Has the Tide Changed for the Left?

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc continue discussion on the Biden files, and look at Columbia Journalism Review‘s article on the Russia “hoax” and the meaning of Tyre Nichols’ death in the Black community.

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7 thoughts on “Has the Tide Changed for the Left?”

  1. I also wanted to support Elon Musk. I bought some Tesla stock when it was $160/share. Within a couple of weeks it lost $40, then went even lower. I still own it, and my average cost is $125. I kept telling my wife to buy a Tesla. She never paid any attention to me, until I told her the price had gone down, and there is a $7,500 tax credit. She ordered one within 5 minutes. Now, I can’t talk her out of it.

    It was the same thing voting for Trump. I told her about Trump back in the 2015-16 primary run. She paid no attention to me. One day, she said she’s voting for Trump. Recently I asked if she still supports Trump. He made fun of women, and talked down on them, calling his secretary of transportation “Coco Chow”. She asked what is that? I said I think it’s some kind of dog food? It’s a play on her Asian last name. In response, my wife said Trump has a sewage mouth. He will attack anyone, anytime. Will you still vote for Trump? She simply replied Yes.

  2. When Dr. Hanson was talking about his upcoming book, he indicated the genius of Mehmet II conquering Constantinople in 1453. I thought his success was due to the betrayal of “fellow Christians” by Genoese. Had these mercenaries not dismantled ships and carried them overland to frustrate the iron chains (which they suggested, not Mehmet), would Mehmet been able to conquer the city? Or that quickly?

  3. A few facts about the US power grid and the SMR’s (small modular reactors) Rolls-Royce (and others) are developing.
    In 2020 US electrical power generation capacity was ~1.14 TW.
    There are ~11,000 utility scale power plants currently operating in the US.
    The SMR’s being developed generate 440 MW each.
    Power demand in the US is expected to rise by 35 – 90% by 2050 depending on how far the “electrification” of our economy proceeds. This would require somewhere between 900 and 2300 new SMR’s.
    Replacing the US power generation capacity exisitng in 2020 would require ~2600 SMR’s.

  4. Jules Torontonesis

    Very interesting stuff, as always. Regarding VDH’s observation that it’s only the institutions rather than the majority of people who believe in Wokism: True perhaps, but what about the generation that is in the schools right now, immersed in all the Woke/CRT/Leftist stuff? All the Left has to do is hold on for a decade or so and they’ve won. Parents and politicians can try to resist but it all looks more like the odd finger in the dike than real push-back. Even when traditional people win elections, they tend to get sucked into the swamp. And when the kids aren’t in school, they’re exposed to the same messages, on line and from the media. Adults can be trusted to have a modicum of what we perceive as common sense, but where did that common sense come from, if not from our education and our upbringing?

  5. Your frustration comes through loud and clear in the last several podcasts. I can only ask ‘What took you so long”? I will presume your decades in academia produced a very patient professor.

    Thank you, Sami and Jack for some of the best current issue analysis.
    The only ones I find equally informative are Scholars and Sense (VDH, Bill Bennett & Conrad Black) as well as interviews with John Anderson and Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson.
    Fortunately we get Professor Hanson 4-5 times a week.

  6. thebaron@enter.net

    @25:00 ff
    It’s not only that “journalists” write articles telling us what we need to know or what we must do. It’s that they’re so badly written. That’s just as insulting as the propaganda is.

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