Biden’s “medical” excuse and Hunter facing prosecution

Join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler as they discuss President Biden walking out of a Medal of Honor ceremony and the excuse that was given, Hunter Biden possibly facing prosecution from Special Counsel David Weiss, New York Mayor Eric Adams saying illegal immigrants are destroying the city and Elon Musk withholding Starlink from Ukraine.

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5 thoughts on “Biden's "medical" excuse and Hunter facing prosecution”

  1. Thank you again for saying what is on my mind. Our cities around Seattle area are celebrating “Welcoming month” where they welcome (illegal aliens) immigrants, because they bring diversity of ideas, but it doesn’t mention the drugs, gangs, street racing, crime, car wrecks (hit and run), over run schools, use of low income housing that was designed to help seniors and vets (so we were told), use of tax payer services, and destruction of our natural areas based on homelessness- not to mention that the respect for the country itself is not there.

    Sorry about your orchard and the damage done to the orchard without recourse. I can’t believe that the mayors and city council members can still expect us to be celebrating this influx of illegal aliens coming into the country.

    Thanks for sharing truth.

  2. I love Victor Hanson! I listen to all your shows! A true mentor with such outstanding advice and guidance You have so much wisdom! Check out the movie Tom Horn movie with Steve McQueen!

  3. A British expression: to be knackered.

    It means to be tired or fatigued.

    Example: “I’ve been working all day and am bloody well knackered.”

    When horses die they’re taken to the knackers to be properly disposed of. I don’t know why that equestrian listener was so offended by the expression, “beating a dead horse.” Does the expression to be “knackered” cause offense as well?

  4. Nobody else I have ever heard can take a truly complex situation and break it down in a manner that absolutely anyone can understand, other than VDH. His explanation of the current goings on between our government and Elon Musk is not easy to understand. It involves everything back from his purchase of Twitter to his refusal to allow Ukraine to use his Star link system to attack the Russian Black Sea fleet. In ten minutes Victor explained the dynamics in such a way that a sixth grader could understand. Thank you so much for your wisdom.

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