.

The President further prevaricated that he had no involvement in Hunter’s various shake down schemes.

Yet, the media continued to misinform by serially ignoring these facts.

Had journalists just been honest and independent, then candidate Joe Biden might have lost a presidential debate and even the 2020 election. The public would have learned that Hunter’s business associates and his laptop proved Joe was deeply involved in his son’s illicit businesses.

Later, as the evidence from IRS whistleblowers mounted, the White House stonewalled subpoenaed efforts and sought to craft an outrageous plea deal reduction in Hunter’s legal exposure.

Reporters ignored the Ukrainians who claimed Joe Biden himself talked to them about quid pro quo arrangements.

They again discounted Hunter’s laptop that explicitly demonstrated that Hunter was whining that he had handed over large percentages of his income to his father Joe—variously referred to as the Big Guy and a “ten percent” recipient on many deals.

They played dumb about Joe Biden’s use of pseudonyms and alias email accounts to hide thousands of his communications to Hunter and associates.

They attacked the former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who now claims Biden was likely bribed by Ukrainians.

Yet the media can no longer hide the reality that the President of the United States likely took bribes to influence or alter U.S. policy to suit his payers. Those two crimes—bribery and treason—are specifically delineated in the Constitution as impeachable offenses.

In denial, the media has instead pivoted with hysterical glee over various weaponized prosecutions of Donald Trump.

But now, to use a progressive catchphrase, the proverbial “walls are closing in” on Joe Biden.

So will we at last expect the media finally to confront the truth?

Answer—only if Joe Biden’s cognitive and physical health continues to deteriorate geometrically to the point that he can no longer finish his term or run for reelection—and thus becomes expendable.

Such a cynical view of the media is justified given their record of both incompetence and unapologetic deceit.

From 2015 to 2019, we were suffocated 24/7 with lies like “Russian collusion,” “Putin’s puppet,” “election rigging” and the “Steele dossier.”

When all such “evidence” was proven to be a complete fraud cooked up through Hillary Clinton’s stealthy hiring of and collusion with a discredited ex-British spy, a Russian fabulist at the Brookings Institution and a Clinton toady in Moscow, did the media apologize for their untruth?

Was there any media confessional that perhaps Robert Mueller and his leftwing legal team (the giddy media-dubbed “all-stars,”  “dream team,” and “hunter killers”) proved a colossal waste of time?

Not at all.

Instead, the media went next right on to “the phone call” and “impeachment.”

The country then wasted another year.

The same biased reporters now claimed that the heroic Alexander Vindman had caught Donald Trump fabricating lies about the Bidens—given Joe Biden was a possible 2020 opponent—to force Ukraine to investigate them or lose American foreign aid.

On that accusation Trump was impeached.

Then the truth emerged that unlike Joe Biden, Trump never threatened to cancel aid, but merely to delay it.

Trump was right that the Bidens were knee deep in Ukrainian bribes and influence peddling.

And that the whistleblower had no first-hand knowledge of the Trump call but was spoon fed a script cooked up by the gadfly Vindman and Rep. Adam Schiff.

The result was journalistic glee that we impeached a president for crimes that he did not commit but exempted another president, Joe Biden, who had actually committed them.

Then came the next hoax of the Russian fabricated facsimile of Hunter’s laptop.

The 2020 Biden campaign along with an ex-CIA head rounded up “51 intelligence authorities” to mislead the country into believing that Russian gremlins in the Kremlin had fabricated a fake laptop.

Ponder that absurd fantasy: Moscow supposedly had created fake nude pictures, fake photos of Hunter’s drug use, and fake email and text messages from Hunter to the other Bidens.

The media preposterously convinced the country that the Russians and by extension Donald Trump had once again sandbagged the Biden campaign.

No apologies followed when the FBI later admitted it had kept the laptop under wraps for more than a year, knew it was authentic, and yet said nothing as the media and former spooks misled the country and warped an election.

Now we are enmeshed in at least four court trials on cooked-up charges that could as easily apply to a host of Democrats as to Trump.

For the last eight years, a discredited media has never expressed remorse for any of the damage they did to the country. And they will not again, when their latest mythological indictments are eventually exposed.


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39 thoughts on “From One Unapologetic Media Hoax to the Next”

  1. I love reading the TRUTH written by an super intelligent person!! Easy to read & understand just amazing!!!

  2. Thank you Victor for another article showcasing your logical analysis and warranted disdain for all things tainted by biden. Please continue to confront the American citizenry with these progressive, marxist inspired lies so that all citizens are intimately aware of what destructive people this biden regime is composed of.

