An Interview with Governor DeSantis

Victor Davis Hanson has an engaging and thought-provoking one-on-one conversation with Florida Governor and 2024 GOP Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. Victor and Governor DeSantis discuss the Governor’s response to the Hamas attack on Israel, what actions he’s taken to help Americans in Israel evacuate and return the U.S., the steps DeSantis has taken to ban Students for Justice in Palestine from Florida college campuses for providing ‘support’ to Hamas, the role China is playing on the global stage and their involvement with Iran, the Biden administration’s lack of vision to resolve the conflicts in the world today, the need for security in America, and much more.

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23 thoughts on “An Interview with Governor DeSantis”

  1. Palm Beach County resident. Excellent interview both. Governor, keep this great work you have been doing up. Get elected, keep your great plans to make America Great Again, by someone who actually will be able to do it. You have my vote and I’ll ask others to do the same. Bravo.

  2. This lawyer might have learned to be a good governor, but his magnanimous ego combined with RINO neocon elitists to create the ugly Frankenstein monster standing before us today. In my opinion, Ron should leave politics and go to work for a living. He can make me a sandwich. Done with him. Trump 2024!

    1. What a bunch of malarkey as Brandon would say. Trump has the biggest neocon and RINO of all on his side: Lindsay Graham.

      1. Did you know DeVoteSplitter put in writing that the man he admires most in life is GHW Bush? Just another Yale grandee and lawyer that was in Skull and Bones, now packaged as Trump lite for GOPe weenies. They are burning the constitution AND the world to stop Trump, not DeSantis. But I get it, surrender to focus group/status quo Bushies is far easier than standing up for the guy they stole an election from and are actively trying to absolutely destroy. With friends like these…after Trump I’ll probably never vote for another phony republican.

    2. I will vote for whomever the Republicans nominate for president.

      What do you think are Trump’s strengths and what does he offer this time to gain new voters, independents, democrats, and republicans?

    3. P.S. I’ve voted for Donald Trump twice.

      How can Trump and his most ardent supporters unite behind the nominee?

      How can conservative voters support their preferred candidate without denigrating the others?

      What would it take to promote your candidate’s best qualities so that other voters would be favorable too?

  3. I don’t understand why DeSantis isn’t the front runner by a mile – is the media trying to hide his light under a bushel? Articulate very – but chock full of common sense – He barely draws a breath answering all of Victors excellent questions – i found myself in total agreement with each and every point he made. And as for his foreign policy views – the legacy media casually dismiss DeSantis as an ‘isolationist’. They know he’s not – it’s just a handy smear – to scare people- because scared people are easier to control. We saw that with Corona didn’t we? But if you can get more people to listen to him then more people will get behind him. IHe speaks with a natural authority and yet does so in a way that even the most indifferent individual can engage with and understand. And he doesn’t sound like a bien pendant jackass-but a normal guy you could have a really good discussion with. Thank you Victor for bringing this to us 👏👏👍

    1. America beware! Ron DeSantis talks a good game, but he is a liar & a fraud. He touts TRUMP policies, & explains them as though they are only his – He has no original thoughts, & only opinions, just like the rest of us; Doesn’t mean any of us should be President. Of course he knows the topics he’s going to be asked about, & thusly, is completely scripted. Again, no original thoughts or expressions.

      He has only fought culture wars, & even with a Republican legislature in FL, many of those cases are stuck in the courts. The culture war was for show; His intention was always to run for President, & he even changed FL law to accomplish that, all the while not admitting to his constituents that was the plan. Shady politician!

      He has no real foreign policy experience. Again, he has OPINIONS, but with the way the world is today, there is NO TIME for on the job training.

      As usual, he was able to, “fit in,” his military service, advising that he was active duty in Iraq. He was a JAG officer, & collected urine samples from Navy Seals.

      He’s all about the optics, regardless of the subject. Once you really investigate this guy, & WHO is behind him, he’s sketchy. He does have conservative ideas, but is beholden to his big money donor base!

      We need someone with true experience & proven policies. We need TRUMP now more than ever – Ron has been nothing but a distraction & divisive to the Conservative platform. That should not be rewarded in any way.

    2. DeSantis trails Trump, significantly, because Trump has a proven track record of doing it. As they say Trump walked the walk while DeSantis is still talking the talk of POTUS policies.

