Standards, Identity Politics, and COVID

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about the falling standards in our universities, Michelle Obama leading them to identity politics as failure, and COVID lessons learned and unlearned.

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6 thoughts on “Standards, Identity Politics, and COVID”

  1. I have lived in Hispanic majority communities all my life and find that lack of parity with the Anglo ruling class came to an end in the 1970’s with the rise of Hispanic professionals and politicians. In countless border towns and cities it was never a matter of lack of meritocracy but a matter of being able to afford a college education. One of the silliest stereotypes was the phenomenal success of sons and daughters of Mexican-American business owners and professionals living in East L.A/Monterey Park/Montebello in the 1980’s who attended Garfield High School and scored well on a Calculus AP tests in L.A. County. They were accused of cheating by the narrow-minded authorities, sensationalized by the L.A. Times and then portrayed as poor, stupid Chicanos in the movie “Stand and Deliver” who needed rescuing by enlightened White do-gooder, “Debbies”. Who would have thought the the descendants of these same do-gooder Debbies would now control the country.?

  2. As a White Male I listen to the podcasts often and Prof. Hanson keeps saying that these United States are a multiracial, multiethnic country. It was well before my time but up until the LBJ society and CIA involved assassination of Catholic President Kennedy the country was 85% or higher White European, Christian, since its founding until immigration and amnesty laws were changed (and the gold standard dollar soon destroyed forever).

    Then I am listening to MSNBC — which was is barely tolerable even if I’m trying to ignore it — and they keep mentioning this “white, Christian nationals” are a threat to Democracy (TM). As a White Male I can only take this to mean that the regime agenda is to get rid of White Males such as myself, to perpetuate anti-Christ morality in society, and usher in globalism and loss of state and national sovereignty until ultimately individual sovereignty and self-rule is abolished.

    I went to high school with some kids who went to the ivy leagues and as a White Male even if I got the same grades as them and did the same extracurriculars I would have no chance of admission to the places they went. So why bother? I went to the college Mr. Fowler’s son I think went — to see how it is — and it’s as bad as its reputation. Extremely woke, tribalistic student centers on racial basis, and segregated graduation for black students which White Males such as myself were forbidden to attend obviously.

  3. American medical schools have been admitting Black applicants with substandard test scores for decades. There is serious discussion in academic medicine today about graduating Black medical students with substandard medical school grades.

  4. Barbara Humphreys

    Lower standards apply to the professorial class as well as to student admissions. So, the product of these institutions overall will continue to drop. Employers already are dealing with the decrease in quality and will make adjustments accordingly. Surely people notice the general decline in quality of most services in this country. Finding someone in a large company who can solve a problem for you is now an experience to be remembered and talked about at parties.

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