  3. What is happening behind the scenes with the Biden’s? Are they worried they will be prosecuted or is there no chance that happens?

  4. The absolutely most terrifying thing about that fantastic synopsis and exegesis, is we are about to commit America troops on the ground in Ukraine, under the banner of NATO, to cover-up the lies of this evil family. Think about that for a second and let that roll around in your head. We are about to engage in war with another nuclear power, and these people are arrogant enough to believe the war will not come here. As a legacy Veteran with a child who is still serving this country, this is not cutesy time for me. This has real ramifications for my family, my faith, my country. The levels of pride, jealousy, envy, power lust, and arrogance are about to pay out out on a global stage, and it will start with the shedding of American blood, to cover a lie.

  5. “Gremlins in the Kremlin”, gadflies, spooks ….. I certainly enjoy the creativity in lexicon mister VDH. Keep up the excellent work 👍

  6. Edward Filippini

    My first recollection of a presidential election was 1952. My dad was a Democrat precinct captain in my small Illinois town of a thousand people. A paper or magazine arrived with a picture of new President Eisenhower and I showed my eight year old intelligence by saying something about how awful it is that Mr.Stevenson had lost and now we need suffer with this guy, eager to show my father how astute I was. Dad turned to me and said that I had no right disrespecting our new President and that it is our obligation to support the new President and do all we can to help him succeed.

    How different the past few years if we all had fathers like mine.

  7. Hello! Thank you for this article. I’ve thought about the loss of constructive work that could have been done had the Democrats not been so enslaved by Trump derangement. I feel like I’ve been trapped in the twilight zone for years. The Democrats have nothing but contempt for me and the America I grew up in. Thank you for your writings, I learn so much!

  8. Dear Dr. Hanson,

    I do not disagree with the content of your article. But why do you keep repeating it, nearly verbatim, week after week, without really changing the content? Why not post it, once and for all, on you web page? Is this some sort of a ritual?

    Thank you.

      1. LOL, so true.
        When we consider, e.g., the voters of SF, Seattle, Portland, LA, NY, CHICAGO for crying out loud, etc., et al, even daily reminders have no effect on the big city voting patterns. They appear to have the irreversible lemming gene.

    1. Alex, have you noticed that our progressive marxist “friends” brainwash the general population with repetitive slander? They understand the power of repetition and use it to destroy the fabric of our country. Are you outraged about this repetition? Victor Hanson understands the tactics of marxists. He uses repetitive truth to counter the vicious and repetitive lies of the left. Russia collusion, Russia collusion, Russia collusion , Russia collusion……. get it?

  9. Washington DC is a massive edifice of lies and deceit. It and surrounding counties are some of the wealthiest in the nation, if not the planet. Conclusion?
    Crime pays. And this is what happens to anyone who dares to do something about it.

  10. Isn’t that like asking the Communist Propaganda Department to tell the truth? Has that ever worked? Why waste everyone’s time?

    1. Hmm, sometimes the alarm clock awakens one at first ring, other times it winds down without the sleeper awakening. Currently, it not only has stopped ringing but it has rusted and ceased to give the time.

  11. I have to wonder at the future reactions of the parasitic drones who are trying their best to sink our ship of state along with the economy, who would then have to realize the bitter truth that they can’t swim.

  12. Victor,
    I enjoy your columns as a general rule. However, I need to call B.S. on part of this one.

    So far, there’s no proof that Biden was receiving money from Hunter. By that, I mean proof that would stand up to scrutiny in a court of law. Do I believe he received money? I wouldn’t be surprised, considering just how corrupt he has proved himself to be over the years. BUT – this is a big BUT – I don’t accept hearsay and conjecture as valid proof. I didn’t do it when Trump was involved, and I won’t change that standard because the intended target has changed.

    In any event, keep drawing attention to the corruption in our pub lic discourse, please. And I’ll keep reading your columns!


      No proof to convict in a jury trial perhaps, but enough evidence to empanel a grand jury to investigate further and provide evidence for charges, wouldn’t you agree?

    2. There are multiple bank statements from JOINT accounts of Hunter and Joe that prove money was received and money was also taken out of these accounts by Hunter and Joe.

      You need to look a bit further at the LLC and bank statement evidence as it’s super clear that Joe was involved and benefited not only indirectly, but directly.

