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  1. As always thank you vdh.
    Your mentioning democrats use of identity politics was something I always believed. What has been disheartening is the republican flirtation with it since 2018. Especially their courtship in pandering for the female vote. 2018 and 2020 saw female candidates pushed by the establishment in the primaries only to flame out in the general.
    Then to see and listen to speaker Mccarthy drone on and on about having a diverse field of candidates and mention nothing of what they would fight to accomplish.

    1. Deborah Rambach

      I agree, am still afraid and somewhat disgusted by McCarthy as he only promised what he had to to obtain the speakership. Now if he just will N O T waffle on the budget and especially the non funding of thousands of armed IRS agents.

  2. Victor and Sami,
    You are correct regarding poor journalistic standards. There are few outlets which provide reliable and pertinent reporting. Even on-line Fox News resorts to tabloid click bait stories. The local news outlets are deplete of important details, poor grammar, and misspellings. Where is the editorial review? Your coverage of the the fallacies of the green agenda was spot on. This is another tactic by the leftists to further divide our country into two classes: the financially decimated poor and the well-off elites. Not only is the government pushing this unsustainable environmental agenda, but they are taking over student loans, mortgages, and eventually the banking system. Thank you for an excellent podcast.

  3. Good episode, but gets the source of Democratic power wrong. Its not the bicoastal elite, it’s the women who staff the bureaucracies. From teachers unions to city finance depatments, it is women – usually credentialled, steeped in gender theory and often single and angry at their lot, but also deeply dependent on the state and its growth to provide.

    The work is usually not that taxing, so plenty of time to organize, and much of the political goings on are just in the ether and flow around as they do in any large institution. Unlike capital-led entitues, tho, the employees get to vote on management.

    They have mostly post-structural, post modern, sociological and psychological explanations for the World, which they encounter and understand primarily as an agglomeration of legislative phenomena – formal, regulatory and administrative. It is easy to imagine that there is no phenomenon that isn’t ultimazely subject to such authority (Reality is no constraint) and moreover that there is no higher purpose than the expansion of the circle of control and influence over this process (i.e. Power).

    Sure, the elite provide the money and the theological underpinnings. But these are the laymen and the stalwart parishioners that fill the pews.

  4. Victor and Sami thanks for another wonderful lesson. I was wondering about how you would address the basic cause of all wars that ever occurred. It is usually claimed that “religion” is the real cause of war and that probably depends on how we define religion. For example leftists are atheistic and have caused terrible wars and death them religion caused them. Is there a book or paper who addresses causes of war more definitive for real causes?

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