    1. And may he be your governor until 2026 when his elected term ends. A good governor does not always make a good POTUS. That he got the FL law changed that allowed him to run for POTUS while keeping office is a little troubling, don’t you think?

      Yes if was very fortunate you did not get Gillum. You may want to give Trump a little credit on that.

  4. Notes:

    1. Students for Justice in Palestine, a group active on college campuses, states that they are one and the same with Hamas. It has been deactived on Florida college campuses.

    2. An Islamic Jihad rocket strikes a parking lot adjacent to a hospital in Gaza and United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken wants to fly the American flag at half-mast, believing it to have come from Israel. President Joe Biden sends 100 million dollars to Gaza.

    3. Democrat activists view Israel as a colonial power and are anti-Israeli.

    4. 1948 – Israel accepts partitioning of the land and Arabs do not then fight and Israel wins.

    5. 1967 – Israel wins the Six Day War against Arabs for the land.

    6. 1973 – Israel wins the Yom Kippor War against Arabs over the land.

    7. Hamas seeks to eradicate the state of Israel, not just establish its own state. From the River to the Sea is a rallying cry to destroy Israel.

    8. Israel has offered to Arabs a Palestinian state.

    9. Liberals do not condemn Muslims for conquering land and not giving it back to those they conquered.

    10. Israel is not a colonial power or an occupying force in Gaza.

    11. 2005 – Israel removes Israelis from Gaza.

    12. Gazan people elected Hamas and have cheered their assault on Israelis.

    13. China has sent six warships to the Middle East. It buys oil from Iran who fund terrorists.

    14. The majority in the Middle East don’t want a democracy but seem to want Islamic Sharia law to be the government.

  5. Helene Hildebrand

    Excellent interview. I’m a Floridian & really like him as our governor. He is THE person who can lead our country & will be well respected by other world leaders. More people need to listen to him and get off the MAGA wagon. It’s going nowhere.
    RD has my vote for sure. Thank you.

    1. IMO the more people truly listen, the more they will hear DeSantis touting Trump policies while twisting his arm to pat himself on his back.
      You are aware that MAGA stands for Make America Great Again! If that is going nowhere, this nation is lost. More people need a cure for TDS and stop worrying about a crude talking Trump. Focus on his accomplishments and not the biased media condemnation of one of the nation’s great presidents.
      MAGA is ascending as shown by the new Speaker of the House. I suspect Mike Johnson will be POTUS before Ron DeSantis.

      Trump 2024, MAGA!

  6. Desantis is single digits for many reason’s he is irrelevant sorry boomers, god forbid bad actors take out orange man Vivek is up next… *JD Vance is the future.

  7. Sorry professor but I found this ‘interview’ to be more idolizing than an sober and judicious interview. Right off the bat you let the governor practically break his arm patting himself on the back with the rescue of US citizens from Israel. No doubt that was a good thing but who really deserves the credit for it?
    USA Today ran a piece with the following excerpt: “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was able to transport hundreds of people from Israel to Florida just days after announcing an evacuation initiative by tapping into an existing rescue program, Project Dynamo, that likely would have gone forward with the effort regardless of the state’s support.” What the governor did here was authorize some Florida state $$$.
    I am more impressed with Cory Mills’ resuce of 96 US citizens using private money.

    I did not hear anything new from DeSantis regarding his policies and in fact he just follows the polices Trump has already implemented or states he will do when he returns to the Oval Office.

    Now will we hear interviews of Haley, Ramaswamy, and other POTUS candidates or was this a free Ron DeSantis campaign spot. If so than DeSantis might want to reimburse you the cost of this particular podcast or he may find himself in violation of campaign finance laws.

  8. I like Gov. DeSantis, Trump, & Vivek. I want a strong immigration policy, I want to see the tribalism, which is appearing in our country stopped, that leads to chaos. I want the spending stopped; congress is out of control on both sides of the isle. We will see as I watch all 3 in interviews.

  9. Interview Pence next. Same policies AND chances. If the Professor and the Governor think I’m moving my vote if they imprison or remove Trump, they have another thing coming. George W DeSantis and his 6 inch heels are finished, with all due respect…even though the online DeSantis campaign had zero for Trump supporters. Ron’s biggest X advocate, Jenna Ellis, just flipped on Trump. So done with Ivy League lawyers, their political ambitions, and their MIC/Chamber of Commerce donors. Trump had Ron pegged long ago ala “Desanctimonious”, but I prefer “DeVoteSplitter”.

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