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VDH UltraAngry Reader 09-02-2021

From An Angry Reader: Subject: Tribune Editorial Mr. Hanson: You no doubt consider yourself to be an objective journalist, but I suggest that you are little more than a shill for Donald Trump and his sycophants. Your so-called editorial, “There’s a problem in the upper reaches of our military,” is blatantly one-sided; so much so, …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 7-30-2019

From An Angry Reader: Dont worry , no silly greetings for you. Ha ha ha , reading your opinion in Albuquerque Journal made me laugh out loud. Fortunately, I rarely read such Bull Shit. Such crap is beyond belief. Thanks for the Laugh , Darrell Little ———————————————————————————————————— Dear Angry Reader Darrell Little, I have some …

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VDH UltraWhy the Effort to Demonize Attorney General Barr?

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review The current progressive effort to demonize attorney general William Barr is creepy, but then again not so strange. He came into the office with singular experience and an excellent reputation from past service. As attorney general, he has followed the law to the letter in handling the release, redactions, …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 04-04-2019

From An Angry Reader: Sir: I thought you were supposed to be an intellectual. Hoover Institution and all that. Then you go off on an illegal immigrant killing an American. That’s Rush Limbaugh turf. (the 2 semester and out fellow) I guess you’re just another partisan propagandist after all. Sorry. Gary Christian _______________________________________________________________________ Dear Angry …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 04-03-2019

From An Angry Reader: Well, a quick scan of your website revealed you actually have a whole section dedicated to “Angry Reader” mail. One would think, a man of your so-called intellect, would perhaps have a small moment of introspection and realize the true damage Donald Trump and the current Republican Party are doing to …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 04-02-2019

From An Angry Reader: Dear Mr. Hanson, though your academic accreditations appear substantial, your view of history seems almost deliberately moronic. I generally don’t like to wade into a debate with an ad hominem; but defending George Bush and his disastrous military policies?? The only rational explanations are intentional distortion or willful ignorance… Sadly, neither …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 02-05-2019

From An Angry Reader: You, sir, are a traitor, To call the FBI and the representatives of the United States “Bolsheviks” when the POTUS you seek to defend consistently lies about contacts with GRU officials; whose chief strategist Stephen Bannon claimed to be a Leninist because he was advocating the destruction of the establishment, you …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 02-04-2019

From An Angry Reader: Are your fake-right fellows at NRO going to issue a grovelling apology to the CHILDREN they attacked at Covington Catholic High School? They were so eager to attack white children that they didn’t even bother watching the video before condemning them. This is why we hate you. ____________________________________________________________________ Dear Very Angry …

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