    3. There is testimony via documented emails clearly showing B’s lying and involvement with his son’s business. There are recordings of B on the telephone acknowledging his availability to support his son’s business. There is testimony of Ukraine’s former Prosecutor’s investigation. There is clear evidence of unauthorized holding of classified state documents since B was a senator and vp. T can be criticized and indicted for holding classified state documents protected by the Secret Service and the private security of a hotel residence while Biden’s theft was neither protected by the SS nor private security yet the double standard appears to be acceptable at least half the Nation. The evidence, in fact, is so overwhelming the contrast becomes more stunning with each passing day. Yet so many remain silent. The vast majority of us have five senses with which to perceive reality around us plus some fewer a mind to interpret that sensed, and, therein, lies the Nation’s problem and future.

  13. From the Progressive Worldview… Hegel said, in essence, “No proposition can be proved true.” How so? Well, we can prove a Boeing 737 with no wings, cannot fly. That is not what the Prog Worldview means. It basically means, “No proposition which proves Progressive Chaos, Decline & Death can be proved true.” Restated, “Nothing against ‘might-of-Prog-Brainiac-Retards” can be proved NOT true.” Restated, “Although some laws of the Universe are recognized, if anything disproves the rule of insanity-Progressive-Chaos-Decline-Death-Illogic then it cannot be disproved.” Restated, In short the Prog Worldview ends up being “We are right, though insane-chaotic-causing-decline-causing-death… and you are wrong with your logic, your life, your liberty, your happiness.”

    In sum, it has always been unconstitutional to use any public tax monies (local, state, fed) to teach Prog Ed… since it creates individuals who are collectively insane, suicidal, illogical, creating chaos, creating decline and creating death. Since sane citizens originally agreed to the US Constitution as a means of preserving sanity, preventing suicide and vouchsafing life, liberty and happiness… therefore the new arrangement of taxes going to teach and lock in to citizens insanity, suicide, chaos, decline, death, oblivion and extinction… therefore… taxes cannot ever go to teach Prog Evil.

  14. I am somewhat optimistic that the walls ARE closing in, but I fear Republicans (some) will not fully prosecute the Biden Crime Family !
    I always believed “what goes around, comes around” ! I pray I’m not wrong!
    P.S. VDH is a Treasure!!

  15. Tracey Anne Nelms

    This is the meticulously researched evidence that serves as a wake Up call to the slumbering 25th Amendment.

  16. A biblical response to political slander –

    There are six things that the LORD hates,
    seven that are an abomination to him:
    haught eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
    a heart that devises wicked plans,
    feet that make haste to run to evil,
    a false witness who breathes out lies,
    and one who sows discord among brothers.
    Proverbs 6: 16-19

  17. I always observe and listen to people and what I categorically no is the majority of Americans are uninformed and a alarming amount brainwashed. Nothing will change, the Democratic Party is relentless in what I call there Intended Lying and Deceiving which is morally wrong. They will continue to hide from the American people all that is true with the help of the usual suspects. I want to add that there despicable use of Cancel Culture which I define as,” the ability to hold ones livelihood to support themselves there children there family the people they love most in this world over there head, simple put getting fired from making a living unless they support there authoritarian regime”. The odds are invariably against those who disagree with there unseemly goals.

  18. The following quote is from a long time ago, written by a brilliant individual who helped form this country. With gods help, we will get out of this mess, but it could be, in some way, the beginning of the end of the this country we love!

    Whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some transatlantic giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. If distruction be our lot we must ourselves be it’s author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide. Abraham Lincoln, 1837.

  19. Marry this up with Scott Adam’s analysis of how democrats are constantly brainwashed and you have a perfect recipe for dismantling the republic.

  20. Once again Professor Hanson makes a solid case the media held cover for Joe Biden in 2020 which basically became election interference. That they are barely deviating from such reporting is extremely troubling to conservatives and places the nation in a precarious situation of losing the Republic for good.

    This article along with many previous ones by the professor leads to the conclusion Trump was robbed in a rigged 2020 election and is deserving of a second term. While the professor has stated he will vote for Trump but support whichever republican is the 2024 nominee, I suspect he wishes it to be DeSantis or one other than the flamboyant (insert numerous negative adjectives here regarding Trump’s character) Trump. I cannot argue with many of those negative adjectives but one thing that stands out about Trump is his love of this country and the working people that built it. Trump has my vote and probably a write in if he is not the nominee or removed from the ballot in my very blue, democrat controlled state.

  21. TY for saying “could as easily apply to a host of Democrats as to Trump.” The greatest crime since at least 92 is the collusion of the supposedly neutral press with the left, including the DOJ, in a campaign of lawfare against Republicans and conservatives. Where is H. Clinton’s indictment? James Comey? Hunter Biden? Joe Biden? Nancy Pelosi? Until there is justice, we have no country–only a central committee and a gulag.

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