End the Year with Hesiod and 2023 Highlights

In this last episode of 2023, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss some remaining news stories, Hesiod’s Works and Days, and the best and worst of 2023. Thanks to all our listeners.

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7 thoughts on “End the Year with Hesiod and 2023 Highlights”

  1. Thank you, Davis Hanson about Elon he is really a good guy, you are right about that they are after him, sad. Happy New Year to you and be safe. 2024

  2. It does appear the Republicans may blunder their way into another loss in 2024.
    Hopefully, sufficient numbers understand what is at stake. That so many House Republicans chose to not impeach Mayorkas a couple weeks ago suggests the majority of the House GOP do not see beyond the immediate. The Dems discussing their wish to ‘normalize’ the 8,000,000+ “migrant” arrivals, formerly known as illegal aliens, with Lopez Obrador last week suggests the Dems have degrees of magnitude more real foresight than House Republicans can even imagine. Obrador appeared to be smiling as the (liars) Mayokas and Blinken left for the airport and Ronna ordered more flowers.

  3. Hanson you magnificent bastard I read your book! (The Second World Wars)

    Thanks for all of your wise and lucid commentary as well as sharing your vast knowledge of history and human nature.

    So it goes…


  4. Victor, I soured on Chrysler products years ago with my 1990 Plymouth Voyager van. I think I had five transmissions with it. First four were covered under the 100k warranty. When I came time for the 5th replacement, I sold it to a transmission shop.

    I am looking to buy a 1/2 ton diesel pick-up. I like the AT4 model. I have spoken to a number of mechanics and they uniformily have been bullish on the GMC turbo diesel. It has a 6 cylinder Cummins engine. None of the mechanics I spoke to were that positive on the Ram. I was told it has electrical issues.When I asked how come there are so many on the road then, I was told it is because they are cheaper.

    A man in your earning bracket I would think is looking for quality and reliability above all.
    Remember the old adage “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  5. Thank you for all your wisdom this year. I really enjoy your podcasts and your essays. Two thoughts:

    1) You mentioned the large amount of correspondence you receive as comments, emails, etc., and how it is impossible to deal with it all. I imagine this is a common problem for public personalities, and I wonder if some sort of Artificial Intelligence (AI) application would be useful to read all this and generate useful summaries or identify valuable nuggets. For instance, it should be able to group and quantify responses of various types, or filter the pile down to things most informative and useful to you. Maybe this is already happening…

    2) It was heartening to hear your expressions of gratitude for your family, colleges, and co-workers. But I kept waiting for a clue about who Robert is, as in “Robert, cut that…”. It could be Robert misses too many cues to warrant a shout-out 🙂

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