Chasing Lies, Seeking Solutions

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talking about Devon Archer‘s testimony, Fauci’s lies, DeSantis’ 10-point program, and pollution caused by solar panels.

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11 thoughts on “Chasing Lies, Seeking Solutions”

  1. I desperately need help choosing the best available books on these subjects; United States history, world civilizations, and military history. I have much respect for Mr. Hanson and his recommendations would be appreciated. thank you

  2. Victor’s prescription for reforming our public schools is a good start, but it ignores one of the most important influences on urban schools … federal education grants with strings attached. The administrations of our school districts are loaded with bean counters and lawyers who ensure that all the federal boxes are properly filled out. Things like the racial composition of students receiving disciplinary actions are the substance of their contribution to the “education” dispensed in that district. This results in discipline quotas for racial groups, which creates get-out-of-jail-free cards for the favored minorities. They quickly figure out that if the school is violent enough, there will be no consequences for minor assaults like classroom disruptions and even bloody-noses and bruises kickdowns. I have personally witnessed such things in an inner-city school. The motivations of the administrators are the problem. They seek to garner additional funds for the district, and it is one of the few things they can do to increase revenues. We’d be better off they focused on minimizing expenditures, also known as increasing efficiency, which is a primary focus of private business.


      Well, the simplest solution to federal grants is to get the federal government out of the business of education altogether. Eliminate the Department of Education, and end all other federal involvement in schools. It doesn’t belong there.

      1. Robert Stewart

        Baron, the solution is to get rid of all the federal grants. Why would you limit their removal to education? But to do this we must educate the public on how far reaching and pernicious the existing system of grants is. I doubt that 20% of all Republican legislators, local, state, and federal, would agree that the grant system is the source of the problem we face. Many pride themselves on bring home the bacon. Unfortunately, the bacon they bring home is still on the hoof, and it presumes to rule the household.


          Robert Stewart, I agree. But since you spoke specifically about education, I confined myself to that.
          I believe that the federal government should be reduced to the size and scope it had before Wilson, at the very least. There is probably an even better benchmark that goes back earlier. too.

  3. A couple of years ago I was in downtown Seattle ordering a Subway sandwich. While the 20-something clerk was making my order I thought to myself: where does this person live? There is no way she could afford an apartment, much less a mortgage in proximity to her job. Then I thought about my own 70 mile/day commute and the thousands of miles I was racking up on my modest used car.

    Alas, the light rail extension near my house would not be completed for another 3 years. But when it is finished I will be able to drive to the park & ride that is 20 minutes away and hop on a light rail car that will whisk me in to town in about 30 minutes.

    Not all mass transit projects are equal. Some actually work well and are fit for purpose.

    1. It will never be finished, and you will have the funds stolen from you ( who would use it ) and everyone else ( who won’t). Private enterprise would do it faster, cheaper, and better…and a pay to ride system would be far more cost effective for all.

    2. Robert Stewart

      Ron Nixon, I’m curious about your confidence in the King County light rail system. Have you used the existing links? Do you believe that you will be protected while riding the train, and that your vehicle will not be vandalized or stolen while you are at work? Have you considered the time you will spend entering and leaving the parking lot when hundreds of fellow commuters are discharged in large groups? And how about the time the train will spend loading and unloading at the intermediate stations. Will you need to switch trains at SeaTac? Metro express buses are likely to be just as fast as the light rail. Have you used those buses for an extended period of time? I greatly fear that your imagination is painting a picture that is going be much more enjoyable than the coming reality.

  4. Two truisms regarding Victor’s reporting on the woke elite –

    A rich man is wise in his own eyes,
    but a poor man who has understanding will find him out.
    Proverbs 28:11

    The poor use entreaties,
    but the rich answers roughly.
    Proverbs 18:23

  5. Marvin P. Matlock,MD

    Victor we have met several times in the past. I use to listen to your Classics Lectures at Fresno State. You knew my ex-wife Michelle, Fund Director of Arts and Humanities. I practiced Internal Medicine in Fresno 45 years before moving to Lanai HI. Mahalo, 🌺💖🌺🍍🤙

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