Spy Balloon, Squad Rage, and Proxy Wars

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss the Chinese spy balloon, Ilhan Omar’s committee woes, Hunter’s lawsuit, and the Ukraine and other proxy wars.

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19 thoughts on “Spy Balloon, Squad Rage, and Proxy Wars”

  1. Spy Balloon – not responding is more dangerous than responding. Trump knows.
    Squad Rage – not responding is more dangerous than responding. Do not dimissed it as psycho drama. Trump knows.
    Proxy Wars – No new wars under Trump.

    What happened when no Trump? Bad things happen everywhere.

    Exclusive: Pence calls for Social Security reform, private savings accounts (We need smart politicians, not stupid ones)

  2. Victor, more jobs is infinitely better than no jobs, and less jobs. I was always happy to have the opportunity to work at a 2nd job.

    BTW, for you young people, having a 2nd job, and working longer hours at your current job is how you accumulate experience and expertise, and get ahead in life in a shorter amount of time.

  3. Randolph Frazier

    There was a point in my career as an engineer when additional income was needed to meet our obligations of running a side business. So…I took an early morning paper route deliving >200 papers in the 2-4 am time slot. I was grateful to have that opportunity, and although hard, I learned a lot. All honest, law-abiding work is honorable.

  4. Another great podcast. I appreciate them so much Sami is a great cohost, she is also appreciated very much.
    There is so much going on at any moment but you have a remarkable ability to crystallize events in a very logical and coherent manner.
    God Bless You both !!!!

  5. Victor,
    Russia detonates a tactical nuke in Ukraine … but what then?
    It won’t win the war, the western world will not reciprocate but will seriously start to arm, Ukraine will get 10 times the current support & the fallout will get blown into Russia. Russians aren’t likely to appreciate that.
    The world will react with horror & Russia will become a pariah nation to the degree that China will abandon them. Current sanctions will look like patty-cake compared what will occur. Russians won’t like that.
    Hitler could easily have been stopped early on. Letting bullies win is not a good, long-term strategy.
    Putin using a nuke would destroy him & Russia.

    1. Thanks BoP team for updating the comments so often the last two days; it’s allowed for some real dialogue!

      To Daniel: I’ve been reading Victor’s stuff since the Iraq War. He’s a true devotee of Thucydides who taught us that, regardless of morality, the reality is that the strong rule while the weak suffer what they must and that resisting this reality causes needless bloodshed. Better a live dog than a dead lion. If it’s a matter of past struggles, then he’s all for a laudator temporis acti. In this age of baser vein, however, after an initial rally, he falls off into despair and victim blaming. It’s baked into the cake of his self-described “Agrarian-Tragic Worldview”. This is why he treats Trump like an Augustus figure who he can play Vergil to. I have oodles of respect for VDH, but this is what I’ve observed in his public speeches and writing over the last 20 years. His actual actions as a teacher seem to run against this and are full of self-sacrifice and noble idealism, but that’s a separate matter.

  6. Victor’s segment on Ukraine (whether I agree with it or not) is Victor at his best. He eschews punditry and instead brings all his diverse knowledge and experience to cast light on the issue with detail and nuance.

    I have vociferously attacked Victor as a mere pundit on Ukraine. After this podcast, I here, before all you assembled Achaeans, renounce my terrible menos!*

    *picture fields of almonds waving in the hot Fresno breeze. Even as a hundred feral chihuahuas bear down upon a farmer who stops to remove his hat, and their cries rise up to heaven, even so is my fury.

  7. Victor and Sami, You guys were great as usual. I especially enjoyed the peak behind the curtain during the production of the podcast.

    1. Serpentor of the 3rd Circle, keeper of the Shiny Thing


      Serpentor of the Third Circle strikes again! The tinfoil of a thousand taco stands cannot stop us, oh two-leggers. All will bow before the first born of the Annunaki and our mind control rays!

      Hail Yig,

      Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

  8. Why is there a United Nations? The UN is, at best, just another financial sink hole and at worst an enabling faction. I don’t understand how this feckless body remains silent as a sovereign nation is invaded by a member of it’s own “Security Council”. The goal for this council as stated in their model is “The UN Charter gives the Security Council primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. The Council may convene at any time, whenever peace is threatened.” This is obviously not a goal but a euphemistic claptrap.

  9. Could I question the reliability of your statements that Russia has 100,000 dead and 1000 tank losses. Other sites that I follow such as the Duran and New Atlas calculate markedly lower figures.
    What are your sources.

  10. In other news . . . mass formation psychosis. The reason some are obsessed with Ukraine is because prior to the “minor incursion” the psychological programming was all day, every day: covid, covid, covid. Casedemic, cases, new cases. All night long, all day long. Into early 2022 the vax genocide was becoming too well-known. A reckoning was coming.

    Then, literally overnight, the news changed to nothing but: Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Unite for Ukraine. I remember the news from 2020 until Feb. 2022. It was nothing but COVID, COVID, COVID. The unholy covid! Then it switched faster than a CIA psy-op to Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. This gave the deep state the exit ramp needed from the LOCKDOWNs, shutdowns, forced masking and tracking and tracing, vax genocide, violations of civil liberties and Nuremberg Convention, all of which will never be addressed and no accountability by government or industry will occur.

    The rulers of this world told us: Yeah, it was bad, but if you don’t cooperate fully again next plandemic (which Gates and co. have promised) we will do to your country what we did to Ukraine, and it will involve nothing like what you have before witnessed — nuclear annihilation. Putin is happy to play the villain and provide the off ramp for the COVID-19 narrative.

    1. Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

      Ah Victor N.,

      Keep crying in the wilderness as your ancestors did. The other two-leggers shall not heed your cry! Even if you write our plots in fire across the vault of heaven, the first born of the Annunaki cannot be thwarted. Bury your mind a thousand layers of tinfoil deep, shall not our writhing coils find it out?

      Hail Yig!

      Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

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