Biden’s Domestic Doctrine

Victor Davis Hanson // Internet Interview with Urs Gehriger

While the American media swoon over President Joe Biden, historian Victor Davis Hanson is ringing the alarm bell. He warns that the radical Left has captured the White House and is on the march. Former President Barack Obama promised a fundamental transformation of American democracy. Now, from behind the desk of the Oval Office, his former vice president is fulfilling that pledge and “is trying to divide America by race.”

What a difference a new president makes — on the America media. Next week marks President Joe Biden’s one hundredth day in office, and the fourth estate is rapturous with praise. Under the 78-year-old Democrat’s leadership, America’s reputation in the world is soaring; humanity has returned to Pennsylvania Avenue; and the “former president who shall not be named” is a distant figure mercifully banished to his palm lined fortress in “COVID America.”

Historian Victor Davis Hanson disagrees.

In his vivid retelling, Biden is no less than a modern, political “Dr. Frankenstein.” Among the horrors Biden has wrought is “an illegal immigration monster that is now it’s out of control.” Hanson argues that the Swamp veteran is cynically playing “the ‘race card’ to divide America” and entrench the Democrat party. On foreign policy, Hanson warns: “Our friends can’t count on us, and our enemies don’t fear us.”


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