Epitaph for Hope and Change

Obama has fundamentally transformed America, all right — but not as he intended.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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8 thoughts on “Epitaph for Hope and Change”

  1. Indeed how ironic professor Hanson:

    Until Republican leadership embraces James Madison’s Tragic View that all leaders have devils on their shoulders (hence, wise government is formed to shoot these Imps when tyrannical)… until RINOs again desire such a Republic, then Obama is in all ways superior to them… in that Obama’s every thought, word and deed brings evidence of his unchallenged, tyrannical Imp… and therefore brings voters to Republican ideals, while the RINO leadership does the precise antipode.

    RINOs prove they have naught but the desire to favor their own RINO Shoulder-Imps over Progressive Shoulder-Imps, whereas our Founding Fathers said to always expect these infernal Imps, and blow them away using US Constitution-provided weaponry.

  2. John H. Reynolds

    Brillant, concise essay… Dr H. Hopefully your thoughts will find their way into the consciousness of the Republican leadership. Well done… again


  3. True. These problems might be solved sooner if the American voter would stop believing that history cannot repeat itself (assuming they’re even aware of any applicable history), would stop believing that human nature really can be changed, and would stop believing that what’s delivered on the primary news networks is actually news, much less well informed and un-biased facts. One wishes Mr. Hanson could be an on-air assistant to a decent candidate during the presidential debates.

  4. The poor health of our nation is one of the major ongiong disasters of big government. George McGovern in seeking continued political relevance in the early 70’s had his committee staff create the “The Food Pyramid” to ensure the health of Americans.
    His actions tied in with the anecdotal evidence that Eisenhower’s heart problems were primarily related to elevated cholesterol, without mention of co-factors that Eisenhower had been a lifetime smoker, up to 3 ppd and drank alcohol nor that no one at the time had a clear understanding of cholesterol.
    The NIH was created out of this concern and promises were made that this hypothesis (elevated cholesterol leads to heart problems) would be reseached to prove it true or false. The promises were never kept, yet significant changes were made to the diet of Americans.
    America ended up with a pyramid that was good for regional (think senatorial) agricultural interests…and not nececessarily in the interest of health.
    Gary Taubes writes about this and much more in his excellent book “Good Calories, Bad Calories”.
    More reason for a less intrusive, less progressive government.

  5. Michael Smith, M.A., History to 1000A.D. SF State U

    to infer that Oswama has any kind of “policy”, other than a rote-remembered high-school Socialist Club manifesto is imparting to this affirmative-action, hate-whitey, hate-America nothing far more than his limited intelligence could achieve. Trump has met him, and in his blunt, billionaire manner said “he’s laughing at you all”, “it’s a big joke on you”:.
    Oswama is starting a race-riot, whitey deserves it, it keeps the straights busy, and scrambling, vs. masked Black-bloc Occupy hit teams hitting whites in the face with hammers,(Berkeley. Oakland) stabbing police-horses in their open eyeballs with ballpoints,(San Francisco) , and suing vs. any law enforcement (ACLU, Nat. Lawyers Guild).
    We’ll be extremely lucky he doesn’t get us all killed.

  6. “” Future shock- the unsustainable often ends abruptly”” from zero hedge. Key trends converging in the next ten years. A 2016 democratic president—- cancel Christmas.

  7. New Years used to hold more meaning in government. When governments violated the people’s rights and when leaders like President’s did, people would overthrow their rulers. Now governments control the people. Equality and justice to remedy the social evils of welfare will never come to pass. The people still slave for government. Even more so under Barack Obama’s Administration in 2015.

    The American colonists were influenced enough to revolt against King George III in 1776. Revolt against Barack Obama and “Big Government,” is needed as certain political institutions that have developed under his administration and weakening and crippling the country. Representative government has been lost at the hands of a very weak president. The importance of equality and justice is to remedy a nation that is given too much government assistance.

    Jared William Carter/Caruthers, California 2015

  8. Racial relations under Obama have gone far beyond mere animosity. In actuality, our President has declared a sub rosa war on whites (with Asians, Hispanics and law-abiding blacks playing the role of collateral damage) on behalf of his (ghetto head) black constituency.

    If you doubt me, just look up reporter Colin Flaherty’s channel on Youtube.

    And while you’re at it, take a look at the ideology of Critical Race theory that now dominates the academy, and how the Obama administration is putting that theory into action in places like Wisconsin. And add that to the propaganda being disseminated by the media in place of honest reports, if any reports at all, about the HUNDREDS of racially-motivated black-on-white attacks that have now become routine across the country.

    The fact that whites, including Mr. Flaherty along with Prof. Hanson, have yet to recognize that they are at war is hardly unprecedented. The West was at war with Islam for decades before that come-to-Jesus moment arrived while watching the twin towers crumble.

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