Destroy Meritocracy, Destroy Civilization

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler take on the accreditation boards of colleges, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion officers, the destruction of the education system and its ramifications for our culture and everyday lives.

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7 thoughts on “Destroy Meritocracy, Destroy Civilization”

  1. Another great podcast!

    The implications of losing meritocracy are frightening: A loss of global economic and technological leadership, and by extension, world military dominance.

    And then what?

    The standard of living that we have taken for granted ever since World War Two will no longer be there. Our universities will be turning out correctly proportioned mediocrity and the economic bounty we once enjoyed will shrink. Society as we know it will crase to function and our new ‘From One, Many’ tribalization will fracture our society into angry violent factions.

    And who benefits from our currently predictable, although by no means, inevitable downfall?

    China could never have dreamed that the U. S. would so easily and willingly immolate itself by its arrogant, ignorant aristocracy.

    1. It is what has happened to Europe since the good intentioned creation and now overly powerful EU. With some corporate exceptions, America will operate like a gigantic Department of Motor Vehicles run by China. The weapon less invasion has already begun

  2. Victor you know why “they” are doing this. They are attempting and succeeding at destroying the greatest country that has ever existed. They are tyrannical leftists elites the are banking on their ability to corrupt people and thus destroy and take over. They are evil soulless thugs!

  3. I am not at all surprised Trump just got indicted. Those in control have made it quite clear that they are hell bent on turning America into a 3rd world country at all costs. These storm clouds have been gathering for a while now, with the banking crisis, the devaluing of the dollar and the eradication of meritocracy, just to name a few. I am fearful that by 2024, America will not be recognizable or survivable.

  4. Victor and Jack,
    Interesting perspective of the accreditation process and how the system has gone awry. Higher education which follows this destructive ideology is doomed to fail, and we will end up with a generation of ill-prepared graduates. You asked the question about what happens to people if they are on the “wrong” side of a protest. This has already played out in many communities where concerned parents try to voice opposition to woke policies at school board meetings. These parents are ridiculed and singled out for public shaming, or worse. Thank you for a great podcast and speaking the truth.

  5. William Rozmajzl

    You can see the depth of the dysfunction when people with degrees in education like Jamaal Bowman (a doctorate in education, no less)get on the media and denounce the stifling effects that testing and academic standards have on learning. (He’s totally against charter schools as well.) Instead, he feels that by doing so, you’ll unleash the “magic” that is the public school. Utter nonsense, yet people not only fall for it, they elect people of low caliber to perpetuate the problems.

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